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How Much Do Graphics REALLY Matter in Video Games?

Updated on April 18, 2018

The Question Details

In this day and age of gaming companies like Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo (Maybe not Nintendo) all focus so much on graphics, it as if they are more important than the actual game, but is that their fault? Us as gamers are so dependent on the looks of the game on the trailers, mainly because the majority of us will not be watching massive gaming conventions like E3, PAX, Blizzcon, or Minecon. (Minecon was a joke btw) But us are a community are so dependent on video game trailers because most of us just don't have the time to really do research into the game. Now games like the Batman Arkham series, Ryse: Son of Rome, Madden, and NBA2k are all games that really need great graphics, but the amount of the budget that goes into it makes it so the overall game is so much worse. (But the Arkham Series is amazing and Ryse is pretty good as well) Graphics in this day and age are really as good as they can get, unless we make video games have real human people in them. So why are huge companies attempting to make them so much better? Because that's all they can do. Maybe not exactly that but the more they announce "Graphics are so realistic you'll think it's real life!" the more people will immediately think let's get the new Xbox or the new PS4 or the new game. So gaming companies don't focus on making a good game but more on making it have good graphics and just an ok game. Why? Because they can, look at the Call of Duty series, the games suck now because the company that developed COD knows because they and Battlefield are the only first person shooter competitors. COD and Battlefield both have great graphics but a horrible overall experience. Don't get me started on EA. Madden 18's overall gameplay is awful. It got so bad that I quit Ultimate Team and only did Franchise mode. At times the wide receivers just won't get off the line and will just freeze for 2 seconds, or the running back will go out on an out route and just run in a circle. NBA2k has the same problem but worse. NBA2k18 is just an awful game, but the graphics are some of the best ever! They don't want to spend money on the overall game and make a good game, no that would be stupid! It's because everyone has the "Hey, it looks good, it must be good," mentality. I won't lie, at times I do as well. All of the mass played games today are all pay-to-win games. (Except for games like Fortnite)

Graphics really can't get any better, they are already realistic and the human character look like actually humans. But it's as if gaming companies are just not satisfied while us as a community already are. A video game is not dependent on it's graphics, it's dependent on it's overall experience, now it's graphics can sometimes play into that but depending on how the game is made the graphics could be the least important factor into the experience for the player. The mechanics, character development, and how the video game handles as a whole are the most important factors in any video game ever made. Mario, Zelda, Super Metriod, all the classics didn't need them.

Games That Have Bad Graphics But Are Still Played Today

**** EA
**** EA

I have a list:

1. Pokemon Red & Blue

2. The First Super Mario Games

3. Legend of Zelda Ocorina of Time

4. Every main series Pokemon Game Ever Made (7 more)

5. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

6. Pac-man

7. Tetris

8. Black Mirror (It's not a popular game, but it's amazing check it out on the Xbox Store)

9. Cuphead

10. Minecraft (Of course)

All of these games either were or should've been an instant classic. The games are amazing, Cuphead was released in 2017 as well. So no, infact graphics are not that important. But as I said, it's the community's fault. Most of us just think if it looks good it is good. Also, EA can burn.

Why Graphics Are Overrated

Now graphics themselves are overrated, everyone thinks to make a good game it has to have great graphics. IT DOESN'T! Infact, now that I think about, whenever I see a game with amazing graphics I wait to buy it and watch a walkthrough of it on youtube. But when a game has bad graphics, like pokemon, I buy it as soon as I can. If you make a good game, graphics shouldn't matter at all. Now, I'm not saying they aren't important, they are, but they don't need to be amazing. Now as I said, games like Madden or 2k do need great graphics but at the same time, the money spent on those graphics leave way to little for the rest of the game. NBA2k18 is the glitchiest game I have ever played, seriously. The game is just awful. While Madden is better but is still pretty fricken bad.

Overall, gaming companies need to stop focusing on graphics as if its the only important part of a video game and focus on the story line, character development, video game mechanics, and video game handling. Overall experience basically.'

Graphics are important, but incredibly overrated.

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    • poppyr profile image


      19 months ago from Tokyo, Japan

      It's interesting that you said "graphics can't get any better"; I remember thinking the same when I was playing the PS3, then the PS4 came out and blew my mind!

      Graphics certainly help when advertising a game, especially in this incredibly competitive industry. However, I completely agree that there is much more to a game than making it look pretty. I still play Dragon Age: Origins and Oblivion, even though the PS3 is vastly inferior in terms of graphics to its newer counterpart.


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