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How To Become The Best Call of Duty Player Online.

Updated on February 11, 2013
Your situational awareness determines whether you are the one behind the scope or in front of it. You choose.
Your situational awareness determines whether you are the one behind the scope or in front of it. You choose. | Source

What Are The Skills?

Situational awareness is very important. If you know where the enemy is you can easily get the drop or if the need arises you can escape effectively to ambush the attacker. First person shooters boil down to who knows what is going on more often then who has the better aim or faster reflexes. That is not to say that doesn't matter of course.

Try Hard Hat put it on.Simple as that.

Stealth VS. Speed is something that is often an option. It is certainly an option on all Call of Duty games. You can use a silencer, assassin, dead silence and blind eye (Or their in game equivalents) to avoid detection. This means you can easily get the drop on people. Alternatively you can go balls to the wall and use perks that are focused on fast kills and quick response. Both are valid options however you will notice nearly all good players choose speed over stealth relying on their game sense to fill in the blanks as we will discuss later.

Team Work VS. Solo gets a little complicated. Sometimes your team will get you killed and sometimes they act as very good fodder. Call of Duty rarely fosters an atmosphere where your team will actually work together, this makes it vital to understand what role they can play as fodder to help you win. (Ignoring of course pro teams and organized clans, in which case you probably aren't reading this anyway.)

Situational Awareness

It is time to dig into the bones of this first person shooter phenomenon. You always see players on Call of Duty sprint around a corner.

You kill them.

That is the end of that story. It also happens with people who...

-Camp without moving.

-Snipe without paying attention to their surroundings or where their team is spawning.

-Who flank in on a battle with enemy spawn points directly behind them.

The importance of knowing your surroundings and how to react to situations is the majority of the skill behind first person shooter tactics. One of the keys to remember is that once you have killed someone they will know what you are doing. This is critical. If you snipe someone they will know where you sniped from. If you assume they don't you will die. If you camp the same rule applies. You MUST continuously move around the maps in such a way as to always be near your team. All Call of Duty games have a team based spawning system which works relatively well but that is a whole other conversation. This means that if you camp in one quadrant of the map there is a good chance every few minutes your teams spawn will rotate as your team moves and you will be left behind. This means the enemy spawn comes onto you. Normally this does not mean an epic 10 kill streak from spawn kills but an overwhelming and awkward moment of death.

Pay attention around you and NEVER EVER EVER stay in the same spot.

(Direct Taylor Swift quote, don't hate)

Try Hard Hat

How Often Do You Put On Your Try Hard Hat?

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Try Hard Hat

Let's be honest. You do better when you are trying. You don't mindlessly run into the same position and die over and over and you just seem to be on fire more often. If you are not trying and are just playing as a zombie with what you know of the maps and strategies that 'work' instead of actually focusing and thinking on your feet you will never be amazing. Just good. Which is not good enough!

Stealth VS. Speed

A lot of the time people equate stealth with being better at the game. In fact unless it is used by a very skilled player all it does is lower the kills you achieve in a match. If you are good and play as an assassin and know what you are doing it can be used to great effect. The difference is that it must be played correctly. As you watch the map and how the teams are moving you want to avoid your team if you are playing as a stealth class and you want to stick to your team like glue if you are playing as a guns blazing type. This puts both to the maximum advantage. The most common mistake I see is that someone is using a silencer and is following me around (When I am not being careful about who knows where I am) This mostly negates the effect as people know where I am and are high alert for team mates. This means that the guy following me now has a useless weapon attachment.

The reverse is true. The last thing you want to do is give yourself away if you are being a lone gun. This most likely will result in getting jumped from every angle by the opposing team. Never fun.

Just remember in both cases you need to stay active and moving from position to position so no one catches on to your strategy.

Solo VS. Team play

Interesting question.

Most of the time in Call of Duty you will find that team mates tend to get you killed. It is not built for strong team play in a general match making sense. You have two options. Avoid your team like the plague or use them as cannon fodder. I have found that following a less than competent team member I can see who kills them and from where. This gives me the drop on the enemy position as well as most likely their spawn point.

If you attempt to work as a team this is what is going to happen to you. You simply become a target that allows your team to spot the enemy. Don't try that at home!


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