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Heroes of Newerth

Updated on October 17, 2009

How to Play Heroes Of Newerth

Heroes Of Newerth

Want to try 3D Version of Dota?

here's a new game play inspired by DOTA with a lots of new characters in a 3D way.

The characters from DOTA may look familiar but in this version, some of the characters are fuse to form a new HERO much better than the old one for example the sniper and the gondar were fuse and form a melee type assasination skill and basically there are 5 characters added.

What are requirements on playing the HON?

Easy as this:

1. get a free beta key give aways on this site:

but make sure your'e already registered on the site to get 1.

2. activate your beta key on this site:

3. download a client on the site where you activate your beta key. make sure you download the appropriate operating system of your PC.

4. install the HON and happy playing.

thanks for viewing.

TIPS: the last batch for beta keys is on october 19-20 2009, maybe on midnight or early in the morning. applicable time allotment on philippine users. for more info just visit the site:

just post your feed back in our HUB.

Sample of Heroes of Newerth


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    • MMORPG Gamer profile image

      MMORPG Gamer 7 years ago

      i'm daveaite on HON