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Hay Day Game Tips and Tricks: Guide for Beginners

Updated on June 29, 2014
Hay Day Tips!
Hay Day Tips! | Source

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Hay Day Introduction

Hay Day is a very fun and addicting game. Players have to tend their own farm and make money. They also have to make sure their farm is smoothly run so they can expand it later.

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Basics of the Game

You are running a farm and your goal is to expand it to a huge farm that makes tonnes of money.

You start off with fields and a chicken coop.

The fields allow you to plant crops. For every crop you plant, you get an extra one once it is ready. Becareful not to use all your crops for making food. You will still need at least 1 crop to start multiplying it again. Below are some crops that you will be using quite often in the beginning stages of the game.

Wheat - The most common crop to plant. This is used for many food items and you will want plenty of supply of this. It only takes 2 minutes to grow! This is also the best crop to gain land clearing supplies, building supplies and expansion supplies.

Corn - Takes 5 minutes to grow and is used as an ingredient for corn bread, chicken feed, cow feed and popcorn.

Carrot - Takes 10 minutes to grow and is used for pig and goat feed.

Soybean - Takes 20 minutes to grow and is used for cow, pig and sheep feed. A very valuable crop to plant mid game.

Sugar Cane - Used for brown and white sugar. It takes 30 minutes to grow.

Production/Storage Buildings

In Hay Day, there are 2 types of buildings. The first category is production buildings, where they help produces items to sell to the general public. The storage buildings are used to store your crops and items.

Storage Buildings

Barn - This is your main storage for food supplies. The initial max capacity is 50 and can be upgraded.

Silo - This one stores your crops that you grow. You start off at a max capacity of 50 and can be upgraded later.

Production Buildings

Bakery - Allows you to produce bread, corn bread, cookie, raspberry and blackberry muffin etc.

Feed Mill - Produces chicken, cow, pig, sheep and goat feed.

Dairy - Produces cream, butter, cheese and goat cheese.

Sugar Mill - Gives brown and white sugar plus syrup.

Popcorn Pot - Produces popcorn.

BBQ Grill - Produces pancake, bacon and egg, hamburger etc.

Game Play
Game Play | Source

Tips and Tricks for Hay Day

Always make sure you have at least 1 crop to grow, otherwise, you will be forced to head over to the market to buy your crops.

Growing wheat every time will increase your chances of getting land clearing supplies, building supplies and expansion supplies. They are items that allow you to upgrade your barn, silo or expand your farm.

Always check Greg's farm once a day to get really good deals from him. He will often sell land clearing supplies, building supplies and expansion supplies. Plus, his crops and items are dirt cheap!!!

I like to plant my crops evenly. I grow them in packs of 4. This will keep your field even for different types of crops. This is helpful especially when you have more production buildings. You will want to produces items and not run out of crops to do so. This will increase your proficiency and also gain more gold in the long run.

Do not sell your crops or items using the truck. You get less money that way. Always sell it in the Roadside sop to other players for more gold!!

Always check the farm for the treasure chest. You will get free supply items every day. Any additional chest will require gems to unlock.

Don't forget to play the wheel of fortune as well. It is a free spin for free crops or items!


Hay Day is a game with plenty of depth. I initially didn't enjoy it as much, but as I kept on playing, the game grew on me. Now I always want to go check my farm every hour to see which animal I can feed. It is very comparable to Farmville, but I prefer Hay Day now. The graphics is so much more cleaner and crisp!

If you haven't tried the game, I highly suggest you do so!!!

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    • DrBillSmithWriter profile image

      William Leverne Smith 3 years ago from Hollister, MO

      Love Hay Day on my wife's iPad. Level 54 and moving on… very addictive, for sure. Great review for starters. Thanks for sharing! ;-)