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Hearthstone: The Mighty and Powerful Mech Mage

Updated on February 8, 2015

Jaina Proudmoore

Mech Synergy

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Mech and Non-Mech Synergy

With the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion bringing a plethora of new cards to the game a new build for the mage deck rises above the others. The mech mage as it is formally known has shown impressive early game, tempo, and synergy among the new cards given. Perhaps the greatest asset to the deck is not the mechs themselves, but with the cards that synergize with those mechs. The first of which is the Tinkertown Technician which costs three mana and when played with a mech card already on the field turns from a 3/3 to a 4/4 that also gives you a spare part card. Now spare parts are equally important in the deck but we'll talk about those later. The second is the Cogmaster which is an excellent one drop to start off your game and get early board control. When a mech is on the field with the cog master he is given +2 to his attack which effectively turns it into a 3/2 so long as a mech is beside it. The third and arguably most niche card for the mech mage is the Goblin Blast Mage. Now this card is a five cost creature that when played with a mech on the field deals out four damage randomly amongst all enemy minions on the board. This is excellent towards board clearing since you can pair it with the mage power to deal one damage to any creature of your choosing to finish off any of those still clinging to life, and you get a monster 5/4 on the board as well.

Spider Tank

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Mech in the Deck

It's hard to go wrong in choosing just which mechs to put in your deck, all of them have their own benefits. Some are better than others though, a prime example being the mechwarper card. This card is a two cost mech that has the wonderful ability of reducing the cost of all other mech cards by one. However you may want to put in some draw cards such as the Azure Drake if you want a creature with a draw or perhaps Arcane Intellect so you may draw two cards since you'll run low on cards early with the mechwarper reducing costs. Another mech that springs to the forefront of though is the Clockwork Gnome, a 2/1 mech that costs one to play. What's great about this card is that when it dies it has a deathrattle effect that gives you a spare part card. Another card is the Snowchugger, a 2/3 mech that costs two to play, this card is basically a lesser version of the Water Elemental as it freezes any character that attacks it or attacks by it. Another card worthy of note is the Spider Tank, a 3/4 mech that costs three to play, this card has no special effect other than just putting some needed muscle on the board. Again there are many mechs to choose from and it's very difficult to go wrong, you simply need to choose based on your play style whether you wish to control the board throughout the game or if you want to end the game quickly with aggression.

Spare Parts

Spare Parts cards are unique cards you receive from things such as the Clockwork Gnomes deathrattle or dropping a Tinkertown Technician next to a mech. These cards are one cost spell cards that have the following effects.

  • Rusty Horn - Give a minion taunt
  • Whirling Blade - Give a minion +1 attack
  • Reversing Switch - Swap the Attack and Health of a minion
  • Time Rewinder - Return a friendly minion to your hand
  • Emergency Coolant - Freeze a minion
  • Finicky Cloakfield - Give a friendly minion stealth until your next turn
  • Armor Plating - Give a minion + 1 health

While each of these cards can give a boon to any creature or a blight to an enemy creature a few cards come to mind that greatly benefit from their effects. The first of which would be the Mana Wyrm, a 1/3 minion that costs one to play, this card gains +1 attack for every spell played while it is on the board. So if you were to play an Armor Plating onto the Mana Wyrm then it would suddenly become a 2/4 or perhaps Whirling Blade which would make it a 3/3. Since they're so low cost you could play multiple of them on the same turn which would turn your lowly 1/3 Mana Wyrm into a serious threat to the enemy.

Spare Parts

Archmage Antonidas

This is a legendary card that benefits from the spare parts like no other. Archmage Antonidas is a 5/7 that costs seven mana to play, each time a spell is cast with Archmage Antonidas on the board a fireball spell will be placed in your hand. I have seen many players drop this card with eight mana and then use Finicky Cloakfield to give him stealth so that he is nigh impossible to deal with on the opposing players turn. The Mech Mage is truly to be feared when you have a never ending supply of cheap fireballs at your disposal.

Unlimited Fireball Trick

Normal Mage Spells

While all of these cards are extremely powerful on their own try not to forget that a mage still needs spells. Frostbolts, Fireballs, and Flamecannons should always find their way into your Mech Mage deck above other spells.


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