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Helicopter Flight Simulator - Adventurous...Thrilling...The Ultimate Flight!

Updated on January 13, 2013

Helicopter Flight Simulator...The Ultimate Flight!

A lot of venturesome people believe a romantic night out as one taking a helicopter ride, with the evening aura of lights of the city skyline just below. For these folks drifting high over top of the world leaves them without a worry or any concern, just total bliss. So if you're among them, continue reading and discover your paradise.

There is a true to life 3D Helicopter Flight Simulator PC game that pulls out all the stops. It presents you with a awesome sense of freedom and restraint that no other game can, it's exactly as though you're really there. You're in complete control of all the flying conditions that you would like to fly in. Even special effects like smoke, remote control panel, radio, yoke and so much more. Everything looks real.

When deciding upon a good caliber Helicopter Flight Simulator, you need it to be as exact to a actual life experience as imaginable. No details has been parted with, and all acknowledgment must go to the software engineer for this, as once you climb into the 3D cockpit you'll understand what I'm talking about. You can fly up and down, vertically and in a sideway motion or backwards fashion. Each different design of the helicopter is perfectly simulated just as they would in actual life, which becomes obvious as you fly your helicopter.

Numerous hour of detail went into the different landscapes that you are able to fly in, making this Helicopter Flight Simulator absolutely fearless and exhilarating, particularly for the newcomer pilots. For any enthusiast desiring to perfect their skills and to advance through different stages of the game, this flight simulator got it all.

The beauty is the game is fully downloadable, you'll be able to be up and flying in minutes. As a user you receive a lifetime of free updates, where you can be certain to get an unparalleled flying experience, each and every time at the simply touch of a button. I can say, it doesn't get any better than this. I believe the software engineers will be surprising us again and deliver more unique flying conditions in the near future. And of course all future upgrades are included!



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    • profile image

      Crazdwriter 7 years ago

      Oh wow those pictures are amazing. And flight simulation? That sounds really interesting. I've never tried it myself but it sounds like a lot of fun, scary but fun. Great information and I will definitely have to read your other hubs about this subject.