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Have a Family Dance Party for Fun, Bonding and Exercise

Updated on January 27, 2012

Dancing is an excellent way to work out some rainy-day kid wiggles, and it’s a fun way for grownups and kids to play together. We have a CD player in our playroom along with a collection of kid-friendly music for dancing. Several nights of the week our family will go to the playroom after dinner, crank up the tunes, and break out our goofiest moves. Here are some fun suggestions for dancing activities:

1. Freeze Dance

Everyone knows this party favorite. One person is in charge of occasionally pausing the music while everyone else dances. During each 2- to 3-second pause, all the dancers have to freeze like statues in whatever mid-groove pose they happen to be busting. There are no winners or losers – just giggles all around.

2. Dance Star

Establish a part of the room as the “stage” and each participant takes turn dancing on stage while everyone else applauds and cheers them on. Switch the dance star out every 30 seconds or so. This activity helps each kid feel special because they are the star attraction for part of the time.

3. Zoo Disco

During a Zoo Disco, each dancer can call out a kind of animal, and everyone needs to dance as that animal would. Chicken dance? Flap and cluck! Elephant dance? Do the Egyptian with your trunk! The possibilities – and the giggles – are endless!

Get Groovy with these CDs for Kids

Great Dancing Tunes for Kids

There are some wonderful options out there for kids music CDs. Many have great beats to get kids moving, as well as meaningful messages.

Create Lasting Memories

Family dance time is a great way to decrease TV time, foster family bonding, and sneak in some exercise. My husband and I often break a sweat during family dance time as we lift, twirl and swing our little ones. Let yourself get totally silly and allow the stress of the day to evaporate. Enjoy the smiles and giggles from your children. If you’re lucky, they’ll continue to cut a rug with you even when they’re all grown. Wouldn’t that be something?


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    • profile image

      PWalker281 5 years ago

      What a wonderful idea for all the reasons you stated! Also seems like a good way to burn off energy so the kids will easily go to sleep at night. Rated up and useful!

    • agreenworld profile image

      Dawn A. Harden 5 years ago from CT-USA

      I like the idea of an activity like this incorporating the entire family. Kudos!