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Hello Kitty iPad mini case

Updated on June 10, 2014


Hello Kitty iPad mini cases are one of the most popular covers for tablet computers. They became phenomenally popular as soon as Apple had released their latest version of the popular tablet computer.

The case is made from high-quality synthetic leather and the inside is lined with soft suede style material. The covers come in a range of colours - bright pink, light pink, black, gold and silver - and they also fold so that they can be stood up for watching films.

Like just about all Apple products, the new iPad mini computers were quick to have Hello Kitty products developed for them, and right now there are already dozens of varieties of the cases featuring the iconic pussy cat listed on eBay.

Hello Kitty is perhaps a fitting character to adorn an iPad mini, given that they are the 'little sisters' of the immensely popular iPad. Another reason that Hello Kitty cases could be quite popular for the iPad mini is that the smaller version of the tablet computer is popular with young children, whose parents perhaps don't want them to have a large tablet.

The information here should be useful for anybody looking to buy a Hello Kitty style case for the iPad mini, or few traders who are considering different products to sell.

Top selling Hello Kitty case

One of the top selling Hello Kitty cases for Apple's iPad mini tablet is the synthetic leather folding style. Naturally, pink is most popular colour, given that most fans of the cartoon cat are girls, though not necessarily young girls, as Kitty has a huge fan following of teenagers, women in their 20s and even housewives. (For more information on how Hello Kitty has developed an enormous fan base that spans the age ranges and became a billion dollar marketing phenomenon please see the blog post Who Is Hello Kitty?)

The Hello Kitty folding leather cases shares a similar style to the immensely popular magnetic flip cases for the iPad, which are generally one of the most popular styles for the general consumer.

Perhaps the most popular style of Hello Kitty case for iPad mini is this folding leather case
Perhaps the most popular style of Hello Kitty case for iPad mini is this folding leather case

The case itself if fairly slimline, made to a very high quality, and the leather is part genuine leather and part synthetic. The colours are also bright and rich. The quality of the case really surprised me when I first saw it, especially because it came in a very stylish and branded gift box.

In terms of practicality and usability the case fits perfectly around the tablet, making it a very secure cover for such an expensive piece of equipment (in the UK the iPad mini tablets are currently selling for around £500, which surprised me a great deal considering that they are smaller than the iPad2).

The case also has all of the technical specifications needed to make this a fully functioning product. Magnetic sleep sensors mean that is is compatible with the sleep / wake sensor, there is a hole cut out for the iPad mini camera lens, and the case is designed so as to allow the Wifi to continue to be used.

These particular cases are made in China - the source of just about all Hello Kitty cases these days, even though Kitty herself was developed by the Japanese company Sanrio in the 1970s.

The best place to buy the Hello Kitty covers and cases for iPad mini is on eBay, where the average price is around £12 ($19). Have a good look around and find the best one that suits you!

Rihanna with the iPhone knuckle case
Rihanna with the iPhone knuckle case


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