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Hot new Toys for this Christmas Season

Updated on June 12, 2015

Hot toys for kids this Christmas

Retailers are still struggling to keep their heads above water since the Great Recession hit in 2009.

So, expect this Christmas season to hit early, with some experts speculating that we will start to see discounts even before the Thanksgiving holiday shopping season with Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Information is already starting to be leaked regarding the hottest toy deals and discounts for this christmas season. Here are a few items that retailers like Fisher Price, Matchbox, and Mattel are expecting to be big sellers for this christmas shopping season.

Rock Star Mickey
Rock Star Mickey | Source

Fisher Price Rock Star Mickey

Commercials for the Fisher Price Rock Star Mickey are already starting to appear on tv. Rock out with Rock Star Mickey as he bobs his head, kicks his feet, and finishes with his signature move "The Mickey Split". You child can learn his moves in the "How to be a Rock Star" mode or watch him jam with three other songs. Rock Star Mickey requires four AA batteries.

Rock Star Mickey is currently priced at $55 at the Fisher Price Online store, but expect the Rock Star Mickey to be a major item in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday ads. With reported discounts and black friday deals as low as $29.95.

Horns the Triceratops: Switch and Go Dino
Horns the Triceratops: Switch and Go Dino | Source

Switch and Go Dinos, Horns the Triceratops

New from the toymakers at VTech. Horns the Triceratops is the newest member of the Swtich and Go Dinos collection. It is a two-in-one dinosaur that combines dinosaurs and vehicles into one cool electronic toy.
Switch and Go Dinos, Horns the Triceratops Features:

  • 2-in-1 toy transforms mighty car to Triceratops
  • 1.5" LCD screen comes to life with push of button
  • Features cool driver and dino eyes animations
  • Customize your driver or dino eyes
  • Over 50 wild sounds effects and phrases
  • Teaches interesting dino facts

This toy is extremely reasonably priced, as lows as $16 at Walmart. It gets the distinction of a best buy for this Christmas!

Stinky the Garbage Truck

Stinky the Garbage Truck by Mattel, a surprising favorite from last year is making waves again for this holiday season. Like his pal Rocky the Robot Truck, this newest member of the Big Rig Buddies is trash guzzling tons of fun. He sings, he talks, he crunches cars, and he even tells jokes.

With an average rating of four out of five stars, this talking truck is sure to be a big hit with your child this christmas season. Look for black friday and cyber monday deals of up to half of the original price of $59.99.

Fijit Friends

Fijit Friends were hugely successful last christmas and are slated be again this year. Dubbed "a girl's interactive best friend" your daughter, niece, or grandchild would love to have one of the Fijit Friends characters. Each one has a unique personality and jokes to share with their best friend.

Fijit Friends were designed for children ages 6 and up. With interactive dance abilities that allow the Fijit Friend to hear the beat of the music that is playing and respond accordingly. The head and body swivels, turns, and bops it's head to the beat of the music, no matter how fast or slow. Fijit Friends not only dance, but they sing too. Each Fijit Friend comes with it's own unique song.

In addition to dancing and singing, Fijit Friends are created with the top voice recognition technology that allows it to understand up to 30 words and/or phrases and respond accordingly. They can tell jokes, make kissy noises, and even become a night light when your child says "Good Night!".

Reasonably priced at around $45, Fijit Friends is an excellent christmas buy. Expect to see black friday and cyber monday deals as low as $24.95.

Fijit Friends Yippits
Fijit Friends Yippits | Source

Fijit Yippits

Even though Mattel decided to release these toys early, due to the extreme popularity of Fijit Friends and Fijit Newbies, the latest addition to the Fijit franchise; Fijit Yippits is expected to sell out this christmas.

Fijit Yippits are the latest interactive toy from Mattel. Like the original Fijit Friends, the Fijit Yippits play music and dance, but the Yippits are also made with interactive clap technology that allows your child to teach them up to six tricks. Like with real pets, the Yippits responds to praise and encouragement through voice and clapping technology. The more your child plays with it, the more it learns. Each Yippit comes programmed with three songs and two games.

The Yippits are available in four colorful characters: Skippa/Blue, Patter/Pink, Scooch/Green, and Plooki/Purple. The current price is around $35 for one Yippit.

Alphie the Learning Toy Robot
Alphie the Learning Toy Robot | Source

Alphie the Talking Robot

Alphie the Talking Robot

Playskool is bringing back a classic from the 80's with the re-introduction of Alphie the Learning Toy Robot. The updated and upgraded Alphie uses the latest technology to introduce your child to important skills and concepts; from letter sounds and shape sorting, to patterns, cause and effect, vocabulary development and much more. Alphies buttons light up and he sings and plays music and interacts with your child based on the activity on the card. Alphie comes with 30 cards and you can also purchase additional cards separate. Moderately priced for just $39.99, Alphie is a great buy this christmas.


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    • Novel Treasure profile image

      Novel Treasure 4 years ago from US

      Yeah that seems to be a hot one every year. We have one and my kids still play with it. I debated about putting it on, but I was trying to stay with the newer toys. Maybe I should do an oldie but goodie toy list : )

    • profile image

      kingjohn 4 years ago

      Tickle Me Elmo LOL was featured on ABC news as a hot seller this season. They are flying off the shelves in all stores.

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