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How To Build Minecraft Spheres | Minecraft Structure Planner

Updated on March 21, 2011
For more Minecraft tools and tips, visit:
For more Minecraft tools and tips, visit: | Source

Ever wondered how people build incredibly large and complex Minecraft creations, like to scale versions of Notre Dame or the Starship Enterprise? How do you plan something like that? How do you take into account all the little intricacies? How do you plan such things in advance so that several people can work on them? Even supposedly simple things, like spheres quickly become a difficult challenge for the novice who has no idea how to work out how to create a three dimensional sphere in Minecraft.

It is possible to quickly and precisely plan complex projects, including spheres, domes and domed rooves (and much, much more) using Minecraft Structure planner. Minecraft Structure planner is a stand-alone tool capable of generating easy to follow plans for complex structures.

How To Build A 3D Sphere With Minecraft Structure Planner

Say you want to build a sphere. Simply select 'Sphere' from the drop down menu, then enter your desired radius. Minecraft Structure planner will quickly generate a plan that includes a height map, a 'plan view' which allows you to scroll though every layer of your creation, and even a 3 D projection. It also does handy calculations for you as to how many blocks you'll need. For a hollow sphere with a 20 block radius, for instance, you'll need 5,746 blocks. If you want to make it a solid sphere, then you'll need 41,600.

Placing the blocks is still up to you, but that's really the only thing you'll have to think about. (Aside from not being leaped on by spiders or caught by creepers.)

Installing Minecraft Structure Planner

Minecraft Structure planner is a Java based program, so it runs from a .jar, much like Minecraft. You will probably have to download the Java 3D application in order for it to work however.This program angered me by arrogantly deciding where it wanted to be installed and not giving any option to change the default installation drives, which given that it comes from a company like Oracle, just seems insane. If you do not have Java 3D installed you will get an error message saying that a GUI is missing.

The Java 3D program is linked on the Minecraft Structure Planner download page, so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding it. You just need to scroll down deeper.

You also need a JRE installed (Java Run Time Environment) but if you have been playing Minecraft enough to want to use a tool like the structure planner, you already have one of those.



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