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Hobbies and Become Stress-Free Anytime Part 2

Updated on December 16, 2011

TEEN VOICE Prosperous & Thriving Youth "De-Stress Yourself and become Stress-Free"


Hobbies and Become Stress-Free Anytime Part 2

Do you remember a time when hobbies were important to your resume? To know that you had an outlet to your work was important. Now that we don’t ask that question we have become so much stress related to work. You can develop a plan to de-stress yourself by adding and incorporating hobbies back into your life-style. Make a conscious effort for your New Year resolution or resolution to add a hobby to you schedule. You can make a difference to your own life for yourself because if you don’t care about yourself who will? Enjoy, have fun and live life to the fullest.

You can judge your life you just may be able to add relax time in your life. Then make time for relax time in your life. How do you go about selecting your hobbies? I would go camping with the YWCA &YMCA as a child looking back at the adventure I gained survival skills. So, much so I trained and worked with horses. Of course, I learned how to swim, archery, boating, canoeing and fishing. These are hobbies and you may enjoy reading, music, acting, cooking and golfing. There are hobbies which can develop into your career. Although, we are talking about hobbies which can leave your life stress-free. When you really choose a hobby you enjoy you will lose thought of your work. You will enjoy yourself as a child again and you will have more of a charge for your work because you have just put yourself first. Yes, enjoy in child’s play of fun and you will feel lighter. This feeling will offer peace and solitude to refresh you. AT the moment you might not know what you are feeling but with this feeling you can re-group and continue to obtain your goals.

As a child I was introduced to many hobbies to select from and enjoy. The key word is enjoy and have fun at whatever hobby you select for yourself. As an adult have you left behind the enjoyed and fun moments in life. At this point and time in your life you may need to create fun and enjoyable times because it’s not too late to select a hobby. Analyze what you do throughout the day and incorporate some fun and enjoyment in your day.

I can remember having so much on my plate to get the material things of life and once I did obtain I could not enjoy. I could not enjoy because I had become a workaholic. I took a look at which was obtained and thought these things own me I don’t own the things. I am being such a workaholic what is it that counts in my life if I can’t stop to enjoy the success of the accomplishment. I am to own the things which I purchased not the things owning me. So, get a hobby to enjoy and maintain by being stress-free.

Tips For Hobbies and Leisure


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    • DFW TEEN VOICE profile image

      DFW TEEN VOICE 6 years ago from Richardson, Texas

      Remember you and take time out for yourself!