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Hogwarts Castle - Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle - Room Décor, Toys, Games, Collectibles and More!

Updated on August 17, 2011

One of the biggest things that J.K. Rowlings brings to life in her Harry Potter novels is the description and the excitement of living at Hogwarts Castle.

Ever since the day that her first book was released, Harry Potter fans the world over wanted to duplicate the magical surroundings in their own bedrooms and houses and luckily there are many items available to do just that.

There are also tons of games, puzzles and even lego sets that can bring the magic that is Hogwarts into your own home.

Room Decor Ideas

One of the great things about duplicating Hogwarts Castle in your child's bedroom or in a family room is that you have the choice to go simple or the choice to go all out in authenticity.

To Go Simple: You only need to purchase a few Hogwarts Castle items such as a comforter, a few Hogwarts Castle throw pillows and a couple of Hogwarts Castle movie posters.

To Go All Out: You can purchase items such as: a Talking Sorting Hat, Harry Potter Wand, Harry Potter Wand Display, a TriWizard Cup Lamp, a Leaky Cauldron Metal Sign, a Goblet of Fire Votive Holder, a Harry Potter Broom to place on wall, and even a replica of the actual Sorcerer's Stone in a display case or Hermione's Time Turner.

A Combination of Both: There of coarse is also the option of combining a little of the two and combining some basics with some of the more authentic items to bring the room to life.

Going Simple

Here are a few items if you decide to go the simple route.

You have a few choices when it comes to bedding.

You can purchase a ready-made licensed Hogwarts Castle comforter, blanket or throw;

Or make your own by purchasing a specific house banner such as Slytherin, Griffyndor, Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw banner and sewing it on a complimentary colored plain comforter.

Add a few throw pillows such as the Marauders Map Pillow or use few plush figures on the bed such as Hedwig the Owl, Fawkes the Phoenix or Buckbeak.

Finally bring it all together by putting up a few Harry Potter Posters, a banner or two or by placing a Harry Potter Flying Broom on the wall.

Going All Out

There are so many wonderfully authentic Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle items available if you really want to go all out in a bedroom or family room.

Along with the bedding and comforter ideas listed above you can also add items such as:

  • Harry Potter Talking Sorting Hat
  • Hermione Granger's Time Turner
  • Replica of Locket From the Cave
  • Harry Potter Collector Wand Wall Display
  • A more elaborate and authentic TriWizard Champions Wand Set
  • Replica of the Sorcer's Stone in a Display Case
  • TriWizard Cup Lamp
  • A Gryffindor Sword Letter Opener
  • A Leakey Cauldron Metal Sign
  • A Gringotts Bank Coin Collection

Simply click on the blue link next to each item for more descriptions and information.

More Items to Combine

Of coarse you can combine both options, and use the basic ideas with just a few authentic Hogwarts Castle items thrown in.

Here are some middle of the road ideas you can try:

  • A Hogwarts Crest Throw Blanket
  • Hogwarts Cloth Banner
  • Hogs Head Wall Décor
  • Lifesize Cutouts of Harry and Hemione
  • Mauraders Map

Games To Play

Because the Hogwarts Castle theme is so popular, there are also a ton of games that revolve around it. 3D Games, Electronic Games, Building Cards and Board Games all center around the Hogwarts Castle theme.

Here are a just a few:

Hogwarts Building Cards - where you get to have the fun of building your own Hogwarts Castle and end up with the perfect item to display in your new Hogwarts bedroom.

Hogwarts School Deluxe Electronic Playset - This is Hogwarts in a miniature model. It includes 11 rooms that feature secret surprises in each. Perfect set to create your own Harry Potter adventures and easily portable.

Hogwarts Electronic 3D Game - This games features a 3D Hogwarts Castle where the race is on to get the Sorcerer's Stone. It also features electronic sounds and light effects!

Board Games

These games are perfect if you happen to have more than 2 Harry Potter fans together at the same time. Titles include:

  • Hogwarts House Cupboard Game
  • Mystery at Hogwarts Game
  • Halls of Hogwarts Game
  • Deuling Cup Game
  • Wizard Chess Set
  • Hall of Hogwarts


These challanging Hogwarts puzzles are not only fun to put together - but can do double duty when glued together and used as wall décor in a Harry Potter bedroom.

Hogwarts Castle - Harry Potter Posters

There are so many Harry Potter Posters to choose from there are actually too many to list here.

The few posters I have shown to the right mostly feature Hogwart's Castle itself, but there are many other Harry Potter inspired posters to choose from to match your décor or color scheme.

To see more of these posters click here.

Hogwarts Castle Ornaments

A great way to enjoy Harry Potter and Hogwarts Castle during the holidays - there are 3 different sets of awesome Hogwarts ornaments to put on your tree or to display during the holiday season.

The Real Hogwarts Castle - Alnwick Castle

Click thumbnail to view full-size


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    • ~HP4EVA~ profile image


      8 years ago

      Wow I was gonna decorate my room all ocean-ish but I definitely changed mymind! Thanks!

    • profile image

      Grace van Gageldonk 

      8 years ago

      Harry potter rocks

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      These are some great ideas! I'm thinking of doing a mix of simple and all out.


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