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Have You Tried Wii Just Dance Video Game

Updated on April 13, 2014


Since its release into the market, Just Dance Wii Video game has received both serious acclaims as well as criticisms. The game as been a source of debate for all Wii video lovers, with many accepting that it was unique and probably designed to give a thrill, while others completely disagree and rate the game as the worst the company has produced in a long time. It should be noted that as with all games, there are those who will love it and those who will absolutely hate it. Despite the words of critics, the game has done so well that it is now being considered among the top products of Wii.

Perhaps the most attractive feature of the game is it is easy to learn and use. The game is quite simple that each person is able to play it without any difficulty. Many games have not done well because they are not only complex but also difficult to follow and understand. The average teenager cannot comprehend the complexity behind most of the games in the market today. The games include some difficult to follow instructions, too many steps and levels to complete and finally difficult moves. Although such games provide thrill, very few teenagers are able to understand these complexities, therefore making the market smaller. The Just Dance Wii Video Game includes some very simple instructions that is mimicking the steps of the video dance crew as they try to match the songs in the game. It is as simple as that, even the teenage novices in the game world are able to understand the game. The game is ideal for the novices in video games as well as the masters of games. Almost everyone can mimic the steps of the crew and like all other games; it maintains levels which continue to give the player thrills.


The Just Dance Wii video game has received accolades from parents, guardians and even child rights groups. This gives the game more appeal and market among the adults. Unlike many video games in the market, the game does not display any violence or sexual tendencies which give games an age limit and lack appeal among guardians. With the cost of video games increasing, it has become apparent that there is need to create a video game that appeals to the holders of money. The teenagers more often than not require the permission of their parents and sometimes even the help (with regard to payment), to own particular video games. When games display violence, and sexual tendencies, parents and guardians tend to shy away from purchasing them for their children. This has been the main concern with regard to dance video games, the moves highlighted in previous games have often been considered too sexual for the perceptive and often easily influenced teenagers. The Just Dance video game has received much approval from the parents associations and even school boards.

The Just Dance Video Game has also featured the many things that are appealing to teenagers. The game is in touch with the market and the current interests of the teenagers. There has been a wave and current that has drawn interest into the music world and in specific the world of dance. Many teenagers are exploiting new dance moves on a daily basis especially in the steps of teenage stars and icons who have been the major source of this riot interest in music and dance. The game has taken up the great hits of the past year and highlighted new dance moves for the teenagers. Many of the purchasers of the game are not just interested in the scores but also the moves that can be learnt from the game. In addition, with the current growing interest in the promotion of teenage health behavior, the game provides a good exercise and workout routine. There are parents who have actually used the game to subtly introduce exercise to their lazy children. It is interesting to note that not only is the game fascinating and interesting but also directed at increasing and promoting healthy behavior and fitness among the youth and adults alike since parents have been known to join in the action.


There is concern that the game has no appeal to the masters of the game world. Many teenagers are especially not impressed with the choice of songs for the game. For example none the famous “lady Gaga” hits have been featured in the video, yet she has had so much influence on the young people and is also an ambassador of goodwill. The exclusion of her hits from the game collection is proving to be a very costly measure. In addition, many teenagers are finding the game to be too simple and easy and therefore boring. Once the teenager has mastered all the moves there is actually nothing else that appeals to them about the game. Unfortunately for the average teenager, mastery of the moves is in a few hours after which they find the game repetitive and boring. Parents and guardians are also finding the game to be quite repetitive. Some of the moves highlighted in the game do not quite register to the player. This makes it hard for them to mimic, and the songs also keep on changing rapidly before one can master the major moves. After the firsts thrill, May teenagers are forgetting about the game completely.

Considering the criticisms, the Just Dance Wii Game has drawn great interest from teenagers and parents alike. There are many who still consider the game to be interesting as well as thrilling. For them Wii has finally produced a game they can participate in as well as enjoy thoroughly. The combination of the simplicity of the game together with its use of recent hits (although many teenagers agree that the quality is quite poor) are some the strengths of the game. The game has now become a common presence in the teenager parties although there is no particular system to track scores.


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