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Holiday Gift Idea | Fisher-Price Imaginext Bigfoot the Monster

Updated on March 28, 2012

The Fisher Price® Imaginext Bigfoot The Monster is just the type of toy all kids wish they had as a kids. Luckily just for this age bracket that one can be found and appears like tons of enjoyment.

Here, youngsters. will get to pass the time when using the loveable Bigfoot the Monster toy that is sure to have them captivated for hours on end.

We see this one as a biggest seller in the making because it provides a distinct aspect to it which makes it completely different from some other toys and now is a loveable enough adaptation that it will not terrify younger kids. We think this toy could easily do very well this fall season.

The Fisher Price® Imaginext Bigfoot The Monster is a fun involved gadget that is certain to consume the attention of numerous kids across the country. This toy also features a remote control that lets them control the movement and actions of Bigfoot.

Young children will enjoy using the remote control keeping Bigfoot maneuver around and carry out all forms of tricks. There are actually half a dozen different switches where they can get him to be happy, angry, sleep, good fun, ball and exercise. Each one of these causes a distinctive thing to take place just about all is good fun to relax and play with for the kids. For instance, they can listen to Bigfoot roar, pound his fits or even shake his fists. Furthermore, they could have him play catch and see him throw them the ball.

What also is nice about this gift is that it is made for small children because it's not creepy looking or overwhelming and rather is a bit more like Harry And The Henderson’s as opposed to Sasquatch. The result is an excellent present for young kids too

Imaginext Bigfoot The Monster

Work with the remote to move Bigfoot frontward and backwards. For more enjoyment, push one of the half a dozen big remote control symbols to make Bigfoot do any of these:

Be Happy - Bigfoot laughs.

Be Angry - Uh oh! Hear Bigfoot roar and pound his fists or raise his hands above his head and shake his fists!

Sleep and dream - Sets Bigfoot to nap. He also breathes noisily while sleeping and sometimes he dreams. While Bigfoot is asleep, push one of the emotion buttons, and he can dream.

Have enjoyment - Who knows what Bigfoot will do to have enjoyment! He can make just about all types of noises, and has even been discovered to "rap"!

Play ball - Push this button, and Bigfoot just might ask you to "Play" ball with him. Enjoy since he rolls the ball to you.

Exercise - Bigfoot pulls weights. But, if he gets worn out, he can say "No more."

Bigfoot even offers some control on his belly that will cause him to laugh when it is pushed. And the button in his mouth can make him eat, and burp. Thank heavens he will be polite. He will excuse himself any time one slips out.

Don't wait around too long before you order Fisher-Price Imaginext BIGFOOT the Monster for your youngster!

Your toddler will have a thrilling, active play time while using the Bigfoot that laughs, plays ball, and tumbles. Actually, this monster has even been known to throw an outburst! Feed him and he will show you if he enjoys whatever you got him!


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    • Robwrite profile image

      Rob 7 years ago from Bay Ridge Brooklyn NY

      I'd have loved one of those when I was a kid.