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Heist Missions - Star Stage - Solar 2 Guide

Updated on November 9, 2013

This Solar 2 walkthrough and strategy guide covers the Heist missions along with the two achievments that can be unlocked through performing these missions in special manners, being the I Got This and Get Lost achievements. Within this guide you will find strategies and tactics along with playthrough videos showing these tasks being performed in real time.

Questions comments and suggestions can be left in the comments section and I will do my best to address them.

The heist missions in Solar 2 now have you tasked with some interstellar thievery on behalf of the Entity, eventually culminating in a mad dash from the cops. These levels pose unique tasks in each mission with different strategies and two separate achievements to unlock in these levels, I Got this and Get Lost.

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Heist Mission 1

The first level of heist has you stealing a target planet from a single star system that has no other orbiting planets. Using a almost max life system, you will want to knock that planet out of orbit using one of your own and quickly evade the massive waves of Nomad ships that erupt from all corners of the screen. To complete this level normally, just run from the Nomads and make it to the target mission beacon with the swipe card planet intact. See below for how to get the I Got This achievement.

Heist Mission 2

In the second level you have to capture 3 enemy planets from other solar systems and maintain all three in your orbit at the same time. This was originally 4 planets at once, as you will see in the video, however this was changed with a patch to 3.

Breaking through the star wall for the Get Lost achievement in Solar 2.
Breaking through the star wall for the Get Lost achievement in Solar 2.

Heist 3 + Get Lost Achievement

This mission is one that is actually harder to complete without earning the achievement Get Lost. To complete this mission normally, you have to navigate what is a stream of two lines of stars that create a curving path that you must navigate as it gets progressively smaller and more challenging, without touching the sides. Personally I have not been able to finish the mission this way.

However, to unlock the Get Lost achievement and complete this level in an alternative and far easier way, start the mission using an at least Tri-Star system with preferably max life. Immediately as the mission begins, head either up or down right off the bat to break through the Star wall that forms, which should decimate your system but if done fast enough, will leave you at least somewhat intact on the other side, unlocking Get Lost. See the video below for this achievement.

Heist Missions – Solar 2 Video Guide

Vanquishing the Nomads in Level 1 for the I Got This achievement in Solar 2.
Vanquishing the Nomads in Level 1 for the I Got This achievement in Solar 2.

I Got This Achievement

To unlock I Got This, you will need to complete level one by destroying all the attacking Nomads before making it to the mission beacon. The first easiest way to do this is by plowing through the Nomads with your system, taking care that the swipe card planet is orbiting on the opposite side of the direction you’re headed in to keep it safe from weapons fire. The second option to clear the Nomads for I Got This is to lead them to a nearby hostile system with tons of life that will eventually whittle away and destroy your aggressors. See the second video below for this achievement.

I Got This Achievement – Video Walkthrough


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