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Heroes of the Storm Beta Key Giveaway

Updated on February 8, 2015
free heroes of the storm keys! fastest way to get your beta access for hots
free heroes of the storm keys! fastest way to get your beta access for hots

Getting your beta key for HOTS

As you may know, Heroes of the Storm is now in closed beta testing, which is great for a lot of people! Many people have gotten the opportunity to try out this great f2p game. However, many people are also still waiting to get their beta invite for HotS. We're compiling a list of the ABSOLUTE BEST giveaways for HotS beta keys. Here you will find an updated list of places you can get free heroes of the storm beta keys and codes, so that you can install and play the game as soon as possible.

Get your beta key from any of the below links: is currently hosting a massive beta key giveaway! anyone can get a key as long as you complete a short offer that unlocks your beta code. i believe this is implemented to keep people from grabbing all the keys for themselves. anyhow, the process of acquiring your beta key only takes about 2-3 minutes. Just fill out VALID information and your key will appear.

Both NA and EU keys are available from this giveaway, which is a HUGE plus. An option will appear so you can trade between NA and EU keys.

We will add more giveaways to this list as we find new giveaways. As for now, the gamedoges site has a lot of beta keys remaining, so we suggest you grab one from there before its too late!


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