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History Of The Gaming World

Updated on July 28, 2017

Video games from consoles to computers have been around for quite some time now, the fine line between a small dot being passed back and forth across the screen has been passed into an age where now we can create are own characters and explore vast and intricate worlds. But it was not an easy road to get here.

Along the way as games have been made much has been crowded in controversy and quarrels, Hatred is one of the most well known games to have cause quite a bit of commotion since basically all you did was run around and kill people. Wasn't really anything else to it then that. Since the first game of the world came out in 1958 we have gained quite alot of experience. Well the creators have anyways. But even today the world picks apart games and say they are a cause of many problems, but really I think not.

Jack Thompson is a known activist who has tried to take out many things from video games, to rap and to pretty much anything that can be seen as absurd or effecting the growth of young kids. He has went head to head with companies to try and shut them down.

Other things have gone wrong as well such as many blaming video games for violence in the world. Maybe they haven't heard of the Civil War or both World Wars. It is quite easy to see that violence has been around for far longer then games have. Christopher Ferguson a psychologist at the University of Florida has done many studies against the so called "Video-games Make You Violent Theory" which turns out to be false. Who would have thought. The only thing that came up was that it might have a increase in brief aggression, but in all honesty if I played Dark Souls and repeatedly kept dying I would be getting rather pissed myself.

Today there are three heavy hitters in the Console Wars, somebodies absurd idea that one console is better then the other. Nintendo, Sony PlayStation and Microsoft X-Box have been going at it for years. Each has somewhat of a mascot: Nintendo is well known for Mario and Link, Sony is known for Kratos and Dante, The X-Box is known for their Master Chief. Me personally I have some favorite games on all consoles but it is hard to spend alot of money to buy games for three different consoles.

While those three might be the big three contenders many other companies have tried to create their own mascots, Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog being one of them. A classic icon turned into a bad joke that never ends, but sometimes with good twists.

As the years passed however the gaming industry has changed, while they are gaming companies they are still a company and a company needs to make money. Over the course of the years downloadable content and other things created to try and squeeze every ounce of money that they can out of the consumer has been made. Many claim that DLC is even ruining the gaming world and it is. Instead of paying the full amount for the full game many companies sell a game at a rather high price, then they add DLC's or online passes to take more money. Some companies even have it to where you have to buy a season pass just to play online. While I may like Twisted Metal I am not about to spend another twenty dollars when I already spent forty on the full game.

While it isn't like companies haven't been trying to scam people out of money in the past it is getting worse today with micro-transactions and more content spilled out. In some cases it is alright, added on stories or new missions aren't too bad as long as the prices isn't higher then a stoner atop Godzilla's head.

Game have gone through alot through the years and they get alot of hate thrown their way, some for right reasons such as not giving the full game when payed for it but then there is the wrong reasons like when some people do not like certain aspects of a game.If you do not like a violent game do not play one, stick with My Little Pony Adventures.

As the current day that this article is created, July 28 2017, we have come far from when we first started. But the years are still clouded in mystery so when more news comes out I shall continue writing this article.


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