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Hobbiests Looking for Someone to Share their Interests - READ HERE

Updated on March 21, 2009

Do you have an interest or hobby and no one to share it with?

What do you do when you really like to skydive and want to schedule a trip but don't want to go alone? What if you love to play basketball but don't have enough friends to form a team? Or maybe you love to ride horses but don't have any access to them. You may find the solution to your woes right here in this Hub so read on!

What are your interests?

Everyone has different interests. Even the best of friends and the closest of relatives may not share in the same likes and dislikes. This fact may keep you from going out and living life to the fullest. So how do you find people that live in your same area with similar interests? Check out the website. The site is organized to allow you to look for "meet up" groups located close to you. A meet up group is a group of people that share the same interest such as hiking, dancing, reading, photography, or cooking, and meet regularly to share their interests. Depending on your location and your interests are, you may find that there are multiple groups already set up in your area. If you can't find a group near you that focuses on your interest, you can start one of your own.

Image taken with my Olympus E-500

My Experience with

I have always been interested in taking pictures but never realized how hard photography actually was until I purchased a DSLR. My first camera was an Olympus E-500 which I purchased as a kit with two lenses ($800). I began researching photography terms and techniques on the internet, but quickly became frustrated due to the inherent difficulty of learning everything randomly as I came across a new website. I had no friends nor relatives interested in learning the theory behind photography, thus, I had no one to get advice and guidance from. I needed to find others interested in my hobby that would tag along on shoots with me, someone I could bounce ideas off of, or even someone who already had some experience in the field that I could learn from.

I had heard about the meet-up site from a co-worker of mine who had joined a walking group. I began investigating the site and found a photography group right in my hometown. I signed up to go on a shoot with them immediately.  I was very nervous.  Would they like me?  Would I seem too much of a novice for the group? 

I took a deep breath, got in my car, and went anyway.  It was the best move I ever made.  Not only did I meet a group of terrific people who are quickly becoming friends, I was also taught a great deal about the art of photography. 

So Where Do We Go And What Do We Do?

In only 2 months, I have met up with the members of this group at least 10 times. We have gone to a local zoo, a waterfall in the mountains, historical sites in the city, sporting events, and parks. The group even got together and rented studio space so that members had a place to go for portrait work. With the help of one of the member's, I have even found a professional photography school that will allow me to earn a degree while still working full time.

The group also meets once a month for dinner to discuss each others work and enjoy some social time together.  Members of the group range from professionals in the field to amateurs just looking for others to shoot with. 

The Bottom Line

Though I still have a lot to learn, the members of this group have guided me in purchasing new camera equipment, helped me to find reputable photo printing labs, and even assisted in the critique of photos that I wanted to enter into contests. I never would be as far along as I am if it wasn't for The Richmond Photography Meet Up Group.

Whether you are looking for others with the same interests, or you are looking for people who have expertise that they are willing to share with you, you are likely to find both at meetup.  Some groups are more active than others, but often times you will make friends with others who are interested in getting together outside of the official site. 

Images Taken With My New Nikon D-700

Title : The Lookout       (Taken : 3/21/09    Location : Richmond, VA)
Title : The Lookout (Taken : 3/21/09 Location : Richmond, VA)
Title : The Freedom Glide    (Taken : 3/21/09    Location : Richmond, VA)
Title : The Freedom Glide (Taken : 3/21/09 Location : Richmond, VA)


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