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CSI Kits For Children and Teens

Updated on February 2, 2013
CSI Facial Reconstruction Kit
CSI Facial Reconstruction Kit

Kit includes: plastic skull with facial accessories, clay modeling material for skin, reconstruction and sculpturing tools, molded eyeballs, inner nose and ears and set of molded pegs to give the skin depth.


CSI Kits For Kids

Some kids just love science, and you know going in that a CSI kit is as close to the perfect gift as you can get. CSI kits are currently topping the list ofhot educational toys for kids and teens. Inspired by the popular CSI television shows, the CSI kits for kids come with realistic forensic science experiments that will hold the attention of kids, teens and parents alike. There are several brands and models to choose from and, depending on which CSI kit you buy, they come with everything your children need to:

  • Conduct fun and educational science experiments
  • Simulate DNA matching
  • Experiment with facial reconstruction
  • Study entomology (bugs)
  • Learn about personalities through handwriting analysis

One reason that these toys are such hot sellers is that parents love them too. They have discovered that CSI kits keep their kids entertained for hours, and are educational as well. For older kids and teens, a CSI kit may even get them interested in pursuing a career in forensic science.

Forensic Science Experiments For Kids

Of course, not all kids love science, but they do love toys. A CSI kit may very well be the educational toy that gets them interested in learning more. A basic CSI kit is a great place to start. A simple CSI Impression kit that comes with all the goodies to let them take impressions of footprints, bite marks, and other common items is a great way to get them excited about learning science.

The CSI Videoscope Kit is another good choice for beginners. It comes with everything your young CSI investigator needs for collecting and examining trace evidence such as hair and fibers. These educational toys are so much fun your kids may not even realize they're learning.

Get Your Kids Interested In A Career In Forensic Science

Educational Toys - CSI Kits Are Popular With Kids and Parents Alike.
Educational Toys - CSI Kits Are Popular With Kids and Parents Alike.

Educational Toys To Jumpstart Learning

Young minds crave knowledge. While some kids don't readily take to learning in the classroom environment, they are still naturally inquisitive. If your kids are struggling with science, it may simply be time to try a new approach.

Studies have shown that many children learn more readily with a hands-on approach and many do well with fun educational activities. In other words, if they enjoy what they're doing, it's far more likely to hold their interest, and there's no better way to hold a kid's interest than with a toy that's as fun to play with as it is educational.

DNA Science Experiments For kids

Planet Toys CSI DNA Lab
Planet Toys CSI DNA Lab

Your Kids can learn all about DNA analysis and how it helps forensic scientists solve real crimes.


Make Science Fun!

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation DNA Strand Build Kit
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation DNA Strand Build Kit

Your kids can learn about the mysteries of life by building and studying their own strand of DNA


They Never Had Toys Like That When I Was A Kid

How many times have you said that since you had kids of your own? Truth is, when most of us were kids, there weren't cool toys like this. Yeah, we had our Stretch Armstrongs, Rubik's Cubes, and Lite Brites. But really, how creative could you be after the vacuum had sucked up all but 12 of your Lite Brite pegs and you could only make a straight line on that light up screen?

Parents are really just big kids at heart. With imaginative and educational toys like CSI kits on the market you may find your self ogling the box. You might even wait until the kids go to bed so you can "try it out." You know, just to make sure everything works. Then again, maybe you should just play it safe and buy two!


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  • rmr profile image

    rmr 7 years ago from Livonia, MI

    Hi dallas93444. I always wanted a science kit when I was young. I especially wanted a chemistry set, but I'm pretty sure my parents were afraid I'd blow up the house. I may have to get one of these for my kids, you know, just to try it out.

    Sixty! I haven't seen you around for a while. I think these kits are a great idea too, because you're never too young or old to learn new things. Why don't you just scroll up and buy one for every one you know lol!

    Thanks for coming by!

  • sixtyorso profile image

    Clive Fagan 7 years ago from South Africa

    Hi RMR Well I never now CSI kits! I just wish I was a kid again. What a great idea, especially with Xmas around the corner!

  • dallas93444 profile image

    Dallas W Thompson 7 years ago from Bakersfield, CA

    I enjoyed science kits as a child. I always wanted to "experiment." Great hub and perfect for the coming buying season...

  • rmr profile image

    rmr 7 years ago from Livonia, MI

    Hi drbj. These toys are probably best suited for older kids but, with the possible exception of the facial reconstruction kit, they're really not all that gruesome.

    Thanks for coming by and commenting!

  • drbj profile image

    drbj and sherry 7 years ago from south Florida

    What will they think of next, rmr? How about a Hannibal Lecter kit for cannibal cooks? Or Blood Muffins Cookbook from Dracula and his merrie band of vampires. The possibilities are endless for savvy marketers.

  • rmr profile image

    rmr 7 years ago from Livonia, MI

    Hi Christoph! That's too bad. You'd need a lot of brothers if you wanted to get good at it, and your parents would probably get annoyed after the first two or three murders.

  • Christoph Reilly profile image

    Christoph Reilly 7 years ago from St. Louis

    A great idea, RMR. I wish I had a CSI kit when I was a kid. But no, in my day I had to actually kill my brother to get practice!