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Historian of Arreat - Act III World Lore Book Location Guide - Diablo 3

Updated on August 23, 2013

This guide will cover where players can find all of the World Lore Books that need to be found in Act III of the video game Diablo 3 for the Historian of Arreat achievement. There are 6 books to find in the group altogether, spread through various locals, which provide lore and background information on the events taking place.

**Spoiler Warning**
Some of these journal entries may give away certain plot points or secrets of the game. Proceed with caution.


Diablo 3 Achievements


  1. Fall of the Barbarians, Part 1
  2. Fall of the Barbarians, Part 2
  3. Fall of the Barbarians, Part 3
  4. Fall of the Barbarians, Part 4
  5. Fall of the Barbarians, Part 5
  6. The History of Bastion's Keep

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Fall of the Barbarians, Part 1

The Fall of the Barbarian series of journals, all drop from Misplaced packs which are scattered about the 3 levels of the Keep Depths. It seems as though they always fall out in order of 1-5, but come out the same from any of these packs within all three levels. In other words, part 1 can come from a pack on level 1, 2 or 3, and will always be the first to fall out of these packs, followed by part 2, then part 3 and so forth.

If you're picking these up while playing through the story, you will most likely grab this one from a pack on the Keep Depths 1, where there are typically two packs, providing you the first two parts of this series without relogging.

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Fall of the Barbarians, Part 2

This second part of Deckard Cain's history lessons on how the barbarians came to settle the area will typically be found in the second satchel which is usually found in Keep Depths 1, but again, like mentioned with the first part, any of the 5 parts can drop from any satchels found within the three levels in the Keep Depths, although always in order.

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Fall of the Barbarians, Part 3

If still in the same run as mentioned with the previous parts, this next journal will likely be found in one of the two satchels on the Keep Depths level 2, but like the rest, can still be picked up from any of the packs in all 3 levels of the depths, as long as you've already picked up part 1 & 2.

This journal tries to point out how the Barbarians have been misunderstood for ferocious savages, whereas in truth, they are valiant defenders of Mount Arreat, which they feel is their duty to guard.

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Fall of the Barbarians, Part 4

Liable to be found in the second pack which can be found in the Keep Depths 2, but once again, after finding #3, this journal will be the next to pop out of any Misplaced Satchels you find scattered about the three levels of the Keep Depths you pass through on the way to the Larder for the quest The Breached Keep.

This journal brings the storytelling closer to present day by briefly covering the events that happened in the end of Diablo 2's expansion pack, Lord of Destruction, where Baal was able to defeat the worldstone's guardians before corrupting the stone itself.

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Fall of the Barbarians, Part 5

The final part of the Fall of the Barbarians saga still follows the same rules as all the previous journals in this group, dropping from any of the Misplaced Satchels in any of the Keep Depths levels after the first four have been collected, or if collecting them all in one playthrough, most likely to be found in the one pack that spawns randomly in the Keep Depths level 3.

The final nail in the coffin that was the Barbarians epic saga in rule over the lands of Arreat is described in this journal, explaining how the destruction of the Worldstone, necessitated by it's corruption at the hands of Baal, left the Barbarians scattered to the wilds with no purpose left in them as a society.

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The History of Bastion's Keep

Once you've entered The Battlefields area during the quest Machines of War, search the central area for a randomly spawning dungeon, The Battlefield Stores. This dungeon (reportedly can also be found the same in the Forward Barracks, another dungeon that spawns similarly) is found near the center of the fields, where you actually encounter enemies, and is not the dungeon you see always spawning just north of the guard's barricade where you find and talk to Sergeant Pale before heading out into The Battlefields itself.

Once inside this dungeon, check right next to the entrance, where an object named Librarian's Scrolls always shows up, dropping this journal. If you do not see the scrolls right as you enter, you are most likely in the wrong dungeon, or perhaps with rare occurrence, the scrolls might have spawned slightly further in.


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