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Hot Wheels for Girls

Updated on December 7, 2010
Polly Wheels collection of cars
Polly Wheels collection of cars

Are There Cars for Girls?

A friend of mine just asked me if there were Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars for girls. Her 8 year old daughter loves to play with her brother's cars. She had on her list to Santa a pink Volkswagen Bug convertible for girls and a garage for it. But where do you find that? She looked at the various toy stores, but could not find anything, but Barbie cars. Although they were nice and age appropriate, the cars were still too big for what she was looking for. Finally, she went to the Internet and found a number of options.

Barbie Cars

Barbie has been around forever. I have yet to meet a girl that didn't have a Barbie doll when she was young. You could dress them up, play in a house, break up with Ken for G.I. Joe and finally drive them places. They even have cars that you can peddle around in. Some popular options are the Barbie remote control Corvette and Volkswagen Bug, a rideable Jeep Wrangler, an H2 Hummer, and the Power Wheels Cadillac Escalade.

Polly Wheels Commercial

Polly Wheels

Polly Wheels come from Mattel, the same company that brought you Hot Wheels. It is part of the Polly Pocket line of toys. However, it is probably the closest thing that would fulfill a girl's Christmas list. There are a collection of cars in shades of pink or purple. There are even race tracks with loops just themed for girls. One such example is the Mattel Polly Pocket Pollywheels Race to the Mall. It looks like a lot fun and is similar to a Hot Wheels track, but pink.

Race to the Mall
Race to the Mall

Barbie Camaro

If you are looking for the ultimate Hot Wheels car for girls, it has to be the Barbie Camaro. This unique die-cast car was a limited Edition Hot Wheels that commemorated the 35 years of the Barbie Doll. There were two production runs of 7000 and 8000 cars making it one of the more unique cars in the collection.

35th Anniversary Commemorative Barbie Hot Wheels
35th Anniversary Commemorative Barbie Hot Wheels


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    • profile image

      Penny maupin 5 years ago

      You need to have more girl cars from hot wheels; I absolutely love the camaro

    • The Academy profile image

      The Academy 7 years ago

      Can't beleive they make hot wheels for girls now. My colour changing one was my pride and joy when i was younger. :)