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How About A Treasure Hunt?

Updated on January 23, 2014
Froggy213 profile image

As a Boy Scout, Greg learned the value of collecting rare items. Coins are his favorite. Greg writes about coins and other collectibles...

"Image courtesy of  David Castillo Dominici /".
"Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici /".

A good friend of mine has taken up an interesting hobby that could, at some point, make him rich.

Once a year, he and his boys take a trip to Colorado with their buckets, shovels, and pans. He has also invested in some other equipment, all with hopes of finding gold.

Is it just a dream?

It could be, but as I looked at a rock he had found that weighed probably close to two pounds, I saw the streaks of a shiny substance that surely is gold.

I really, truly hope he does find a big vein of gold.

This hub is not necessarily about gold, but as I looked at a book he had about areas that may hold gold, it also had areas where lost treasure could possibly be.

My mind wandered into the dream of wandering into a cave somewhere in the Midwest and finding a cache of robbery money that Jesse James had stashed and never recovered before his death.

Wouldn't it be great?

This hub is going to tell you about some of the lost treasures that are still out there. If you are out on vacation, or just want to go on an adventure in the State you reside in, maybe a treasure hunt would be fun.

First, lets take a look at some of the many lost mines.

(click column header to sort results)
Mine Name  
Possible Location  
Lost Dutchman's
Superstition Mountain near Apache Junction
Could be in Mexico
Iron Door Mine
Tortollita Mountains near Tucson
Very shaky on location
Lost Breyfogle Mine
California or Nevada
All people know is that he had a lot of gold and where he possibly was
Lost Cement Mine
Eastern Sierra Nevada
Lost Dutch Oven Mine
San Bernadino County
Death Valley Scotty's Secret Mine
Death Valley
Secret entrance in Scotty's Castle?
Lost Gunsight Mine
Death Valley
Many have died trying to find this mine
The Wheelbarrow Mine
Gold Hill near Moscow
May have been found
Swift's Silver Mine
Kentucky or Tennessee
Discovered in 1760
Yocum Silver Mine
Stone County near Springfield
The Lost Sheepherders Mine
Near Jarbridge
Lost Adams Diggings
New Mexico
In the Western side
Lost Blue Bucket Mine
Between Vale and The Dalles
Two Frenchmen Mine
Near Oakridge
San Saba Mine
15 miles from Burnet
In the Hoover Valley
Lost Rhoades Mine
In the mountains of Utah
Supposed mine of gold ore that the Mormon Temple was built with
Danville's Lost Gold Ledge
Near Danville
Janni's Silver Chimney
Probably buried under tons of limestone

Other Treasures and Stories

Here are some other tales of possible lost treasures. We will look at possible treasure locations by State.

Alaska, USA

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Find The Ghost Ship Baychimo

There has been a ship floating in the waters off Alaska since 1931. It could possibly be under the water now, but in its hold are a great many precious furs.

No its not gold or silver, but furs can be quite valuable. When I was a teen, I trapped for a short time. Raccoon furs were bringing $50-60. Mink could range from $20-$1000. On and on, furs are worth a lot of money.

Myrtlewood, AL 36782, USA

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Mobile, Alabama:
Mobile, AL, USA

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Slave Tales

When the Civil War was raging, plantation owners had to hide their jewels and fortunes. Many slaves helped them do this.

Many of these hidden caches of plantation owner's wealth have never been located. Do you live in 'Bama? Maybe you can locate some of this wealth.

Tax Man

Back in the late 1800's, a tax man had a chest with $30,000 in gold. Robbers attempted to take the chest and the tax man threw the chest into the Tambigbee Rivera little ways from Myrtlewood. The tax man was murdered and the gold was never found. Remember this if you go fishing down on the Tambigbee.

Copeland Gang Loot

This gang robbed and murdered many people, mostly in Mississippi. They buried stashes of their loot in hideouts all around Mobile. Can you find some of the Copeland loot?

Solomon, AZ, USA

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Sierra Estrella ,Arizona:
Sierra Estrella, Arizona 85339, USA

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Bronco Bill and Wells Fargo

Bill and his gang robbed several Wells Fargo jackpots. Even though Bill was finally released from prison, he never supposedly returned to get the loot. It is believed all that Wells Fargo money could be buried somewhere around Solomonville, Arizona.

Gold in a Cave

The rugged and dangerous Sierra Estrella Mountain Range are said to hold 3,000 pounds of gold buried in a cave. It was done by a Spaniard who had crossed from Mexico. When Americans chased them, they hid the gold in a cave.

Hmmm, 3,000 pounds is 48,000 ounces. With gold going at $1234.40 per ounce, that would be $59,251,200.

Who wants to go hiking in the Sierra Estrella?


It is believed that Arizona has many lost treasures. Many bandits hid their loot, along with miners. Arizona could be a great place to go treasure hunting.

 Joaquin Murrieta, photo courtesy San Joaquin Valley Library System, California Digital Archives
Joaquin Murrieta, photo courtesy San Joaquin Valley Library System, California Digital Archives
Burney, CA 96013, USA

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Susanville, CA, USA

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Paradise, CA, USA

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Volcanoville, CA 95634, USA

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Joaquin Murrieta and Buried Treasures

Murrieta was a hero to some and a murderer/thief to others. He traveled to California during the gold rush to seek his fortune. He was forced off his mining claim, so he proceeded to make a living doing robberies.

Many of the hold-ups he and his gang committed gained tons of treasure. They would bury the treasures to come back at a later time to retrieve. Many of which were never retrieved. There is one holding $175,000 that has never been found between Burney and Hatcher Pass not far off what is now highway 299.

Another stash is said to be between Susanville and Freedonyer Pass near highway 36. It supposedly holds at least $200,000.

They also robbed a Wells Fargo shipment with 250 pounds of gold nuggets that has never been found. That happened just South of Paradise, California.

Chinese Miners

There were many Chinese who settled in Volcanoville. They were run out and killed and it is said that many of the mining finds may still be buried or stashed in the area.


Because of the mighty gold rush of California, there are many claims of lost and buried treasures. If you live or are traveling to California, a treasure hunt may be a great idea.


Virginia Dale Station Robbery

In 1863, a stagecoach was held up and payroll of $60,000 in gold coins was taken. The strongbox was found, but all the loot was supposedly buried or hidden,and all the bandits were killed. It is believed it is somewhere in the vicinity of Virginia Dale, which is a ghost-town.

Butch Cassidy and Irish Canyon

It is believed that the outlaw, Butch Cassidy and his gang buried a stash in Irish Canyon of $30,000 in Silver coins. Irish Canyon is well known in Colorado. Head up and find Butch's stash.

Fort Dodge, Kansas:
Fort Dodge, KS 67801, USA

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Larned, Kansas:
Larned, KS 67550, USA

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Fort Dodge Holdup

In 1853, a wagon train carrying 21 bags with each holding $1,000 in silver coins was attacked.The Indians left one man alive in the battle. He couldn't move the coin bags, so he buried them. They have never been found. It was all headed to Fort Dodge which is just East of Dodge City, Kansas.

Pawnee Rock Treasures

Very close to Larned, Kansas is a very noticeable natural formation called Pawnee Rock. It is claimed that many buried treasures within this eye sight. It made it an easy spot to refind the treasures buried, but many did not return.

How about a treasure hunt in Kansas?


These are just a few of the possible treasures located within the United States.

To be perfectly honest, I have been secret about a couple; because I think I am going treasure hunting and I don't want all of you getting in the way--LOL.

Yes, it could be a great time, and a way to get your children involved. Nothing like a good treasure hunt.

A metal detector may also help you find some lost treasures.

I am putting a link to a website below that has some more information.

Happy Hunting!

© 2014 Greg Boudonck


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    • Froggy213 profile imageAUTHOR

      Greg Boudonck 

      5 years ago from Returned to an Isla Del Sol - Puerto Rico Will Rise Strong

      I agree billy, but a good day of relaxing treasure hunting does sound fun. Ok get the book done...

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 

      5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      I think I have a better chance of making it rich by writing, and even then the odds are pretty long. Sounds like fun, but I have a book to finish. :)


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