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Homemade Aquaponics Plans

Updated on July 3, 2011

Benefits Of Having A Homemade Aquaponics System.

I have been interested in Aquaponics for a little while now and sometime ago I decided to setup my own homemade Aquaponics system. And since then I have never looked back. I would just like to share with everyone the benefits I get from having my own Aquaponics system. For those of you that do not know what Aquaponics is, It is basically a great way to grow plants really fast using Fish. Or Fish poo to be more precise.

Aquaponics works because of the nutrients in the fish poo is what plants really need to grow. So giving plants water from a fish tank is amazing for making your plants grow at twice the rate from normal water. There are different uses for Aquaponics but I use it to grow fruit and vegetables. Below I will list the benefits of having a homemade Aquaponics system.

Homemade Aquaponics System Benefits:

  • All year around I grow more food at home than my family can eat, I share it will neighbours and other family members but you could also sell it for a profit.
  • Not only do you get a lot of fresh organic fruit and vegetables from Aquaponics but you also get the best tasting fruit and vegetables. It tastes amazing compared to the stuff you would buy in a store trust me.
  • I keep my fish but a lot of Aquaponics growers also eat the fish from their Aquaponics system.
  • You will save a lot money by not buying all your green food from the supermarket or store.
  • Once you have it all set up it only takes a few minutes everyday just to check the system. And make sure everything is OK. It takes no time to have a Aquaponics system running.

If you are interested in getting all of the benefits that I have got from Aquaponics growing then I highly recommend you consider setting up your own homemade Aquaponics system. You really will not regret it.

It really does not take anytime to maintain. The only time really required is when you are learning how to set up the system and when you are constructing your homemade Aquaponics system.

Aquaponics growing has been around for sometime now and is becoming more and more popular for people who enjoy growing organic food in their gardens. There really is no better way to increase your yield. Some places are great for growing plants in the earth and others are not. But if you have a small garden with no soil or the soil you have is no good, And you still want to grow some plants then Aquaponics is perfect for you.

If you are really interested in Aquaponics then go ahead and check out Aquaponics Plans Its the best site for Aquaponics plans and Aquaponics Training


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    • profile image

      John Beba 5 years ago

      I am new to aquaponics and have really enjoyed doing things for myself. It is very efficient when it comes to the use of resources and pretty environmentally friendly.