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Heroes of the Storm Postgame Tempo Storm Vs COGnitive

Updated on February 26, 2016

Tempo Storm Wins 2-1

In a series that featured some variations on the February meta, including action from Lunara and Cho'Gall, COGnitive executes bold liner combinations, while Tempo Storm reacts by persecuting those same combo executions with a variety of interferences.

This series features some do's & don'ts of shot-calling and playing the map, and can serve as an educational tutorial for all skill levels.

Tempo Storm vs COGnative Game 1

Tempo Storm Game 1 Draft

(click column header to sort results)
Hero(Player IGN)  
Talent Picks  
Winter's Reach, Snowstorm, Frostbitten, Water Elemental, Ice Block, Northern Exposure
Conjurer’s Pursuit, Mental Acuity, Khala’s Embrace, Force Wall, Prescience, Dimensional Warp
War Paint, Focused Attack, Follow Through, Wrath of the Berserker, Mystical Spear, Nerves of Steel
Scouting Drone, Advanced Block, Cleanse, Stim Drone, Spell Shield, Inoculation
Reverberation, Thunder Burn, Piercing Bolt, Avatar, Healing Static, Stoneform
Rehgar 2nd banned Kael'Thas 4th banned

COGnitive Game 1 Draft

Hero(Player IGN)
Talent Picks
Hungry for More, Amplified Healing, Last Bite, Putrid Bile, Relentless, Fishing Hook, Hardened Shield
Seasoned Marksman, Power Throw, Secret Weapon, Mighty Gust, Giant Killer, Hamer Time, Epic Mount
Empower, Pierce, Lunar Blaze, Shadowstalk, Overflowing Light, Ranger, Rewind
Regeneration Master, Vorpal Blade, Follow Through, Void Prison, Wormhole, Rending Cleave, Rewind
Reconstitution, Envenomed Spines, Battle Momentum, Devouring Maw, Mutalisk, Brood Expansion, Bolt of the Storm
Li-Ming 1st banned Lunara 3rd banned

Tempo Storm vs COGnitive Game 1

At the February 2016 Roccat Enter the storm North American tournament Tempo Storm faced off against the exciting reincarnation of COGnitive in the best of 3 finals. COGnitive had to defeat world champion Cloud 9 along the way in a best of 1 semi-final.

Early Game

Game 1 started off quickly and with a decisive plan from COGnitive. Sending Zeratul to scout and all other four heroes the the bottom tower of the bottom lane, COGnitive established the ground work to pressure that point for an experience advantage later in the game.

This strategy was initially repelled, as Tempo Storm responded quickly enough to save the tower from immediate destruction. However once COGnitive had disengaged, they then exploited the Global ability of Falstad to fly him to the top lane, and lost no soak from the minute-one wave.

Clearly this was a pre-planned tactic. By attacking the extreme bottom lane, they pulled most of Tempo to the bottom of the map, and by flying Falstad to the top, then rotating normally to the middle, they got into lane positions before Tempo Storm possibly could take advantage of the opening.

They would later follow-up on that groundwork and push town the entire bottom fort at the end of the first night. By taking the bottom monsters, COGnitive passively positioned Tempo in the top half of the map, and gave themselves the opportunity to take the bottom forts experience with only three heroes, while soaking both both the other two lanes. This maneuver gave them a level and a half lead going into level 10.

Moment of Level 10

At the moment of level 10 Stitches hooked Jaina for a kill, right at the eve of the second night, giving COGnitive lvl 10 over Tempo’s level 8, and allowing COGnative dominant collection of enough seeds for two garden terrors.

Combo Spotlight

The power combination COGnative used in this composition started with the basic Stitches hook into Tyrande Lunar Flair, but then maximized by either a Zeratul Void Prison or a Falstad Mighty gust on the supporting team to further separate the hooked target.

COGnitive successfully executed this full team combo two notable times. First to protect a push on their mid fort, and second to break Tempo Storms formation during the winning push on core.

Pro Moves

It was noteworthy that Iakona took the time to use Tyrande to heal injured mercenaries on at least two occasions (at about 5:00 and later at 15:50). In both cases they were the more valuable siege giants, and in both cases they were moments when Tyrande was at nearly full mana.

This is a very subtle but important pro move because the siege giants can keep pushing on this map and score permanent structure damage if left unchecked.

It is also important on Garden of Terror in particular, because the lanes are narrow, and the A.O.E. damage the siege giants do can impact a team-fight. In this case it very likely did at 15:50.

Tempo Storm vs GOGnitive Game 2

Tempo Storm Game 2 Draft

Hero(Player IGN)
Talent Picks
Rehgar (Zixz)
Electric Charge, Stromcaller, Blood & Thunder, Ancestral Healing, Earth Shield, Rising Storm, Rewind
Zagara (Kaeyoh)
Reconstitution, Envenomed Spines, Endless Creep, Devouring Maw, Mutalisk, Brood Expansion, Bolt of the Storm
Johanna (Srey)
Knight takes Pawn, Laws of Hope, Battle Momentum, Blessed Shield, Burning Rage, Holy Renewal, Indestructible
Raynor (So1dier)
Seasoned Marksman, Focused Attack, Revolution Overdrive, Hyperion, Giant Killer, Berserk, Bolt of the Storm
Thrall (Goku)
Rolling Thunder, Ride the Lightning, Wind Shear, Sundering, Grace of Air, Tempest Fury, Bolt of the Storm
1st Ban Zeratul 3rd Ban Tyrande

COGnitive Game 2 Draft

Hero (Player IGN)
Talent Picks
Stitches (Glaurung)
Hungry for More, Amplified Healing, Last Bite, Putrid Bile, Indigestion, Fishing Hook, Hardened Shield
Faye (Jaina)
Conjurors Pursuit, Snowstorm, Frostbitten, Ring of Frost, Storm Front, Snow Crash, Bolt of the Storm
Lunara (CauthonLuck)
Natural Perspective, Nimble Wisp, Natures Culling, Thornwood Vine, Unfair Advantage, Starwood Spear, Galloping Gait
Tassadar (Iakona)
Conjurors Pursuit, Mental Acuity, Khala's Embrace, Force Wall, Prescience, Dimentional Shift, Storm Shield
Leoric (Cattlepillar)
Reanimation, Hardened Bones, Paralyzing Rage, Entomb, Crushing Hope, Unyielding Despair, Hardened Shield
2nd Ban Li-Ming 4th Ban Kael'thas

Tempo Storm vs COGnitive Game 2

Game 2 was played out on Tomb of the Spider Queen and ran for nearly 35 minutes of back and forth action.

Early Game

There was a battle of rotations and a competition for vision as both teams rotated between top and mid in a 4-1 alinement. Meanwhile Tassadar and Zagara competed for both the bottom lane, and creep spread.

Lunara used her wisp to scout the top turn in point. Often moving her wisp to change vision from the throw-pit to the top or rear of the upper turn in.

Moment of Level 10

Neither team gained a decisive advantage. COGnitive reached level 10 first as their first Web-weaver wave ran out, but Tempo Storm had maintained full soak and was only half a level behind at that point.

The Deciding Moment

After failing to get the first turn-in, Tempo Storm completed four Web-weaver turn-in’s in a row starting from the eight minute mark, the final of which wiped out the last two of COGnitive’s keeps, giving Tempo Storm a three keeps to zero lead past level 20.

COGnative managed to win the team battle at their own core and finally had ample time and opportunity to get both the boss and the turn-in for a decisive core rush across the top lane. However COGnitive failed to start the boss before completing the turn-in. Glaurung on Stitches was turning in the needed ten gems, while Cattlepillar on Leoric was clearing the bottom lane, the remaining COGnitive team hesitated to start the boss without a tank and Tassadar as the solo healer.

Because Tempo Storm was spawning catapults in each lane, the COGnitive Web-weaver push faded away without felling a single keep.

Combo Spotlight

COGnitive consistently used the short cool-down of Tassadar’s Force Wall to combo with stitches hook. The hook would go out, and the Force Wall would prevent an escape.

Whereas this simple combo was successfully executed often, a strong follow up from Entomb, Blizzard, and Thornwood Vine was frequently prevented By Tempo Storms reactive use of their own heroic abilities, in particular Sundering from Thrall and Maw from Zagara.

On two occasions defensive Sundering prevented any kind of followup from great Entomb set-ups. The second Sundering was followed by a 2-assassin Maw that lead to the first keep of the game for Tempo Storm.

Pro Moves

The game featured a number of subtle but critical moves from CauthonLuck’s Lunara Wisp and Kaeyoh’s Zagara Tumors.

At first, Zagara was unable to make much progress spreading creep due to opposition from Tassadar, but as the game went on eventually Zagara was able to surround the entire lower turn-in point with creep, and this may have subtly contributed to COGnitive botching the opportunity to start the boss before turning in.

Tempo Storm vs COGnitive Game 3

Tempo Storm Game 3 Draft

Hero (Player IGN)
Talent Picks
Zertul (Goku)
Regeneration Master, Master Warp Blade, Searing Attacks, Void Prison, Wormhole, Rending Cleave, Rewind
Falstad (So1dier)
Seasoned Marksman, Power Throw, Secret Weapon, Mighty Gust, Giant Killer, Hammer Time, Nexus Frenzy
Valla (Kaeyoh)
Siphoning Arrow, Puncturing Arrow, Repeating Arrow, Strafe, Giant Killer, Blood for Blood, Nexus Frenzy
Johanna (Srey)
Knight Takes Pawn, Laws of Hope, Battle Momentum, Blessed Shield, Burning Rage, Holy Renewal, Indestructible.
Morales (Zixz)
Feedback Loop, Infused Grenade, Mule, Stim Drone, Couples Therapy, Inoculation, Caduceus Reactor 2.0
2nd Ban Stitches 4th Ban Illidan

COGnitive Game 3 Draft

Hero (Player IGN)
Talent Picks
Rehgar (Iakona)
Lightning Bond, Healing Totem, Far Sight, Ancestral Healing, Earth Shield, Rising Storm, Rewind
Jaina (Faye)
Lingering Chill, Arcane Intellect, Frost Armor, Water Elemental, Ice Block, Numbing Blast, Wintermute
Muradin (Glaurung)
Reverberation, Thunder Burn, Piercing Bolt, Avatar, Healing Static, Stoneform, Rewind
Cho (Cattlepillar)
Surging Dash, Rollback, Power Surge, Hammer of Twilight, Molten Block, Crippling Blow, The Will of Gall
Gal (CauthonLuck)
Spurred Onward, Bombs Away, Dark Decent, Shadow Bolt Volley, Dread Shield, Twilight Nova, Shadow Fury
1st Ban Li-Ming 3rd Ban Leoric

Tempo Storm vs COGnitive Game 3

Early Game

Both teams began by splitting into a 4-1 rotation with Falstad vs Jaina occupying the top lane, and normal for this map, both teams soaked to level four before approaching the first objective. Falstad never disengaged the soak for Tempo Storm.

From that point forward things changed slightly in terms of rotations, with each team maintaining a near constant three lane presence. COGnitive quickly secured an advantage for the Punisher, and Tempo Storm responded by settling in a three lane soak, which COGnitive eventually matched. COGnitive scored only one fort tower on the first punisher. From that point onward the same constant three lane soak pattern repeated, with COGnative winning every objective and Tempo Storm first maintaining soak to avoid falling behind, followed by a stout defense of the punisher. After several rotations of this pattern eventually COGnitive had eroded away two of Tempo Storms forts.

Moment of Level 10

COGnitive hit level 10 just as they completed the second punisher spawn. But this occasion turned out to be a non-event as Tempo Storms three lane soak matched level 10 by the time the punisher made the short trek to the Tempo Storm top fort. The result was the demolition of only the fort wall before COGnitive was forced to withdraw.

The Deciding Moment

The game continued to be a near stalemate until Tempo Storm eventually pushed down the first and only keep of the game at the 28 minute mark with a 26 minute punisher, their second of only two punishers all game. That push ended with a brilliant COGnitive redirection of the punisher onto the center keep instead of the core.

The now exposed top lane paved the way for the games deciding moment. With catapults and a mercenary wave pushing the top lane, Tempo Storm held COGnitive’s team in a protracted battle in the middle of the map. The “Win-ions” managed to destroy half of the core before COGnitive eventually responded.

Shortly thereafter the game was won with a simple core rush once COGnitive became preoccupied at the objective.

Combo Spotlight

There were no obvious synergistic linear plays that came up regularly for either team other than the simple synergies between Cho and Gall as well as the Giant Killer auto attacks that Tempo Storm used to counter Cho’Gall, mostly with Falstad and stim drone.

Cho’Gall build a nice Runic Blast siege build. Using Rollback, Bombs Away, and Dark Decent to build a powerful long range A.O.E. to siege structures and collect the objective.

Pro Moves

Tempo Storm’s strategy of downplaying the objective in favor of maintaining soak took a long time to pay off, Tempo Storm didn’t claim their first punisher until the twenty two minute mark. But eventually this attrition strategy worked as Seasoned Marksman stacks added up on Falstad and COGnitive’s lack of a 5th body became a liability once they lost a keep.

From this game we can take the lesson to heart that on this map soaking is at least equally important as the objective.


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