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Helpful Tips for new Game Collectors

Updated on April 7, 2012

Collecting Video Games has become fairly popular lately, and with so many game systems and a huge variety of the games themselves collecting can seem daunting at the start. Starting to collect fairly recently myself, I’ve figured out some helpful tips to those who may want to start collecting themselves!

A photo taken from a collection of every japanese sega dreamcast game still in the original factory shrink wrap. Very impressive!
A photo taken from a collection of every japanese sega dreamcast game still in the original factory shrink wrap. Very impressive! | Source

Tip 1

Decide the basics of what you want to collect

This is the most important tip you can have. If you just decide you want to collect video games, you might just start grabbing every cheap game you find at a garage sale or game store. Usually this means you end up with a bunch or ok or mediocre games that you don’t really care much about.

Instead, try to think of a game series or system that you love. You could collect all of the games in a particular series, all of the games for a certain gaming system, or even just collect the games you had when you were a kid for that awesome nostalgia factor. You might decide to collect every RPG, or Action game for a system. You might decide to just amass a huge collection of games and not really care whats in it.

Tip 2

Decide the condition you want to collect

After you have established the basics of your collection, you then have to decide what condition of games you want to collect. You can collect anything from sealed games to cartridge and disc only games. Some people only like to collect games that are still factory sealed and have been played or open. Sealed games are normally pretty pricey, so you might decide that you don’t want to pay those prices. Some people only like to collect foreign, or imported, games. It can be neat to see what some of your favorite game series look like with Japanese titles and logos.

Take me for instance. I have decided to collect by series. Some of my favorite games series are Megaman, .Hack//, and Digimon. These are some series that never disappoint me and I’ve decided to get all the games in those series, and I have a different set of standards for them. If they are a newer game, I only buy them complete (case or box, disc or discs, and manual). For the older games, getting them complete can cost a nice chunk of change, so I will get cart only games for the earlier system. Some of these series have japan only games, and I would love to get those as well.

As you can see, the series I collect are fairly rare, or can just be down right expensive, so my collection grows very slowly since I’m in college. Though It is always a thrill when I find a game at a great price and add it to my collection!

Tip 3

Do not look solely online.

Some people do all of there shopping or collecting online only. This is great for importing or finding sealed games. However, There is nothing like finding a game at a garage sale, flea market, or even at a gaming store. You might have been looking for that game for a long time and now that you found it and saw it in person just makes the at feeling even better when you purchase it (if the price is right) and put it with the rest of your collection.

Not only do you get happy finding it yourself, but usually games tend to be more expensive online. Garage sales tend to have games that might be rare and expensive, but people might only charge a couple of dollars for them simply because they don't know what they have.

Either way you go, you should be able to get some great deals. If its been a while and the game your looking for is fairly pricey, do not give up hope or buy a crazy expensive game, a better deal usually comes along later.

I hope these three tips have been helpful and can help you make the collection of your dreams! If you want to give any feedback, advice, or ask a question just do so in the comments below!


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