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Historian of the High Heavens - Act IV World Lore Book Location Guide - Diablo 3

Updated on August 23, 2013

This guide will cover where players can find all of the World Lore Books that need to be found in Act IV of the video game Diablo 3 for those looking to unlock the Historian of the High Heavens achievement. There are 4 different journals, part of a single series, to find in this category spread through Act IV, which further the story by providing background information on the game world.

**Spoilers Ahead**


Diablo 3 Achievements


  1. The Creation of Sanctuary, Part 1
  2. The Creation of Sanctuary, Part 2
  3. The Creation of Sanctuary, Part 3
  4. The Creation of Sanctuary, Part 4

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The Creation of Sanctuary, Part 1

The first journal in the Creation of Sanctuary series starts to drop in the Silver Spire levels, from the Angiris Repository objects that look just like the archives you used to collect the people lore books for Act IV from the Gardens of Hope. At this point you will have to have the Prime Evil quest active.

The first part in the series describes how the Archangel Inarius and demoness Lilith had allied after growing weary of their battles, bringing along both demons and angels to their cause.

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The Creation of Sanctuary, Part 2

The second part in the series of journals, falls out of the same repositories as the first, in order. Personally I was able to find a second one of these repositories on the first level of the Silver Spire.

In this journal it is told how Inarius originally stole the Worldstone to create the world of Sanctuary as a place for him, Lilith and his following to take shelter there and escape the war. In the process, Angel and Demon unions resulted, producing the nephalem.

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The Creation of Sanctuary, Part 3

This of course will be the third journal to fall out of the Angiris Repositories you start finding in the levels of the Silver Spire. There no longer seems to be any of these objects on the Great Span, the area where you fight Izual, that used to be a prime spot to farm journals from. In any case, the next area that has repositories is in the second level of the Silver Spire.

Now it is explained how the nephalem were found to be capable of immense power that could potentially surpass both demon and angel. In the resulting conflict of Lilith wanting the nephalem as a personal army and Inarius wishing to limit their powers, the demon lords and Angiris Council discovered the existence of Sanctuary.

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The Creation of Sanctuary, Part 4

You'll probably only find one of the repositories in the Silver Spire, like in my case, where you'll need to make a new game in order to find this fourth and final part in the series. Keep in mind you can only find these journals now from repositories, as they do not drop out of the archives in the gardens of hope.

This final portion of story of the Creation of Sanctuary tells how Lilith was banished and Inarius given over to demons to be tortured for eternity for their transgressions against both Hell and Heaven. The followers themselves were mostly killed with some left over, with worse outlooks than their deceased brethren.


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