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Hit Gold Cap In World of Warcraft WoW

Updated on July 15, 2011

Secrets to Hitting the World of Warcraft Gold Cap

If you have played World of Warcraft in the last couple years then by now you must have heard of the WoW gold cap. Many players thought this was no more then a myth but the number is real, 214,748 to be exact.basically after reaching this number players stop gaining gold due the numerical formulas used by Blizzard to calculate gold values. The number has been hinted at a few times in the past, but still was more of a myh to most players. In the last few months, high yield Wrath farming methods seemed to have more players supposedly managing to hit it.

 Here are three tips for how to work toward the WoW gold cap successfully.

1. Get the Right Add-Ons
The first thing you will need is the right add-ons for your game client. Make sure that you have add-ons that will allow you to quickly scan, analyze and utilize auction house data. For most players Auctioneer has been enough, but more recently Auctionator is quickly becoming the add-on of choice for this. Additionally, you will want to pick up Market Watcher and Postal as these two add-ons provide you with a great deal of additional functionality and data when you go into each transaction. The more data you have, the better.These add-ons will make your life much easier when trying to hit the gold cap.

2. Stop Farming and Questing
You may have heard that farming and questing are good enough ways to make gold. This will work fine for anyone that needs the cash. But, there are much better and more efficient ways of getting gold. Think of it like this, realistically the most gold you’ll probably make daily questing is between 250 and 300 per hour.  The most you’ll ever make farming is 750 an hour and thats still a stretch.  If you realy want to hit the WoW gold cap, you would have to farm almost 300 hours  at the max rate of 750 an hour to hit that mark. And questing, that will pretty much never get you there unless you want to spend 716 hours and can get the max 300 gold every hour. These are good methods for those that are content with low gold counts and who enjoy the activity. But if you want to hit the cap in World of Warcraft it's time to move on to something bigger,better and faster.

3. Work on Creative Auction House Methods
Almost everyone who has read a gold guide uses the Auction house to make gold these days. This is the main reason, you will need to push yourself to find new and exciting ways to make gold without spending all your time simply buying and selling. Learn how to transfer items between servers and factions. What it takes to make an item go up in value by using price manipulation. How you can move things around carefully so you control how the game operates. These are the types of valuable auction house skills you must develope on the road to hitting the gold cap.

The real key to hitting the WoW gold cap is not in farming endlessly (though that is technically possible), but in using the auction house carefully and creatively in a way that will allow you to get there faster and more efficiently.

Handy Add-Ons to Hit The Gold Cap In WOW

If You Really Want to Farm, Notice the Amount Per Hour

Why Should You Try To Hit The Gold Cap In WoW

Lets face it, The World of Warcraft of yesterday was far less expensive then the WoW of today. You didn't need as much gold as you did if you were playing a few years ago. If you had 20,000 gold you were doing OK but now,some of the new crafting patterns from patch 3.3 can cost more then 20,000 alone. Bottom line is just like in the real world, money( or gold) aint what it used to be. This is probably why you hear more and more about people hitting the gold cap or at least trying to in World of Warcraft.

This is why many of the old school gold guides are so outdated. Before making 300- 700 from questing and farming would get you by just fine but now you need to get a lot more gold, a lot quicker if you want to keep up with the big boys.

One really cool thing about the gold cap is it only relates to 1 character, not 1 account so you can still max out all your characters to the magic 214,748. You just need the right strategy to get it done.

So what is the best strategy to make more gold in less time? Simply put, Auction House Mastery. It's all about knowing the ins and outs of the auction house and how to take advantage of it. As mentioned above you will want some add ons to make your life easier but you will also need to know how to take full advantage of them.

If your looking for a full, step by step Gold guide you may want to check out Hit the Gold Cap in WoW. Its got 5 full modules that will help you increase your gold faster then you could imagine.

Make Money by Hitting the Gold Cap

That is correct, hitting the gold cap can actually make you cash, real money for playing a game. If you have been on any WoW site you usually are bombarded by all these places that sell you everything from cash to leveling characters to anything else your heart could desire. All you have to do is pay the right price and bam, you got whatever you want for your character in Warcraft. Pretty sweet if you have the cash and want something right away.

So how does this help you make money? I have seen gold sell from $10 to $25 per 1000 gold. Lets do a little math using half the minimum, $5.00 per 1000 gold. You create a character simply to get gold. Hit the cap at 214,748. Divide that by 1000 gets you 214.748, lets round to 214 for simple numbers. 214 x $5.00 gets you $1070.00, not a bad chunk of change huh? And remember that's half the minimum. If you get the $10.00 per 1000 that's $2140.00. That's more then some people make a month working a regular full time job. Now imagine having 2 characters at the gold cap, see where this is going. How much would your friends and family freak out if you told them you made over 4 thousand dollars playing World of Warcraft.

Even if you made $500 extra a month selling your gold that would pay for the monthly fees, including your internet service and still leave you with some nice extra spending cash. The best part is you don't have to be a power player to do this. All you need to do is hit the gold cap and sell however much of that gold you want. If your looking for some extra money you just hit the jackpot. You can get paid to do something you enjoy as well as play virtually for free. So are you ready to Hit The Gold Cap!

Buying and Selling Gold in World of Warcraft WoW

 There are a whole lot of places where you can buy and sell gold for WoW.  Personally I don't see why you would buy the gold when you can get all the gold you want with the guide mentioned above but, maybe you want to get a jump on something or need an item really fast. The key to buying and selling gold is to find a site with a good reputation as well as the best prices. Obviously you want to buy as cheap as possible and to get the best price you would need to buy in higher amounts. Remember you will be spending your real har earned cash so be sure to get what ever amount you need to get the best price. Really though, if you can hit the gold cap you will never have to spend a dime on gold again.

Also mentioned above selling gold can make you some nice real world coin. Once you have your gold getting system in place and can get large amounts at will you can sell it for a profit, go back and make more gold. It's a beautiful cycle that can help you supplement your income while doing something you love, playing WoW. Be sure to go someplace that will give you a fair price but also pay you quickly. The gold market is hot and you want to make as much as you can , while you can.

I have done a lot of searching and although you may see some small sites offering great prices there is usually some fine print as well as the risk of getting scammed. One of the best sites around is right here, Buy and Sell WoW Gold. They have been around for a while and have great prices for buying and give a real fair price when you are selling. Selling is easy, you just hit the sell link. Fill out a short form with the game you want to sell from, how much you have and your server. They will email you with a quote and then it's all down hill.


Another way to Get Some Gold

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      Andrew 5 years ago

      A Gigabyte is EXACTLY 1,073,741,824 bytes, and 1,073,741,824 X 2 = 2,147,483,648 which is the gold (214,748) than the silver (36) than the copper (48). This means that exactly 2 gigabytes of data will be stored for each persons cash/currency/gold.

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      Michael Murchie 7 years ago from Parts Unknown

      Nice hub, gonna try out some of the tips :)

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      Csjun89 7 years ago

      Pretty good tips there, totally agree with 2

      Haha, stopping the dailies will force one to use the AH well

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      Deborah Donados 7 years ago from Portland

      Nice hub! Makes me miss Azeroth!