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Buy High School Musical Dance Mats

Updated on April 4, 2010

High School Musical Dance Mat

Yes The High School Musical Dance Mat

I have my orders from my daughter and I will pass them polite orders on to Santa "A High School Musical Dance Mat" as if the 3 high school movies were bad enough been played around the house, yes the dvds, the soundtracks, my daughter singing, she's only 4 nearly 5 and she has already decided that Troy or someone or other is her boyfriend.

I remember the first ever type of dance mat I got her and she was only 1 and a half back then, around the time that she just started to walk so perfect timing, it was a musical animal and learning sounds dance mat which was really good at the time I remember, so to find another of these dance mats but for something that she enjoys is a bonus.

My daughter though, like her mum likes to dance too, so with a high school musical dance mat she can bop all day long and with a little luck tire herself out and give us all a well deserved rest in the evening. The musical mats that I've looked at online, looks like there are about 3 to 4 different ones to have, but essentially since my daughter is too young to know the difference between them, she will make do with the one that I choose.

So long as there are her favourite characters on the mat, which they are and some recognizable songs from the films, then she can dance and boogie (is that an old school word boogie?)all day long...mwahahahaha sleep child for tommorrow the next day and the next and the next and the next you will dance on your mat to give mum and dad a break whhooo -ha jobs a good un!

Again Amazon is the online store of choice lately for it's swift delivery of toys and for me my gadgets!

I Wanna High School Musical Dance Mat Now!

My Daughter Shannon wants a high school musical dance mat!
My Daughter Shannon wants a high school musical dance mat!

High School Musical Trends - Are You Suffering In Silence? Speak Out Against The Evil

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