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Hello EU - Marine Arena Analysis

Updated on December 24, 2013

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Of course, the Marine Arena community cannot thrive without everyone feeling like their opinion matters, so please comment at the bottom of the page - even if it's just to give support or tell me I suck!

Lastly, if you haven't already, take a gander (sign up!) at the Marine Arena official forum:

Over 120,000 posts have been made on this official site, which was started up by Crayon himself, the developer of Marine Arena.

Pro MA Matches Here!

A page dedicated to showing and analysing for you the best of the best Marine Arena matches, now featuring the awesome videos from Euryleia's YouTube channel!

A breakdown of impressive feats and the major epic fails is included, with analysis explaining the step by step process that lead to them all. Learn and enjoy my friends!

Why All The Effort?
Why all the effort being put in for mere Marine Arena videos?

Because whilst there are hundreds of casts and analysis being made for ladder games there is close to nothing for Marine Arena, which has its own dedicated team, loyal supporters and is itself a highly complex, engaging and above all Arcade's #1 Most FUN game!

The First MA Game in Euryleia's European Series!

Tip #1

Amazingly, both players sent their saviors at exactly the same perfect time to catch the zealots when they thought they were still safe.

Both players showed their mastery ofprecise timing in doing so but for one reason or another could not do one simple thing: decide who will use a savior first.

Most players will say something very brief like "me sav 1st" or even just"me 1" at the start of the game so double savior'ing won't ever happen. +10 Derp points to the ones who forget anyway.

Epic Moment #1 - Disco's Savior Needs a Partner?

@00:51 (Click for exact moment in video)

The top left team was under some serious pressure from a mass of Warplots; Disco's front tank defenses were rapidly melting away and soon his 450 mineral investment would have been obliterated. Losing such a huge amount so early would be catastrophic.

With quick reflexes Disco rightly un-sieges his tanks and pulls them back just far enough to still be tempting for CerealKiller's (CK) zealots. The Zealots go in for the tank kill, but are met face on with not one, but two saviors!

Disco and Manu managed to save the tanks and get a healthy amount of +8's and +3's from CK's units, but at the unnecessary cost of two saviors. Had only one savior been used this would have definitely been an epic win but due to a simple lack of teamwork this wasn't possible.

This mistake is understandable since the two players had never played with each other before.

Important Analysis - PAY ATTENTION

  • Tanks being immobile make them extremely vulnerable to target attacks by Warplots and Ghosts, for this reason good map vision (holding the Xel Naga Tower) and a large mass of defending units is needed around the tanks (exactly as Disco's play showed) in case of needing to retreat.
  • The positioning of the tanks was such that easy retreat was possible into the base, Disco was smart enough not to go too far out from his Savior range as to be target practice for the many Warplots on the field. He was able to utilise the powerful tank DPS and 13 range whilst also retaining a powerful defensive stance.
  • Overall, without the Infested blunder, Disco's team would have benefited from the exercise, taking both a mass of Zealots (tank splash doing great against this) and my army in the process.

Win Fail = Wail? Fin?

A close call saved by lightning quick reflexes!
A close call saved by lightning quick reflexes!
Perfect Synchronous Savior timing?
Perfect Synchronous Savior timing?

Epic Moment #2 - Greedy Ghost

@1:26 Dat Ghost!
@1:26 Dat Ghost!

What Happens to the Greedy.

Strong players will watch for Ghosts approaching their base and do just this!
Strong players will watch for Ghosts approaching their base and do just this!

-- Break It Down Now --

At 1:26 ShadowOfWar decides to find a nice perch for his Ghost. He knows that if he places it away from his base he is far more likely to pull off a snipe at an attacking Infestor or High Templar = no one expects a Ghost to be sat near the enemy's base (but now you do!).

But what Shadow forgot to do was'hold fire' on his Ghost. Holding fire means the Ghost won't shoot at anything until you tell him to do so yourself.

You can achieve this by Shift Queueing move + F so that your Ghost will reach its intended location and then shoot at nothing else. Always press F after moving! It means you can literally sit in an opponent's army undetected!

Instead, Shadow only places his Ghost in cloak and shoots at a single marine. He scores a mighty +3 from this manoeuvre and is immediately scanned and killed by the remaining army.

Tip #2 - Ghosts Thrive Off Stealth

If that Ghost had been less greedy and 'Hold Fire' was used successfully then the incoming HT less than 4 seconds later may have been EMP'd or Sniped, pocketing +250 minerals!

This makes the measly +3 achieved a lot less appealing. For players who choose to use their gas on a Ghost it can be very frustrating because Ghosts do not bring in as much money as the other heroes can.

And with Cloaking technology and a high damage output it becomes too tempting for some players to not attempt picking off individual units. What you have to ask yourself then, is "would this bounty outweigh the 200 I need to revive a Ghost". Most of the time, the answer is no.

You also need to remember that most of the strength of Ghosts comes from the opponent not knowing where he is, acting as a deterrent for players with Heroes. Giving away your position not only risks 200 minerals but also that important edge.

GrimTip #1

  • Don't try to 'counter' HTs or Infestors with Ghosts unless you are playing in the late game where you can afford a fast Spectre. It is better to buy an HT or Infestor yourself and even the playing field. The game then becomes one of micro and skill which if you are the better player you will win!

Epic Moment #3 - Escape with a Burnt Behind!

Total Block


#3 - High Templar Force Fields

As you can see from @1:28 onwards, a mass of deadly Devil Dogs (DD) stim in and cut my army off from retreating back to base.

Immediately I throw down a storm and stim my Maraiders out of close range of the Devil Dogs. I then throw down a Force Field to block their path and continue kiting them, using my Maraider's Concussive Shells to their full advantage. I then have all the DD one side and am able to loop around the centre, forcefield most of them off and retreat back safely to my base.

Tip #3

HIgh Templar should only really use Force Field in order to escape, doing so in order to save yourself 275 minerals and a long wait (90 seconds currently).

Using Storm is the money maker since you get energy back and do devastating damage, if you want tactical Force Fields then the much cheaper Sentry is the guy to go to!

Epic Moment #4 - Roast For Dinner!

Minerals minerals minerals...
Minerals minerals minerals...

Breakdown #4

Here we have Manu fly into ShadowOfWar and Daan's base to show that Wraiths don't counter Devil Dogs at all, frying 50+ marines with a mass of Devil Dogs!

Tip #4
The epic Win'ness of this moment is highlighted by Manu's use of army placement - he knew that Daan's wraiths were coming towards his base and so took the opportunity to enter his un-guarded base to massacre the marines. Minerals galore!

Make sure to stutter-step into Masses of units with Devil Dogs to maximise their intensely high splash damage.

Epic Moments #5 - The Reaping of the Reapers! ShadowOfWar,WP!!

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Let's bat! Going!Going!!?GOING!?!?!GONE!?!?!!? Back to home base with JUST 10 HP!
Let's bat!
Let's bat!
GONE!?!?!!? Back to home base with JUST 10 HP!
GONE!?!?!!? Back to home base with JUST 10 HP!

#5 Saving the Best 'til Last!

By far the most epic feat in the game, ShadowOfWar manages to maneuver his Ghost cloaked through Manu and Disco's armies, carefully making sure he is always in-between units so he is not discovered and then manages to snipe not one, not two, but three Reapers!

-300 to the other team and +105 for Shadow! A lucky escape with minimal health added the icing to this already awesome cake.

Tip #5
Use your Ghost like Shadow does and weave through your opponents army - with units to cover you it is impossible to be discovered whilst cloaked! Then, set up your perch, Hold Fire, and using an unexpected angle take out the most expensive things you can see. Two shotting reapers is an excellent use of the ghost - no snipe required!

Match Type: Full Premade! (Best kind!)
Winners: [NVY] GrimReaper and [Scythe] CerealKiller!

Thanks a lot to all of the great players without whom such a hard game would not have been possible:

  1. [NVY] GrimReaper & [Scythe] CerealKiller
  2. Disco & Manu
  3. ShadowOfWar & Daan
  4. SnaxyTiger & Exe

Shout Out to Euryleia!

Don't forget to Subscribe and show your support for MA's video makers!
Don't forget to Subscribe and show your support for MA's video makers! | Source


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