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Hearthstone Hero's

Updated on June 30, 2016
Hearthstone Heros.
Hearthstone Heros. | Source


One of the most powerful magic-wielders Jaina Proudmoore has mastered the arcane arts, her deck mostly contains a massive amount of deadly direct damage spells.

Back ground:

After her beloved Theramore died, Jaina went to Dalaran to learn how to harness the powers of arcane. Jaina was accepted as pupil. Jaina then meet Crown Prince of Lordaeron Arthas Menethil and the two fell in love. However, their relationship ended abruptly. With Jaina seeking a safe haven for her people she fought off Kalimdor’s Horde, but soon became aware of a greater threat. Jaina and her people joined forces with the Horde and the night elves to defeat the demon Archiemonde at Mount Hyjal. After quelling this threat, Jaina finally found a new home for her refugees on an island off the eastern coast of Kalimdor, which she named Theramore.

When the leadership of the Horde was bequeathed to Garrosh Hellscream, the new Warchief took it upon himself to swiftly and brutally eliminate the Alliance presence on Kalimdor, starting with Theramore. Garrosh’s forces developed a mana bomb that he dropped upon the unsuspecting city, swiftly and brutally wiping Theramore off the face of Azeroth. Countless lives were gone in an instant. Jaina barely survived the blast,her hair and her eyes became stark white, and her outlook towards the orcs and the Horde changed from peaceful and understanding to ruthless, brutal, and cold.

Jaina Proudmoore’s raw magical power and simmering fury and is something that should not be underestimated.

Hero Power: Fire blast - Deal 1 damage


Garrosh Hellscream is the former Warcheif of the Horde, He is a living testament to the dangers of unchecked aggression. Garrosh brings war axes, plenty of blood thirsty minions and server anger management issues to the table proving to be one of the most formidable warriors Azeroth has ever seen. Garrosh's deck thrives of dealing and receiving damage.

Back Ground:

Garrosh Hellscream is the son of the legendary Grommash Hellscream, Garrosh discovered his self worth under the guiding hand of Thrall, a powerful Shaman. Garrosh proved himself a terrifying warrior and an outstanding war leader. Garrosh sought to bring honor, glory, and prosperity to his people, but, for him, good intentions only bring destruction. Garrosh’s actions triggered a full scale revolt, called the Dark spearRebellion within the dissident members of the Horde. Led by Vol’jin, and with the aid of the Alliance, they rose up against him. Garrosh prepared himself to face all comers within the fortified underhold he had constructed beneath Orgrimmar. Garrosh was not afraid. He had built the Horde into a fearsome war machine and still had many loyal soldiers. Now he was filled with forbidden and unfathomable power. He was determined to emerge triumphant against his adversaries and, with the power of the Sha at his command, return to bend Azeroth to his will and ensure the final victory of his ‘true’ Horde.

Hero Power: Armor Up - Gain 2 armor


Thrall's deck contains a whole lot of assorted cards from buffs to damage spells, healing spells, and some tough minions


From beginning as a slave to rising as warcheif of the horde thrall cut a path through the history of Azeroth with his courageous actions, unfaltering will, and his mastery of the Elements as a shaman.Thrall founded the lands of Durotar and Orgrimmar as a place for orcs who pledged their loyalty to the Horde. Thrall brought different races and backgrounds together under a banner of honor and strength, combining their might to give them hope for the future He is rarely without doomhammer and imposing weapon that embodies the strength of the orcish people. Despite its intimidating name, Thrall brings hope to the orcish people when he wields it in battle.

Hero Power:Totemic Call - summon a random totem


Rexxar has minions that turn even the most gentle minions into the most fearsome killing machines and takes down any targets his beasts leave for him with massive amounts of direct damage spells!


As a member of the half-orc, half-ogre Mok'Nathal Clan. Rexxar helped Thrall conquer Durotar, the Azerothian homelands of the orcs where Orgrimmar would later be built. Rexxar is historically considered to be a Beast master, which is a warrior hero of the wilderness able to call upon creatures of the forest to serve him. During his time on Draenor and through the first and second wars, Rexxar found a companion named Haratha who was a wolf. Haratha was killed while trying to save Rexxar.

Although Rexxar is most known for Misha, his bear, and Haratha, his wolf, he also has three other pets. These pets include: Spirit, Rexxar's hawk, Huffer Rexxar's boar & Leokk Rexxar's Wyvern.

Hero Power - Steady Shot - Deal 2 damage to the enemy hero


Gul'dan can provide a very easy advantage thanks to his hero power and can unleash on your opponent when they least expect it thanks to the demons at his beck and call.

Background: Gul'dan is regarded one of the most powerful warlocks to have ever existed. Gul’dan’s tale began at Draenor the home of the orcs.The warlock led his orcish horde to Azeroth with the aid of the sorcerer Medivh and the dark portal that connected the two worlds. The ruthless orcs spread across the eastern kingdoms like a storm, conquering the lands far and wide with Gul’dan plotting and waiting for his chance to claim ultimate power. Gul’dan’s desire for power would eventually be his own downfall. The warlock set out to find a magical artifact of great power but was wholly unprepared for what lurked inside. Instead of unearthing the Eye, Gul’dan and his minions were torn apart by the demons that had long ago been drawn to the tomb through the dark magics that emanated from Sargeras’s remains. Gul’dan finally realized that he was a pawn for Sargeras’s machinations all along.

Hero Power - Life Tap - Draw a card and take 2 damage


Mulfurion can generate mana very quickly! He a ton of Healing and damage spells whist being great at defending!


Malfurion Stormrage protected the night elves from demonic invaders for millennia. Malfurion defended all life on Azeroth from the terrible burning legion, along with his future lover tyrandewhisper wind and his brother illidan Malfurion who left the night elves capital of darnassus, and gathered his fellow druids to save Azeroth once more, creating a task force to stop the invasion led by the vicious fire lord Ragnaros.

Hero Power: Shape Shift - 1+ Attack this turn. 1+ Armor.



Orphaned at a young age, the Valeera Sanduinar spent her youth stealing to survive. After being imprisoned for theft, she was sold to RehgarEarthfury, a trainer of fierce gladiators, who saw great potential in Valeera. Rehgar grouped Valeera with the night elf druid and a mysterious but fierce human male, who had no memory of who he was or how he arrived in orc territory. With Stormwind’s rightful king on the throne, Varian offered Valeera and Broll honored places in Stormwind as his trusted advisers and bodyguards. Valeera accepted, but later made her intentions clear: She would serve neither the horde nor the alliance and her loyalties would lie only with Varian and Anduin. In Stormwind, Valeera finally had a place she could call home, alongside the friends she had grown to love.

Hero Power - Dagger Mastery - Equipt a 1/2 Dagger


Uther buffs, heals, and summons a lot of reinforcements. He can make a weak minion hit like a truck with his unlimited reinforcements


The first knight to be named a paladin was Uther. When the Second war began, Uther fought alongside his brother in arms, turalyon, to fend off the forces of Horde commander Orgrim Doom hammer and lead the Alliance in a final, successful attack on the Dark portal. In the wake of the Horde's defeat, Uther helped rebuild Stormwind city and cared for the sick and injured.

Hero Power: - Reinforce - Summon a 1/1 silver hand recruit.


Anduin Has crazy strong spells in deck, but his shadow spells are truly something else! and has excellent board control spells like mind control!


Anduin is the heir to the throne of storm wind. When his father disappeared, Anduin was crowned king of Stormwind. Due to his age, he was unable to rule, Once King Varian returned to reclaim his throne, the prince began to focus his efforts on spiritual matters and diplomacy, traveling throughout Azeroth to understand how he might heal lands and souls ravaged by war. Anduin's spirit and empathy enabled him to form strong bonds with the draenei prophet velen and even a few members of the horde.

Hero Power: Lesser Heal - Restore 2 health

Jaina in world of warcraft
Jaina in world of warcraft | Source
Jaina as she appears in Hearthsone Trailer
Jaina as she appears in Hearthsone Trailer | Source
Thrall with the legendary Doomhammer
Thrall with the legendary Doomhammer | Source
Thrall and his life mate Aggra
Thrall and his life mate Aggra | Source
Garrosh | Source
Rexxar | Source
Gul'dan | Source
Druid | Source
Rouge | Source
Paladin - Uther
Paladin - Uther | Source
Anduin as a boy
Anduin as a boy | Source


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