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Hoothoot Evolution Chart

Updated on March 27, 2012

Hoothoot Evolution Chart

The Hoothoot Evolution Chart
The Hoothoot Evolution Chart

Hoothoot Evolution Chart Questions?

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The Hoothoot Evolution Chart Explained

This is the Hoothoot Evolution Chart. Click the link if you would rather the Hoothoot Move List

The Hoothoot Evolution Chart, much like the Poochyena Evolution Chart, is a very simple one. It doesn't involve complex maths about stats like the Tyrogue evolution, nor does it need special items and trading like the Duskull Evolution Chart. In fact it only needs levelling.

Hoothoot evolves into Noctowl at level 20 (again, much like Poochyena), which means that you simply need to evolve it in the same way that the majority of Pokemon evolutions happen - by increasing the level of your Pokemon.

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For those not used to the Pokemon 'core' games, this happens in one of three ways

  • Battling. Everytime you knock out an opponent Pokemon (not counting wifi games) you gain experience points. A Pokemon increases in level once it reaches a set amount of experience getting Hoohoot to level 20, to evolve into Noctowl, just means battling it.
  • Experience Share Item. The Exp Share hold item allows a Pokemon to gain experience when a Pokemon is knocked out (50% of the experience points), even if it is not involved in the battle (it does need to be in your Pokemon team though).
  • Rare Candies. The rare candy item can be used to increase the level of a Pokemon by 1. So a level 1 Hoohoot needs 20 rare candies to boost it to level 20.

Hoothoot Trading Card

A Hoothoot version in the Pokemon Trading Card game
A Hoothoot version in the Pokemon Trading Card game

Catching Hoothoot

Catching Hoothoot is pretty simple in the recent games, they tend to be in numerous places at night. Night, in Pokemon games, is defined as being between 6pm and 4am.

Catching Hoothoot in Pokemon Black and Pokemon White

To catch Hoothoot in Pokemon Black and Pokemon White you need to use the Dream World, where you can find it in Windswept Sky from the beginning. But you CAN catch Noctowl in the wild, and then breed it to get a Hoothoot.

Noctowl can be found in the Abundant Shrine location (along with a lot of Pokemon from the older generations).

Catching Hoothoot in Pokemon Diamond, Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Platinum

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl you can catch Hoothoot in the North part of Route 210, the West part of Route 211 and in the Safari Zone. All these must take place at night.

In Pokemon Platinum you can catch Hoothoot at Route 205 (North), Route 210, Route 211, the Great Marsh and Eterna Forest (again all at night).

Catching Hoothoot in Pokemon Soul Silver and Pokemon Heart Gold

In Soul Silver and Heart Gold you can't move without tripping over a Hoothoot at night! Literally every location, once night falls, has a Hoothoot you can catch!


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