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HotS Protoss Units Damage Per Second

Updated on December 4, 2012

Dark Templar
Damage: 45
Number of Attacks: 1
Attack Speed: 1.694
DPS: 26.56
Resources per DPS: 18.82

High Templar:
Psionic Storm: 80 damage per second over a large area.

Damage: 25
Damage vs biological: 35

Number of Attacks: 1
Attack Speed: 1.75

DPS: 14.25
Resources per DPS: 70.16
DPS vs Biological: 19.95
Resources per DPS: 50.11

Note: in the calculation for 'resources per DPS', gas is considered as 3x the value of minerals.

Gateway Units

Damage: 8
Number of Attacks: 2
Attack Speed: 1.2
DPS: 13.33
Resources per DPS (when gas is worth 3x minerals): 7.5

Damage: 10
Damage vs Armoured: 14

Number of Attacks: 1
Attack Speed: 1.44

DPS: 6.94
Resources per DPS: 39.6

DPS vs Armoured: 9.72
Resources per DPS: 28.3

Damage: 6
Number of Attacks: 1
Attack Speed: 1
DPS: 6
Resources per DPS: 58.33

New Units

Mothership Core -
Damage: 8
Number of Attacks: 1
Attack Speed: 0.85
DPS: 9.4
Resources per DPS: 42.6

Damage: 30
Damage vs massive: 60
Number of Attacks: 1
Attack Speed: 3.3
DPS: 9.1
Resources per DPS: 100
DPS vs massive: 18.2
Resources per DPS: 50

Damage vs buildings with pulsar beam: 30
Number of Attacks: 1
Attack Speed: 1
DPS: 30
Resources per DPS: 20

Stargate Units

Damage: 5
Damage vs light: 10
Number of Attacks: 2
Attack Speed: 1.11
DPS: 9
Resources per DPS: 50
DPS vs light: 18
Resources per DPS: 25

Void Ray
Damage uncharged: 6
Damage uncharged vs armoured: 10
Damage charged: 8
Damage charged vs armoured: 16
Number of Attacks: 1
Attack Speed: 0.6

DPS uncharged: 10
Resources per DPS: 70
DPS uncharged vs armoured: 16.7
Resources per DPS: 42
DPS charged: 13.33
Resources per DPS: 52.5
DPS charged vs armoured: 26.7
Resources per DPS: 26.25

Carrier with 8 interceptors
Damage: 5
Number of Attacks: 16
Attack Speed: 3
DPS: 26.7
Resources per DPS: 45

Damage: 6
Number of Attacks: 6
Attack Speed: 2.2
DPS: 16.3
Resources per DPS: 100

Robotics Facility

Damage: 20
Damage vs Armoured: 50
Number of Attacks: 1
Attack Speed: 1.45
DPS: 13.79
Resources per DPS: 39.88
DPS vs Armored: 34.48
Resources per DPS vs Armoured: 15.95

Damage: 15
Number of Attacks: 2
Attack Speed: 1.65
DPS: 18.18
Resources per DPS: 49.5
this is against a single target only - a colossus can target up to 5 marines giving it a potential DPS of 90.9!

Cost per DPS Summary - Highest to Lowest

Zealot - 7.5
Photon Cannon - 9.38
Immortal (vs armoured) - 15.95
Dark Templar - 18.82
Phoenix (vs light) - 24.98
Void Ray (charged/armoured) - 26.25
Stalker (vs armoured) - 28.29
Stalker - 39.6
Immortal - 39.88
Void Ray (uncharged/armoured) - 42
Carrier (8 interceptors)* - 45
Colossus - 49.5
Phoenix - 49.95
Archon (vs bio) - 50.11
Void Ray (charged) - 52.5
Sentry - 58.33
Void Ray (uncharged) - 70
Archon - 70.16
Mothership - 98.22

DPS Summary of Main Units: Highest to Lowest

(Rounded to the nearest 1)

Archon vs Bio: 20 ~ 100 (vs 5 marines)
Colossus: 18 ~ 90.1 (vs 5 marines)
Archon: 14 ~ 70 (vs 5 marines)
Immortal (vs armored): 35
Carrier with 8 interceptors: 27
Charged Void ray vs Armoured: 27
Dark Templar: 27
Archon vs Bio: 20 (not including splash)
Tempest vs Massive: 18
Phoenix vs Light: 18
Void Ray Uncharged vs Armoured: 17
Mothership: 16
Immortal: 14
Zealot: 13
Stalker vs Armoured: 10
Tempest: 9
Stalker: 7

Note: Although these numbers give a good indication of what units are more economical and do most damage per second, they do not consider health points (HP) and so are not enough to make decisions about which units are best in a battle.

HP per DPS

Probe - 12
Zealot - 11.25
Stalker - 23.04
Stalker (vs armored) - 16.46
Sentry - 13.33
Dark Templar - 4.52
Archon - 25.26
Archon (vs bio) - 18.04
Immortal - 21.75
Immortal (vs armored) - 8.7
Collossus - 19.25
Phoenix - 19.98
Phoenix (vs light) - 9.99
Void Ray (uncharged) - 25
Void Ray (uncharged/armored) - 15
Void Ray (charged) - 18.75
Void Ray (charged/armored) - 9.38
Carrier (per interceptor)* - 135
Carrier (8 interceptors)* - 16.88
Mothership - 42.97
Photon Cannon - 18.75

Did your perception of DPS in Starcraft 2 change after this hub?

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    • Mark Waschkowski profile image

      Mark Waschkowski 5 years ago


      Thank you, appreciate the kind words. You've got a really good start here, its worth building on.

      I'm practicing my mechanics right now, haven't started playing HOTS yet...I feel like I played up to my mechanical ability in wols, was high diamond, but was always vs opps with 2-3 times my apm, so decided to stop after a ladder reset and get better with my keyboard. Then I got a logitech g35 and started programming my keys in and haven't been back to SC2 since! :) Mostly haven't had the time, but I keep up with everything and watch replays on youtube. The Oracle looks interesting to me, and the tempest is the Broodlord answer, so there is some promise there. I found Broodlord/Infester to be difficult to deal with in WOL so hopefully HOTS will be a bit more rounded out.

      re:sentries - ya, they do have a high value and are mainly gas. However, you have to realize that blizzard has balanced the ground army of protoss around forcefields. The only time they become secondary is with blink stalkers, and when your opp goes air (though shield helps a fair bit vs muties). Its really that blizzard balanced the game mechanics around the ability, not the gas required to buy the unit that has the ability (although I'm sure that played into everything as they tweaked costs).

      Some other peeps have suggested 2.5:1 as being the ratio:

      Seems about right to me...

      I use gmail! You are welcome to send me an email if you want to discuss strategies or tactics. mwaschkowski@

      btw - if you put this into a google doc (spreadsheet) and gave me access we could work on it together and then you could publish an article about what units work best when rounding out the last 20-30 population points of your army (when absolute cost may not as important a metric).



    • Philanthropy2012 profile image

      DK 5 years ago from London

      Thanks a lot Mark, I'll consider what you said and rethink the 3:1 gas value, though, at least for Protoss, I'd say that gas is at least 3x the value but only because of their micro potential (the gas used for sentries for example is game changing in value).

      Are you playing HOTS yet? You seem quite thoughtful, maybe you need a practice buddy?

    • Mark Waschkowski profile image

      Mark Waschkowski 5 years ago

      Good work, but some numbers a bit off.

      Sentry HP per DPS not possible.

      Zealot $/dps - 7.69

      Archon $/dps - how did you get 50/70?

      Ah wait, I just saw your note:

      'Note: in the calculation for 'resources per DPS', gas is considered as 3x the value of minerals.'

      You might want to place that down below in the Cost per DPS Summary break out box to make it clearer/easier to follow...

      I don't agree with the results, I think that the 3x's is just too much. As well, some weighting needs to be given to those units that do splash damage - its just too important to the game's balance to be overlooked. Maybe just a simple average, so that an Archon's cost looks like (without changing the gas for now):

      100 min + 900 gas = 1000 resources

      avg dps = 60 (mid way between 20 and 100)

      $/dps = 1000/60 = 16.6

      Maybe just some extra data (like armored) would suffice:

      Archon (vs bio, with splash): 16.6




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