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Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft beginners deck build for the pros

Updated on December 19, 2014

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft beginners deck video tutorial

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft beginners deck build

When people first start playing Hearthstone, they wonder how to build a beginners deck that isn't bad. Without a long-term collection of rare cards, it's impossible to get to the top ranks in the game; however, it's possible to rank up fast with simple beginners cards.

The problem with the starting cards players begin with in Hearthstone, is that stronger individual cards are extremely underpowered compared to their rare counterparts. There's an excellent trick to counteract this however, think small!

Summoning battlecry's and buffs are the best for beginners

While the grimscale oracle murloc is usually not a good choice, it helps to give an idea of the types of cards to deal with. There are great beginners cards that work in combination with these summoning battlecry cards. There's even a card called a stormwind champion which gives all other minions +1/+1 as long as he's out on the field.

This strategy makes me think of the Kuriboh strategy from the cartoon: Yu-Gi-Oh. In that show, the strategy was to replicate a weak monster so much that no amount of attacking could finish them off. This strategy in Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft is very similar to that deck build.

There are plenty of cards with summon battlecry's, and there are also a few cards with buff battlecrys. The frostwolf warlord can really play off this strategy because if the field is almost full, players can place the card for 4 mana and get a 10/10 card. There are also rare cards out there to make an adjacent monster be able to attack the turn it was summoned. Using these two cards in combo like that can lead to an instantaneous 10 attack offensive upon summoning the frostwolf warlord.

Don't forget a few strong Hearthstone cards

While this strategy is nearly foolproof, there are some fatal flaws. Players absolutely must have a few strong cards with high mana costs in their decks. The weakness to this strategy is if the opponent gets too many high-powered cards on the field. While flamestrike can help contain this problem, it's essential to have at least 5, if not more, powerful cards in a deck, even one like this.

High power cards don't have to be 10/10 cards, but just a few cards like a 4/6, 4/4, 6/2, 2/6, etc. cards. Without a few power houses, this deck is a guaranteed loss after turn 10. Also players can only draw so many cards, so be sure to play a balanced card game, or else it's over before it even starts.

Jaina Proudmoore the Mage

Best beginners class? Mage

Each individual prefers different classes, so really people should pick the class they feel most comfortable with; however, Mage's are the best in the beginning. The reason mages are so good in the beginning is because while at a low level the game will make players fight other low level players. All the low level players use weak cards, and the mage's once a turn, 2 mana, arcane missile does 1 damage to any target.

Mage's also have a class specific card to draw 3 more cards called "arcane intellect." This card is almost essential to this deck because of the low mana costs of all the cards.

Not only the once a turn ability, but the mage cards give things like summon 2 cards with 0/2 and taunt (can't attack, with 2 defense). Also there are cards to do damage to all enemy cards, which is great for wiping the field.

Sometimes with mages combos can get worked out to where the mage has a full field, and the opponent entrenches in with defensive cards to block. At this point players could pull a mage-specific Flamestrike card which does 4 damage to all enemy minions. After a move like this, the players field of weak monsters can attack and deal some serious damage.

A few solid moves like this and a match can end in less than 15 turns usually.

Garrosh Hellscream the Warrior

Best opponent for this deck: Warriors

When using this deck, the ideal opponent is a warrior. While this deck also works well on hunters and druids, warriors are exceptionally weak to this multi-card strategy.

Later on warriors get a few cards to deal damage to all enemies, but even at that point, their "attack all" cards are generally weaker than most other classes. This gives the summon battlecry beginners deck a massive advantage over warriors.

Most of the warriors cards can do heavy damage to single targets, but if the opponent has five cards on the field, the warrior is often helpless. This kind of strategy is so good against warriors, praise the day that a warrior is the random opponent.

Every play counts

Word to the wise about this beginners deck though. This deck requires and gives room for long-term strategizing within a match. Every move in every turn is crucial, one wrong move can spell defeat, so play the cards with thought.

Be careful about summoning all of the weak cards in one turn. Be aware of what class the opponent is and how many of their special, area of effect cards they have used. If you're fighting a mage and they use their two flame strikes and their two arcane explosions, then it's free game to pop out 4 weak cards in one turn without fear of reprisal.

It's hard to explain how to play cards well in Hearthstone, it's something that comes with experience. At least with this deck players have so much room for error, that even if a few cards get destroyed, it's not the end of the match. It's for this reason, and more, that this deck build is one of the best Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft deck builds for beginners.

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