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Heroes of the Storm: Jack of All Angels Tyrael Build

Updated on June 26, 2015

Welcome to the Nexus, Hero! This guide will teach you a bit about the archangel Tyrael and how to play him in Blizzard's game "Heroes of the Storm." Tyrael is kind of a jack-of-all trades type of character. Though he is classified as a warrior (more on that in a bit) he really is well rounded. He doesn't take the most damage, he doesn't deal the most damage, he can shield his allies but not heal them. He's an excellent blend of tank, damage, and support.

This is the second entry into an ongoing set of guides for my favorite characters so keep an eye out for more! So without further stalling, let's dive into the Archangel of Justice and learn what he brings to the arena!

Tyrael, Archangel of Justice
Tyrael, Archangel of Justice

Tyrael's Background Story

Tyrael is one of the most powerful angels that inhabit the Diablo universe, keeping an eye on the humans of Sanctuary while battling the forces of the Seven Evils and their minions. In the earliest annals of time, there were two planes of existance: the angel's home of the High Heavens and the demonic wastes of the Burning Hells. For eons the armies of each realm clashed in an Eternal Conflict, endlessly fighting to obliterate each other.

Eventually, some angels and demons grew tired of the fighting and fled to create a new world, called Sanctuary. The angel, Inarius, and the demon Lilith, joined forces to establish a paradise where they could hide from both sides of the Eternal Conflict. Using an enormous crystal called the Worldstone, they hid Sanctuary from the eyes of the angels and demons who continued to clash. Demons and angels began to fall in love and have children, called the Nephalem, who were the first humans.

Eventually, the three Prime Evils (Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal) became aware of Sanctuary and the humans. They sought to corrupt this new race and twist them to their own purposes, believing that they would be key in ending the Eternal Conflict in favor of the Burning Hells. The four Lesser Evils (Andarial, Duriel, Belial, and Azmodan) grew tired of the Prime Evil's directing more focus on corrupting mortals than the Conflict. They joined together and exiled the Three to Sanctuary.

The angels, led by the Angiris Council, cared little for humanity, seeing them mostly as abominations rather than half-angelic children. Only one angel, Tyrael, truly cared about the mortal race and descended to Sanctuary. From there, he gathered powerful magi and created a group, the Horadrim, to hunt down the Prime Evils and trap them in Soul Stones from which they could not escape.

During the events of the original Diablo, the Lord of Terror managed to corrupt the Arch-Bishop Lazarus and escaped from his Stone. After taking possession of a noble warrior, he set off to find and release his brothers.

In Diablo II, we are introduced to Tyrael who is tracking Diablo in an attempt to prevent him from freeing the other two Evils, ultimately failing. He assists the heroes in recapturing Mephisto and Diablo and has their Soul Stones destroyed. Baal, however, escaped them and fled to the Worldstone. After the heroes defeat Baal, Tyrael senses that the Worldstone has become corrupted and resolves to destroy it. This act destroys his body on Sanctuary and takes many years to reform in the High Heavens.

***Diablo III Spoilers***

The leader of the Angiris Council, Imperius, berates Tyrael for interfering in mortal affairs. Tyrael, disgusted by his fellow councilmembers lack of action to protect humanity, tears off his wings and falls back to Sanctuary, now mortal. With the Prime Evils and two Lesser Evils dead, the final two Evils, Azmodan and Belial, begin an assault on Sanctuary. Tyrael unites with the heroic humans and leads them against the two Evils in an attempt to rid all of creation of their influence forever.

Heroes of the Storm Basic Information

Well, that should be more than enough to give you an idea of what kind of person Tyrael is, so let's cover some basics for Heroes of the Storm. This is a MOBA game (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) where two teams of five players are pitted against each other. The ultimate goal is to push past the enemy defenses and destroy their Core. All maps have 2-3 lanes to attack from with the assistance of computer controlled minions. There are also mercenary camps scattered around the map, when you defeat the mercenaries and hold their camp for a few seconds, they become yours and will move to the nearest lane to begin attacking. There are three types of mercenaries: siege giants, bruisers, and the boss.

Siege giants come in pairs, and will hurl massive stones to destroy enemy fortifications. Bruisers come in packs of fours and are very good at killing enemy minions and can do some decent damage against enemy bases. The boss is a massive being who will just ignore the enemy entirely and focus on destroying structures.

Each hero is put into one of four roles. Warriors are the tanks of the game, they're good for absorbing damage and often have abilities that allow them to stun the enemy. Assassins are pure damage dealers, they bring a lot of pain to the enemy. Support heroes are typically healers, though some will cast shields or can make their allies stronger or enemies weaker. Finally, there is the specialists, which are each unique in what they do. Gazlowe is excellent for tearing down enemy structures, Abathur can shield his allies and give them a parasite which will damage foes. Zagara summons lots of little alien Zerg to do her bidding and deal quite a bit of damage. Basically, specialists fill rolls that the other three classes don't really do.

Tyrael's Abilities
Tyrael's Abilities

Tyrael's Abilities

As with every hero, Tyrael has three main abilities, two heroic abilities to choose from, and one trait that is always active.

El'Druin's Might (Q) - Throws your sword at the target area, dealing area of effect damage and slowing them by 25% Reactivating this ability teleports you to the sword and slow nearby enemies by 25%

Righteousness (W) - Surrounds Tyrael in a shield as well as casting a lesser shield around his allies. The shield lasts for four seconds or until the damage limit is met.

Smite (E) - Lays down an arc of light on the ground, dealing damage to enemies caught in the path. Tyrael and allies will gain 25% increased movement speed for two seconds after walking over the arc.

Judgement (R) - Tyrael's first heroic ability charges at the target, causing damage and stunning them for 1.5 seconds. Judgement also knocks back enemies who are near the target, dealing half as much damage to them as well.

Sanctification (R) - The second heroic ability, Tyrael makes all nearby allies (not including himself) invulnerable and unstoppable (cannot be stunned) for 3 seconds.

Archangel's Wrath - After being killed, Tyrael becomes an angelic bomb that explodes after 3.5 seconds.

Smite is the bread of butter of Tyrael, you should use it as often as possible. It is also very good for helping your team chase after the enemy or flee from combat because of it's increase in movement speed. El'Druin's Might is also a very common move to throw around, especially if you need to chase an enemy or escape from combat. Righteousness costs a lot of mana and should be used sparingly. The shield it grants Tyrael is much larger than the shields allies get, so while it is helpful to allies, it really isn't a replacement for a support character.

With good team synergy, Sanctification can be a very powerful ability, especially in team fights where both sides are low on health. More often, however, you will want to take Judgement for it's damage and stunning aspect. It is also useful for teams that coordinate well because of the knockback, allowing you to force the enemy team to get split up which in turn lets your teammates quickly focus on one hero and take it down quickly.

Tier 1 Talents
Tier 1 Talents

Tier 1 Talents

Tier 1 talents are available at the beginning of every game and is overall has a rather lackluster selection.

Protection in Death - When Archangel's Wrath explodes, grant allies a shield for 50% of their health for 5 seconds.

Horadric Reforging - Increases the damage dealt by El'Druin's Might by 30%

Purge Evil - Increases the damage dealt by Smite by 25%

Regeneration Master - Increases health regeneration by 4. For every 3 health globes you pick up, Tyrael's regeneration increases by another 4.

Let's take a look at what we have to choose from. Protection in Death should never be picked, that's just a poor attitude going into the match. For it to be useful, you'll have to be dead, and that is definitely something to avoid. Horadric Reforging isn't bad, but I much prefer Purge Evil, because Smite has a lower mana cost and cooldown than El'Druin's Might.

On every map except for Haunted Mines and Blackheart's Bay, I take Regeneration Master. Every wave of minions contains a wizard who drops a health globe (little green hearts.) Every mercenary camp will drop a globe as well, so if you farm them early on and keep up with it during the match, you will have a pretty decent source of constant regeneration which keeps you in the fight longer.

Tier 2 Talents
Tier 2 Talents

Tier 2 Talents

Tier 2 talents are unlocked upon reaching level 4.

Amplified Healing - Increases regeneration and all healing by 30%

Vampiric Assault - Basic attacks heal for 15% of the damage dealt.

Retribution - Smite's cooldown is reduced by 0.5 seconds for each target hit.

Even In Death - Non-heroic abilities can be used after death but deal no damage.

A fairly "meh" tier, let's take a look at each one. Even In Death, like Protection In Death, shouldn't be taken. While Tyrael's trait can be quite useful, you'll contribute a lot more to the team if you avoid dying. For Retribution, Smite already has a decent cooldown and with the next tier comes Battle Momentum which makes cooldowns pretty much a non-issue, so this one isn't bad, but not entirely necessary in my opinion. Vampiric Assault is ok, but I much prefer taking Amplified Healing for the increased regeneration. Regen is always in effect, life steal is only in affect when you are hitting something. Amplified Healing works nicely in tandem with Regen Master, and if you have a healer who can do area of effect healing, you will be very hard to kill indeed.

Tier 3 Talents
Tier 3 Talents

Tier 3 Talents

Tier 3 is available when the team reaches level 7.

Battle Momentum - Basic attacks reduce all cooldowns by 0.5 seconds.

Angel's Grace - After using El'Druin's Might to teleport, gain 25% movement speed for 3 seconds.

Reciprocate - When your shield expires, you deal damage to nearby enemies.

Zealotry - Increases shield duration by 100%

Searing Attacks - An activation talent, basic attacks deal an extra 50% damage for the next 5 seconds. Each attack costs 15 mana. Has a 25 second cooldown.

This is another lackluster tier for me. Searing Attacks isn't a bad talent to take, but Tyrael has limited mana and no way to easily regenerate it, so I never take this talent. Zealotry is rather useless because shields almost never last the entire duration unless you're in a 1 versus 1 fight. I'm not a fan of Reciprocate either, mainly because it just doesn't do a lot of damage to justify taking it. Angel's Grace is a little redundant because Tyrael is already very good at chasing or fleeing, the only one that truly outdoes him is Illidan.

I always take Battle Momentum for the increased cooldowns, which affects your heroic ability as well. Having your abilities ready to use again faster results in more damage and increases your ability to chase and retreat. It is simply too good to pass up.

Heroic Talents
Heroic Talents

Heroic Abilities

At level 10, you unlock your heroic abilities. These are powerful skills that are often saved for team fights and have a variety of effects such as massive damage, extended stuns, or constant healing for a short time. Let's take a look at what Tyrael brings to the team fight.

Judgement - Charges the enemy dealing a little bit of damage and stunning the target for 1.5 seconds. Nearby enemies are knocked away from the target and take half as much damage.
Judgement has an 80 second cooldown.

Sanctification - For 3 seconds, your allies will be invulnerable and unstoppable (unable to be stunned/interuppted.) This ability does not affect Tyrael. Sanctification has a 50 second cooldown.

I always take Judgement for my Tyrael build because the stun is useful and the knockback forces the enemy team to be split up, allowing my teammates to focus down a target. Judgement also has a very nice range to it, so if one or two enemies escape from a successful team fight and Judgement is ready to use, I may charge them to get that extra kill.

Sanctification might be better at high level play, but I rarely ever see it used. Making your team invulnerable for 3 seconds sounds overpowered but it can be difficult to capitalize on the opportunity, especially if the enemy team is good at getting out of combat. Then they just have to wait for the effect to fade, and your heroic was essentially wasted. I generally play with random groups of people which is nearly impossible to have the coordination necessary to make this talent worth even considering.

Tier 5 Talents
Tier 5 Talents

Tier 5 Talent

Tier 5 is unlocked when your team hits level 13

Burning Rage - Deals a small amount of damage to nearby enemies. This talent is always active.

Angelic Absorption - While your shield is active, taking damage heals a small amount over 3 seconds.

Imposing Will - Enemies that attack you while your shield is active have their attack and movement speed reduced by 50% for 2 seconds

Angelic Might - Gain 25% damage on your next basic attack for each enemy hit by Smite.

Now this is a good tier! Pretty much all of these talents are viable. Angelic Might is a decent talent for the increase in damage. Burning Rage can be pretty good, as Tyrael is excellent at sticking close to enemies, so they will take constant damage.

I like Angelic Absorption because of the extra healing provided, which keeps me in the fight longer. Imposing Will is also excellent because of the fact that enemies will deal less damage with a slower attack speed, and have less ability to move around. If the enemy team is heavy with heroes that use basic attacks for the bulk of their damage (such as Raynor and Valla) I would recommend this one. This tier comes heavily down to preference however, so it'd be best to try each one out and see which enhances your play the most.

Tier 6 Talents
Tier 6 Talents

Tier 6 Talents

At level 16, tier 6 becomes available.

Blade of Justice - After teleporting with El'Druin's Might, your next three basic attacks within 5 seconds deal 75% more damage.

Holy Ground - Creates a ring that prevents enemies from entering the area teleported to using El'Druin's Might.

Salvation - Shield is 25% stronger for each ally hero that is shielded.

Blood for Blood - Activate to steal 15% target enemey's max health and slows them by 30% for 3 seconds.

Tier 7 Talents
Tier 7 Talents

Tier 7 Talents

At level 20, you will get the final set of talents

Angel of Justice - Increases the cast range of Judgement by 50% and reduces it's cooldown by 30 seconds.

Holy Arena - Increases the duration of Sanctification by 1 second and increases allies damage by 25%

Hardened Shield - Activate to reduce damage by 75% for 4 seconds. This has a cooldown of 60 seconds.

Nexus Blades - Basic Attacks deal 20% more damage and slow the target for 1 second.

As I said when discussing the heroic talents, Sanctification is a very iffy talent to start with, so Holy Arena isn't something I have a lot of experience with. The extra second of invulnerability and a nice damage boost sound nice, but putting it into practice is something else altogether.
Nexus Blades is a decent enough talent, with the boost and slow, though there are better options. Judgement is the talent I take if we are dominating the other team; if you are several levels ahead of the opposition, go for this. The lessened cooldown plus Battle Momentum means that your heroic will be available for use very often.

Typically, however, I go for Hardened Shields. Reducing damage by a whopping 75% is entirely too good to pass up. You'll have two shields and be nigh unkillable while this ability lasts. I personally like to use Righteousness first, then Hardened Shields, then Righteousness again (it should be ready if you kept up the attack.)

How to Play Tyrael

Tyrael is a very fluid fighter, it's important to know when to be aggressive and when to back off and recuperate health and mana. El'Druin's Might is a good combat initiator, using it first to dive into the thick of things followed up by Smite (or at higher levels, Righteousness then Smite.) Resource management is critical for Tyrael because a most of his damage comes from abilities and his characteristic ability to chase and evade are mana dependent. Righteousness consumes a lot of mana, so try to use it only when you feel you truly need it. I try to avoid using it at all very early in the game because I prefer to focus on the give and take flow of laning.

As I said earlier, Tyrael is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades character, so he can put out some decent damage and take on heavy hitters who are glass cannnons (high damage, very low health.) Heavy hitters who can take some damage, like Zagara, are much more difficult to take one vs one however so it'd be better to get someone to help you, play defensively, or if necessary, switch lanes.

Tyrael is very capable of soloing mercenary camps, though bruiser camps are more difficult unless you've kept up with collecting health orbs. Angelic Absorption helps out with this a ton. Speaking of health orbs, this is an absolutely critical aspect to playing this build of Tyrael. You're going to want as many as you can get. Remember, the wizard in every wave of enemy minions drops an orb, so prioritize him first. Mercenary camps will drop the orbs as well. Even when crossing lanes to get to objectives, I'll stop for a second to quickly kill the wizard minion for the health boost, then move on to where I was originally going.

That about sums up the most important things to know to play this style of Tyrael. If you enjoyed this article and want to see more Heroes, check out my profile as I continue to add more guides and subscribe to me to keep up with the latest news about how to play different characters in Heroes of the Storm.

See you in the Nexus!

You cannot judge me, I AM JUSTICE ITSELF!
You cannot judge me, I AM JUSTICE ITSELF!

Tips and Tricks

1. Use Smite to save your allies. If you see they are getting close to death, lay it down behind you so they can run over it and make use of the increased speed to get to safety.

2. Keep an eye on your mana, especially if you take Battle Momentum. Tyrael doesn't have a very large mana pool and it is very easy to run out of mana for your abilities.

3. Don't chase too far. Tyrael is a master at keeping up with the enemy, but it is easy to get carried away and walk into an ambush.

4. Learn what other heroes can do to escape you, especially for when you die. Heroes like Valla can jump away from your Archangel's Wrath, so pick your target wisely. If a structure is nearby and you don't have a good target to try to take down, stand next to the building.

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