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Honda Odyssey has cost nearly 2 billion in Vietnam

Updated on March 24, 2016

The large multipurpose announced after months of launch prices in Vietnam and compete directly with the Kia Sedona.

Rates higher than 1.99 billion to 800 million compared to the Kia Sedona, partly because of Changhai cars assembled in the country. Odyssey also imported CBU from Japan.

Odyssey is the first Honda model to apply new approaches. Launched from January to March 10/2015, but new this year announced prices. More than 5 months time period is thought to Japanese carmakers measure the level of interest, the construction cost by Honda which has no business experience in large multi-purpose line in Vietnam.

In the US and Japan

In the US and Japan, the Odyssey is a household name alongside Toyota Sienna. But Vietnam is totally foreign, including imported car market is not official. Odyssey was born in Japan in 1994 to meet the needs of many families carrying at the time. The first generation started with the RV, then further developed into the "sedan" but capable of carrying more people with a spacious passenger compartment. Odyssey 5 times undergone changes to perfection today.

2016 Odyssey's exterior aerodynamic design, automatic LED headlights, multi-bar grille, power folding rearview mirror integrated turn signals, chrome door handles, automatic electric sliding doors, floor design low. The rear features a chrome details, LED taillights.

As for the family car should have 3 rows of seats Odyssey

As for the family car should have 3 rows of seats Odyssey. Something special, Honda inspired interior design style "space business class". Cabin with leather interior, decorated with wooden tiles, chrome, leather-wrapped steering wheel adjustment integrated multifunction button.

2nd row Business Class, spacious luggage compartment. In addition, the Odyssey system is equipped with 3-zone automatic air conditioning with independent adjustment of touch. Central control panel equipped with 7-inch touch screen, sunroof, curtains for the 2nd row seats feature fuel-saving ECON.

2016 Honda Odyssey equip Earth Dreams Technology engine, type 2.4-liter 4-cylinder i-VTEC engine with a capacity of 173 horsepower at 6,200 rpm rev / min, maximum torque of 225 Nm at 4,000 rev / min. New CVT stepless gearbox.


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