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How To Better Use Your Mouse in PC Games

Updated on April 26, 2013
Up your game.
Up your game.


  • Consider investing in a new mouse. Not only will a high-quality optical mouse offer quicker response time and greater accuracy, but a good mouse will be more ergonomically pleasant. The easier the mouse is to hold and manipulate, the better your gaming experience will be.
  • Get a mousepad. Optical mice don't necessarily need a mousepad, as opposed to the old trackball mice. However, you'll get smoother, more even performance with a mousepad.

Hardware Settings

  • Open your mouse settings. In Windows, you can find your mouse settings in the Control Panel.
  • Check your mouse speed. Most games will have their own speed settings, but setting a base speed will help even out your performance.
  • Disable mouse acceleration! Some mice will have the option to disable mouse acceleration during games. While mouse acceleration is useful when doing other things with your computer, it is a big draw-back during games.
  • If you're using a five-button mouse, consider mapping actions to those extra buttons. It can be a lot quicker and less cumbersome than messing around with the keyboard in the middle of a heated online match.


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    • BraidedZero profile image

      James Robertson 4 years ago from Texas

      Interesting Hub. Very short, but good information here. I recently bought a new mouse and mousepad and I have seen a huge improvement in my online gaming. Mine is only a Razer Deathadder but it still makes a huge difference. Again, good information, but a little short.