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Hatred - Was it Worth it in the End?

Updated on February 24, 2016

Screen shot of Hatred's gameplay


The Beginning

It all started with Hatred's gameplay trailer being shown on youtube. Media sites exploded with this game. Saying it'll be the worst game ever, even going as far to say that the game developer's were neo-nazis. Simply put, Hatred is no different then any other video game out on the market currently. In this article I'm going to tell you why and show you the effect this game had on the internet.

Hatred's Gameplay Trailer


Hatred's gameplay consists of multiple things:

Shooting - The main activity of the game, bullet goes into gun, gun fires bullet, bullet meets civilian or cop. There's multiple guns to find and you can carry three all together. When shooting at people, they react to the bullets and actually move in a realistic way of reacting to being hit with a projectile. Unfortunately, the AI can fall short of running directly into crossfire from the police and essentially killing themselves.

Driving - You can only drive certain cars, steering can feel a bit awkward, but cars can offer transportation and a bit of protection. Best be careful moving near them, a simple tap of a car being pushed can 'run' you over and kill you immediately. They also explode after an amount of damage has been delivered to them. Avoid cars that are on fire.

Objectives - These will be almost pointless objectives of running to a certain location, and wasting the people inside. Whether it be a house party, a market, or the police station. These can fall flat in terms of excitement, but they do reward you with respawn tokens, in case you die, you can access one of these to respawn and continue the level.


Gore in this game, is about usual for other video games such as call of duty, battlefield, mortal kombat, and so many other games!

The main form of regaining health in Hatred, is by executing wounded people. Whether this being the antagonist, cracking the butt of his weapon to their head, putting his gun to their heads and pulling the trigger, or stabbing them with his bayonet knife. Thankfully, this game kinda censors itself, as the blood is blacker looking like ink, due to its film noir like style.

There is decapitation, and there is dismemberment. Largely these will come from explosives, and shotguns that'll cut through people.

I will say, as a person who owns Rising Storm, the gore in Rising storm is a lot more intense then this game. I personally have no idea why this game was repeatedly attacked with so much...hatred.

One of the many effects Hatred had.


Reactions to Hatred

So, now that I've happily educated you on what Hatred brings to the table of gorey games. Let's give a run down on how it was treated by the media, and other websites.

Many gaming news websites targeted Hatred and repeatedly made articles wanting to ban its existence and simply get the game removed from the internet.

Due to this, sales boomed when Hatred was initially released. Had the media not become a bunch of easily offended chumps. This game would have briefly floated in our lives then out and faded away in the many pages of Steam Games.

the media, such as news websites, and news channels loves to eat games like Hatred up and blame them for the many shootings in United States. They need a piece of media to blame and video games just happen to be in competition with television these days. This is a win-win for them, video games get targeted with hate and they get tons of views.

The developers also were targeted directly with claims of being neo-nazis. Apparently this was all fueled by simply a T-shirt one of the developers were wearing in group picture. Someone wanting to pick something out to attack them with 'misread' the print on their shirt to them and seemed very neo-nazi like.

Simply posting this information on a website such as twitter and the right person sees it and believes it, then making an article on a popular website and boom! You got yourself a huge internet rumor. Overly sensitive and easily offended people then strike out in rage, anger, and a one-sided sense of justice. Next thing you know the developers are being publicly attacked for their opinions and practicing Freedom of Speech.

The internet and life in general does not need to be this way. It is ridiculous, and childish.


Taken off Steam

Now for people who aren't familiar with Steam and how it goes for games being published onto Steam.

Steam is this platform people download and use to shop for video games. Very easy to use and most games are sold at unarguable prices.

Steam is famous for its giant holiday season sales. Hundreds of games are sold for around 25%, 50%, and 75% off values.

Hatred's second issue it ran into was Steam's Greenlight. Greenlight is a part of Steam that allows developers to post their game on it, telling people of the game. Players then can decide to vote and comment on the game Greenlight page and in time it'll either make it to steam or it won't. When Hatred was put on Greenlight it was taken off immediately.

The reason for Steam was very empty and hadn't had a good reason to remove it. Not getting on Steam can be a death sentence for some games. Oddly for Steam, it is known for very little quality control. They let broken games onto steam, they sell other games of this genre such as Postal 1 & 2. They even release games that were initially released back in the early 2000's before 2010 and they even lie and state these games were released very recently within a year or two. Steam has zero right to suddenly try to control what games are on Steam, while these practices still linger.

Gabe Newell upon hearing and asking around the office went and contacted Destructive Studios and happily put Hatred back on Greenlight. He stated it had a right to exist.

I commend this man for giving this studio the power it has and the right to show its game to the public.

Continued Effects

So, you might think. Hatred got removed and put back on Steam, that's it right? Haha wrong! one of my personal favorite websites to watch people from all over the world play and stream video games for anyone wanting to watch.

This is also a huge site that a game can receive a lot of popularity. I believe May 30th I heard that banned AO (Adults Only) Rated games.

Twitch has a long list of game policies, they don't want obvious video games with huge sex scenes or sex being the main plot of the game. Like Huniepop an anime-ish dating game that you can get from Steam.

But the reasoning behind this decision didn't seem to target any game other then Hatred. Hatred was scheduled to release June and they put out this odd timed policy.


Quite a bit of attention this game got from all of these sources.

All it did in the end was make the game even popular. I myself thought "Oh man! I need to get this game and see what all the fuss is about." Well it wasn't worth it in the end in my eyes, essentially they did Hatred's work of advertising it.

Initially, Hatred seemed like a game with a very serious and edgy setting. In actual setting the game doesn't care for having a message. Civilians wander around and honestly can be compared to deer in the headlights. They'll run through fire, or run into police shooting at you and get themselves killed. This game is in no way even slightly realistic. Even the dialogue is just silly, such as "Birds of a feather, die together." "My weapon only understands me."

I will state the actual voice of the actor, deep, and gravely is good quality. Unfortunately, the dialogue is far from it.

For my final message, try with all of your reasoning and sense, do not let yourself be controlled by your initial emotions about seeing something like Hatred. They're just video games, and they have fair use for Freedom of Speech, if you want to make a statement about a video game, simply DO NOT buy it. It is that simple! Make a statement with your views and your wallet quietly, don't give something like this more attention then it deserves. When the media mentions about a new video game being horribly awful and it should be banned, that's them unintentionally advertising it. This is what the developers wanted with their extremely edgy and gruesome game.

I do hope their next game is of a better genre. I also hope that they plan to use that unique destruction engine in their next production. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

Here is Nerdcubed with an FW of Hatred

I also recommend watching Totalbiscuit's WTF is... Hatred on Youtube


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    • Conic11 profile image

      Adam Metcalf 2 years ago from United States

      Technically a form of Huniepop was banned on steam, the uncensored version. Oddly enough though, they still have Postal and all of its horrible things you can do that are far worse then just seeing some bewbs

    • Molly Layton profile image

      Molly Layton 2 years ago from Alberta

      Your argument is solid, though a couple of things confused me. I thought for a minute you were saying Hunniepop was banned from Steam. Oops.

      Good hub on a difficult game!