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Hidden Springs Is My Homeland, But The Fountain Of Youth Is Overrated

Updated on August 31, 2011
Do you still trust the Fountain of Youth if you find it in someone's basement?
Do you still trust the Fountain of Youth if you find it in someone's basement?

Hidden Springs is the newest Sims 3 World Download DLC available in The Sims 3 store. It can be purchased online and downloaded to your computer, which is what I did, because if I like anything, it's pixel goods. True story.

Having deeply inhabited Hidden Springs as an omnipresent sort of god figure for the past week or so, I feel ready to welcome potential neighbors to this beautiful lakeside resort town, where the leisure never stops and youth is only a fountain away.

I have three main things I'd like to say about Hidden Springs. Three main points, aside from the obvious ones about its natural beauty, cascading waterfalls and plethora of eateries in which one can pass many pleasant days and nights. And don't forget the twenty new pieces of decor you'll be graced with when you buy Hidden Springs. They're very exciting indeed and consist of lampposts and whatnot.

Hidden Springs Costs 20 - 25 Dollars

Depending on where you live, and what currency you have adopted as your very own, Hidden Springs costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 t0 $25 dollars. You might think that is a great deal, and perhaps you're right. But remember, you're not just paying that money for a new Sims 3 world to play. You're paying that money to play it now. Right now. And you're also paying it because you think sending sims to a fountain to find youth is a good way to spend your time. You're right.

The Rent Is Too Darn High

A starting family can afford only a modest home that is probably too small. To be honest, your best bet in Hidden Springs is buying a plot of land and building a shameful shack on it until such time as your Sims are liquid enough to live in a decent house. There are some very nice locations in town, but as with most world maps, you won't get into them until you're liquid with cash simoleons. The disparity between rich and poor is much more exaggerated in Hidden Springs than normal, or at least it seems to be. Used to be you could start out with a decent two bedroom home in Sunset Valley without too much trouble. Try doing that in Hidden Springs and you'll end up down a dirt road eating mud muffins for dinner before you can say 'bubble in the housing market.'

The Fountain of Youth Can Be Bought

Much like rhinoplasty, liposuction and face lifts can be bought in the real world, youth can be bought in Hidden Springs. The Fountain of Youth is most reliably found in the Decor subsection of the 'Buy' section, and costs 495,000 simoleons (plus 25 simoleons or so every time you wish for youth and beauty at the fountain thereafter.) It's basically a horrid scam designed to empty the pockets of desperate elder sims clinging to an idealized youth that never was. In this regard, the Fountain of Youth might very well be the best feature of any Sims game ever.


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