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Hasbro Pink Furby Review 2013

Updated on June 6, 2013
Pink Furby 2013
Pink Furby 2013 | Source

Hasbro Pink Furby Review

Welcome to my Hasbro Pink Furby 2013 review. Yes these cheeky little fluff balls are back with a vengeance!

Here you will find out what the new Furbys are like and if there is any difference between the Original Furbys and the brand new ones.

The original Furbys sold extremely well and was a top toys for many years. Will the new Furbys be the same?

I hope you find a lot of useful information here.

The Original Furby
The Original Furby | Source

What are Furby's?

Furbys are cute little toys which children can interact with. They were first introduced to the market in 1998 and sold around 40 million worldwide and very quickly became the "must have" toys in the 3 years they were being produced by Hasbro until 2010.

They were such as great toys for children at the time due to the interaction they had with their audience. Dancing, singing and learning new words spoken to them.

They were pre-programmed with their own language called "Furbish" and a little of the English language as a starting point when taken out of the box. The point was that Furbys learned new words spoken to them by children or adults alike.

Over time the concept was that Furbys would use Furbish a lot less and use the English language more, building a database, this was great for children as they felt they could actually communicate with their toy. More interactive than any toys on the market at that time.

Furbys had cameras, speakers and microphones to help them communicate with their audience, all ran by a simple yet effective mechanism.

In 2012 Hasbro announced a brand new product line of Furbys. These are fresh on the market and claim to be better than the 1998 originals.

Pink & Teale Furby 2013
Pink & Teale Furby 2013 | Source

Is the New Furby Better?

Old Furby versus New Furby

My daughter has one of the old furbys, a white one. Straight away you can see the differences between the the old and the new product lines.

First of all the eyes have been updated. The new Furby has large LCD eyes, whereas the old Furby had clunky plastic eyeballs. The new ones are very expressive.

Overall Feel
The new Furby is a lot softer to hold, hiding the sensors better than the original one. It seems more like a plush toy. Better padding and a lot more huggable for your child.

The original Furby was on ALL THE TIME. If you have the original Furby i'm sure you are well aware of this. Unless you took the batteries out there was no on or off switch and you could not mute it. Although if you did leave it for about 2 minutes it would go into sleep mode, but you would be scared to touch it in case it woke up.

At the most inconvenient time. My daughters original is in the garage. Next to my hammer!

The new Furby can interact a lot more than the original. They are more advanced as they can communicate with other Furbys when they sense them.

Like the original if you put your finger in the mouth it will feed, this has not changed but you can tickle the tummy, stroke the head and pull the tail in the new Furbys.

You can also download an App to gain a more from your new Furby, this does not come with it but sold separately, this is compatible with iOS 4.2 or later, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This is great.

The learning on the new Furby is way more advanced and the audio is a lot more crisp and clearer.

Furby Interaction
Furby Interaction | Source

Pink Furby Personality and Interaction

I have to add first of all that the Pink Furbys personality is unpredictable. It doesn't think like you or me, in fact it does seem to have a mind of its own. The reason for this is that it's up to you how the personality is molded.

Whatever you do to your new Pink Furby will shape and develop it's personality. When you pull it's tale, talk to it, play it music, the Furby will learn from all of this and a personality will grow.

When the Pink Furby is taken out of the box it will be speaking in it's own language - Furbish, but as you speak to it, the Furby will learn and progress and end up speaking more English than Furbish. This is fantastic.

It also responds to the type of food you feed it. Whether it via the downloaded App or by your finger it will react to the type of food given to it. For example if you decide to virtually feed it chilies, the eyes will react in accordance.

Remember - How the Furbys personality develops is all down to YOU!

Pink & Yellow Furby 2013
Pink & Yellow Furby 2013 | Source

My Own Experience of the Pink Furby

Let me start by saying that I am impressed with the new updated version of the Furby. This really is a great toy for children. In my opinion the eyes alone make for a better product. They are more expressive and engage children better.

How you treat your Furby and how that develops the toy is a massive plus point for me. My daughter (aged 7) will not let go of it as she is genuinely intrigued as to how her toy will grow. Its like they are best buddies. It has totally captivated her.

The Furby is really great fun to play with. Its motions are more animated than the original Furby, it doesn't just lean back and forth but has a far greater range of movement.

It is fluffy to hold and seems more comfortable for a child to hold than the original. I felt the old one was like a brick wrapped in toilet paper. The new Furby is more towards plush toys, although not quite that.

The colors of the full range of Furbys are bright and loud, but I see nothing wrong with this, it is a child's toy after all. This is what children love.

My only real criticism would be that the App is only available for Apple products. There are millions of people out there who have lost out on a great app because they may have Android devises.

If an Android App could be developed for the Pink Furby, then I feel a lot more children would benefit greatly from it. Although my daughter does seem to have my iPhone a lot more than me nowadays!

In my humble opinion I would give the Hasbro Pink Furby 5 out of 5.

See Furby in Action

A great review on this video of a the new Hasbro Furby.

See the Furby Speak, dance and interact with other Furby's.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      my brother as one they are awesome I'm totally getting one

    • Ceres Schwarz profile image

      Ceres Schwarz 

      5 years ago

      Great hub on furbys and the pink furby in particular. The furbys really look cute and children would surely love having this toy to play with. It's good to know the many features of the pink furby and how it compared to the older version of furby. Looks like the new furby is definitely better.


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