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Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town - Tips N Tricks

Updated on April 29, 2013

Welcome, Internet! I've talked before about Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. In fact, that's one of the only situations in which I've talked about Harvest Moon games at all, which is strange, considering I'm becoming more of a fan of the series the more I look at it. So, I thought it'd be a good idea to talk more about, But, in all honesty, let's stay on Friends of Mineral Town for just one more Blog. I Really didn't feel like I covered all of the things available in that game, especially in the later years of your life. And, since the last time was only a review, I thought I could do some Tips N' Tricks on this game without too much risk of using old material, so let's stop wasting our time with inros, and dig straight into this game.

Start at the start

Actually, let's start digging where any dig should begin, the surface, or in our case, the beginning of the game. You start the game, and your farm is destroyed. You live in a tiny little shack, your farmland is covered in rocks, weeds, and branches, which you probably need to get rid of. If you want to start Farming, you'll have to clear all of this annoying debris. Or is it annoying? You see, each of these items have purposes of their own. The rocks, for example, can be used as an indestructible fence! Or, you can practice your hammer smashing skills with it, whichever one. Just keep in mind that you can only use the ones you can pick up, so those big, possibly conveniently placed boulders will still be in your way if you don't upgrade your hammer.

Wood, and lots of it!

Next is the branches. You'll have difficulty upgrading your axe, especially if you either don't have the time to go out to the forest and chop up stumps and branches when you've cleaned your farmland, or if you're too lazy to do it, and only bothered to clear your farm. There's that, and the fact that your stumps only reappear when the next day begins. But those stumps are still useful. When you chop one up, you get lumber in your wood bin. This lumber can be used for fences, a fire, or the most important aspect of the game, upgrading your house and getting a new one! You can buy wood, but why should you when you can get it for free? Of course, there's no harm in buying it from the woodcutter. He can upgrade your house and barns, change the way they look, or even build you a completely new house! Also, keep a few of those weeds you're about to chop down. You can use those in a few recipes, and store them once you buy the shelf....huh, thought they had more uses than that...You can burn them? I mean, you can, but it's not that interesting. Just tossing them in your fireplace while it burns.

Let's go back to the woodcutter for a second. His name is Gotz. For the sake of the entire game, you REALLY want to make friends with him. If you don't, Gotz will lose his “Creative urge” and won't build anything for you. If you didn't make friendly with him, you'll have to now, you'll have to be friendly with him for an entire year before he'll build anything for you again. It's actually fairly easy to make friends with him, though. Gotz adores honey, so all you have to do is give him some while he works on your house. Also, you don't want to give him too much work to do in one run, as this will make it harder to keep him from losing that urge of his. Best to let him build something, wait a day, and have him build something, giving him a bit of honey every day that he's working, and you'll be golden! Which reminds me, if you fill your wood bin with lumber, you'll have the opportunity to buy golden lumber.

He can build you this entire house in 3 really should thank him.
He can build you this entire house in 3 really should thank him.

Rich people are jerks...

On the subject of golden lumber. It will never rot over like normal lumber, so you can make an indestructible fence if you didn't keep your rocks. There's a serious repercussion, though. If you have them on your farm, the entire town will become angry at you. They'll stay angry at you until you take it off. It's best you just keep it in your shelf as a reminder of how rich you are, or how rich you once were.

Hi, Karen!

Speaking of money, let's go check out Karen. She's a straight forward girl who can really drink! But that's not what we care about, is it? If it's not, I have no idea what to say to that. You're on your own there. But we want to go into her (think as you will) mostly because she is the easiest out of all five of these girls to please (we've gotten this far, why stop now?) Some will agree, some will disagree, but let me explain why she seems to be the easiest to please.

When you begin the game, remember how you're in a tiny little shack? Well, later it can become a big house! Once you get your house upgraded for the first time, you'll have room for a fridge and a shelf, as well as some of the other things you buy from the TV shopping network. If you're like me, you'll want to stock that fridge with all the cooking materials you find at the supermarket! Guess what makes Karen happy besides Wine? Buying! More specifically, it makes her more happy when you buy things from the supermarket. It's possible to get her all the way up to blue hearts just by buying cooking materials (If you're rich). You can still give her a bottle of wine every day if you don't have the cash to load your fridge

She's a sweetie deep down, but she's still a bit too easy to please for my tastes.
She's a sweetie deep down, but she's still a bit too easy to please for my tastes.

You're such a nice guy, they'll all teach you how to cook!

Oh, and here's another reason to make friends with people: Cooking. You can get some really nice recipes from the people you make friends with. Only eligible women don't have a “Friend recipe” as they're called. Your character will remember the recipes they have, and once you buy the kitchen and have it delivered (how can they deliver a kitchen?) you can make your own recipes. It's admirable how in depth they got with the cooking system.

To stay, or not to stay? He doesn't have a choice, but you do!

Another thing is that I admire about this game, but kind of dislike, is that nothing happens in this town unless you trigger it. Characters won't get married unless you trigger the appropriate events, and some character's fates are completely in your hands. One prime example is Cliff. If you want Ann, the sweet, adorable tomboy-ish girl who enjoys cleaning, getting dirty and then taking a long, hot bath (there are so many questionable things in this game), your biggest priority should be to get your only competition out of the way, Cliff. Or you can do as I do, and get Ann's hearts as high up as you can without triggering their heart events, then you can be all buddy-buddy with Cliff while you make off with his girl, and keep him in town! You see, around the 15th day of fall or so, Duke will come to you requesting help in his winery. If you accept it, he'll suggest that you bring a friend to help. If you tell Cliff about this, he'll work with you at the winery the next day. Duke will see some serious work potential in Cliff, and hire him to work at the winery. If you Don't talk to Cliff, he will leave town the second year, and never come back, leaving Ann all to you!

I still feel bad for the guy, so I help him get the job.
I still feel bad for the guy, so I help him get the job.

I think That's enough for now. I've still only made a dent in the surface when it comes to covering this game, and I still have a nearly infinite amount of games to cover. I just thought it'd be nice to come back to this game for a bit. It's not an easy game to play angrily, despite it's flaws. Such Mellow-paced games are wonderful reasons to pick up a system. Well, next time, I have a serious treat for you guys. In the meantime, see you guys soon!


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    • TNT Husky profile image

      Devlin Kendall 4 years ago from Indianapolis

      Same here :) and they have ch a charm to them that I can't help but be happy when I play them, especially this one. I hope to cover a few more of them in the future

    • Souther29 profile image

      Olly 4 years ago from London, UK

      I like the Harvest Moon games a lot they are really peaceful and enjoyable:-)