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Hexbug Nano Habitat Set-The Robotic Creature-Behaves Like A Real Bug

Updated on October 17, 2011

Boys Toys Cool Games For Christmas & Birthdays

Stuck for ideas looking to give your child something really cool, exceptionally interesting, that you know won't only fascinate him, but probably you too, an amazing 5 star quality game starter toy set up THAT COMES WITH BATTERIES & will keep him busy for ages, & cheap to buy, with free super saver shipping delivery option, directly to your front door & can be purchased securely on-line, a toy you can wrap up, give as a present, watch his surprise when he opens it, help him set it up, & away he goes, keeping him enthralled for hours, then, sometime later, you can get extras to add onto for future expansion of his excitement he gets from his created habitat! Now there's a good gift idea, a really sweet Christmas present, birthday, or even, just a special gift of love from a parent to a child?

As a boy, the kind of gifts I liked, especially, was of course, toys! (although, I hated lettuce, but my parents still insisted I ate it lol) & especially unsual gadgety things like robots & cars that seemed to have a life of their own. Yes I loved that type of thing! It's just the way us guys are wired, we can't help it lol.

But that was then & this is now, so, I now enjoy lettuce & we know how to pass on this excitement of receiving speciality gifts to our own young ones!

I reckon hexagon nanos are cool, cheap to run, & if you don't believe me just check out the reviews of customers who have already purchased this starter toy, & maybe your child will be thanking you too, once he's overcome the excitement. I have included a video for you to see for yourself how neat these diminutive mechanical creatures, & especially their erratic comical behavior is & see how you can extend his habitat in the future, plus don't forget to click onto this link:- Hexbug Nano Habitat Set to where you can purchase yours for the best price, with free super saver delivery options to certain countries, thrown in for good measure.

Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts I'd love to hear from you.

Regards Dale Ovenstone October 2011

Watch the Hexbug Nano Perform Tricks


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