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Hobbies and Become Stress-Free at Anytime Part 1

Updated on December 12, 2011

DFW Teen Voice Prosperous & Thriving Youth "By Your Hobbies Become De-Stress Free"


Hobbies and become Stress-Free at Anytime

To have an outlet of activities as a child will de-stress and refresh your child. I didn’t know how important my outlets of activities were in my life until I went to college. I would always de-stress myself with a dance class of Ballet. I started out with Ballet when I was in elementary school. We would have classes held at our YMCA. As I grew the opportunity presented its self in college and every semester I would de-stress myself with a breath of fresh air with ballet. I even remember my dance instructor she returned from New York to teach our class she explained to us.

“In the initial years, ballet was a male dominated dance, wherein men performed the role of both the sexes. It was only in the 1681 performance of Le Triomphe de l'Amour that the first female dancers performed professionally. By the year 1700, movements defined by the words jete, sissone, chasse, entrechat, pirouette and cabriole were already in use in the ballet. With time, the popularity of the dance form enhanced, as ballet companies developed throughout Europe. At that time, ballet can be described as a flamboyant dance form, with intricate settings and elaborate costumes”

Reference link below:

I took all her classes even chorography Ballet classes. These were my grade A classes and I enjoyed them to the fullest. Ballet became my stress free class a hobby I loved it gave me energy for the rest of the day. When reaching your full potential find an activity that pleases you. Just to think about my classes bring joy to my soul. I can remember having my space set-up with all Ballet pictures anything I could find to represent Ballet even the shoes. Even today, I have an elaborate modern dance picture to admire on the wall. Also, I have little ballerinas’ placed above my bed to remind me of my hobby. Not only did I like Ballet, but modern dances, and a little jazz dance. Although, once you learn the technique to Ballet your body is strict and tamed to Ballet moves. Other dance moves become harder to transition in movement so it became a challenge. My practice was Ballet and loved to see ballet done by dance companies on T.V. or in person.

Learn to fulfill your life with the beauty that you consider to be of pleasure to you. Why, because if you are stressed out because of all that you do than you need moments of freedom in your day. Although, I was exposed to different activities to be cultured these experiences has assisted with my growth as an individual. Yes, my parents did expose me to new adventures which as a child I would enjoy but they make you grow in a healthy fashion to adjust to life and cope. As I grew up then I could choose from my exposed activities what I liked and pleasing to my senses to continue to explore. Explore hobbies on my path which would have me to become stress free. Today we live in a stressed world and how do you live a stress free life for yourself? Resolve your stress by choosing a hobby of your choice and jump right in to the activity. As you grow older your hobbies might change but resolve your stress with a hobby you enjoy.

A little history of Ballet the Modern Era


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    • DFW TEEN VOICE profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Richardson, Texas

      tirelesstraveler Level 5 Commenter, thank you for your comment. Ballet became apart of my list upon looking back i returned to my college years to see what got me through. I knew i had a outlet that would refresh and recharge me. So, in the mornings or it would be in the middle of the day ballet or dance class. yes, invigorating the important message is to find a hobby activity that you will enjoy.

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 

      7 years ago from California

      Ballet isn't usually what I think to relieve stress, but when I think about the classes I have taken, it certainly was invigorating. Good Idea

    • DFW TEEN VOICE profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Richardson, Texas

      Stress no more become stress-free!


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