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Art of Reading

Updated on October 17, 2016

The Journey

Have you ever felt transported by the chapters of a book? Felt your reality give way to the whites of pages and the black of ink scrawled across lines? A good novel should create these emotions, whisk you away from the happenings of this world around you and land you smack dab in the middle of something else entirely.

You may have different tastes in your reading material. Some want facts of a biography or historical era. To others the creation of magic and creatures call them outside of the mundane. You find yourself paging through recipes in search of that perfect dish. Whichever you prefer, the results should be the same.

A book should feel as if the pages are turning by themselves as the minutes fade away into hours and the paragraphs wind into the chapters shaping the content into something else entirely.

Once you've closed the bindings, you should know something that you didn't before. You should see something about yourself that you didn't previously, an understanding of the world that you live in that has become clearer to you, focused. Maybe it's the people in your lives or even those that you pass on your daily commute

The Destination

Every person has their own story. A fact that everyone knows, but we all sometimes forget. We forget that the kid taking our coffee order has come from somewhere. We lose sight of the fact that the customer service representative answering our phone call has feelings as we yell at them for what is out of their control. The waitress working her second double of the week is bone tired as she writes down your order that is growing in complication.

We experience people every day but we do not see them.

A book should remind us. Place the worries and stress you may be experiencing into perspective.

This is the art of reading. Devouring a book until you come away from it renewed.

We are bombarded every day, with different mediums of the media. Desensitized to what other people are going through. It's our task to once again take those around us into consideration. It is so easy to forget that everyone is human and different from ourselves. We can even forget that our own family members are people themselves.

Picking up a novel, communicating with the written word, can be such a simple method to putting us back in touch with those realities. Reminding us that a person is not a reflection of yourself. A person cannot be made to feel how you feel, cannot be made to think how you think.

This is the art of reading. The art of understanding and learning.


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