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How To Build a Lovopoly Board Game

Updated on January 27, 2020
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Dani is a home chef, homemaker, and versed in many areas of life.

The Inspiration Behind This Game

I'm a very sentimental person and a very romantic person. I love to reminisce over past memories, and how I show my love is through gestures like these. I wanted to provide an activity for my spouse and I as we celebrate our 4 years of being together, January 29th. I wanted a fun activity that showed all of the common places we've been or places we want to go. It will bring up conversation of old memories and show her that I love her very much. It can also be a good Valentine's Day activity!

Also, I would like to give credit to Pinterest for this idea!

Overall, this took me around 8-9 hours to make, especially since I covered a box for this in poster board and drew on the outside a paceman drawing to symbolize our 80s themed wedding we had. I also wrote 'Lovopoly' kind of in a rock 'n roll feel.

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You will need:

1 Ruler

1 Pack of Sharpie or permanent colorful markers

1 Fine tip Sharpie pen

2 Rolls of scotch clear tape to secure sides

1 Glue Stick

1 Large White Poster board



White Card stock

Colorful Paper

1 game board (I bought mine at the local thrift store, a monopoly junior's Shrek edition for $2.00

2 Dice

Pack of Houses

2 Game Pieces

How To

What I needed most was a game board for this to even happen. So, I went to my local thrift store knowing they would have a game board, I got lucky by finding a monopoly junior's edition, so it included game pieces that I taped our pictures over, 2 dice, and houses. I went to Dollar Tree for the rest of the materials to keep things on the cheap side. Ultimately this project was cheap and under $8 for me because I had a lot of the materials on hand already, but if you don't dollar tree has most the materials except card stock, which you can substitute with poster board.

1. I cut out the poster board to fix the box and cut diagonal cuts in the 4 corners of the measured poster board. I then cut down the poster board to size and then began folding over the edges to fit the box, so I had a blank canvas to start on. I secured this with tape and measured and cut to fit sides. I took the box's measurements and used the ruler to size out the appropriate sides, so I got the right size and then cut and taped the poster board to the box's sides.

2. Get your game board, measure the paper to fit the board and then secure it down by gluing it down with your glue stick. Allow a few hours for the board to dry. I allowed it to dry overnight and worked on other things in the meantime.

3. Use colored paper and cut to appropriate "money bills" size, I called mine "luv bucks." I used a colored pad of paper from Dollar tree and cut them appropriately. I cut out 40 of each color. You will need 7 colors. You can cut out your pictures and glue them to the middle of the bills if you wish. I wrote the amounts on each bill. Allow for a couple hours of doing this. I took breaks in between because my hand would cramp up.

4. While your board is still drying, cut out small cards, mine were 2 by 3 inches for Get Lucky and Shit Happens. Shit happens were mostly fee cards with a few lucky cards and Get Lucky cards were mostly receiving a certain amount of money from the bank. Allow for an hour's time to do this.

5. When your board is dry, now you can draw on the board. For the big spaces like free parking, home, jail, and go to jail, they were 2 inches by 2 inches. Depending on your board size, this will determine how big your spaces are. My board is half the size of the regular monopoly board, so instead of 3 properties, I used 2 properties per color. For the Train spaces, I used destinations that we want to go on, you could use cruise lines for example. Make sure that you measure out the spaces evenly by placing tick marks and the trace in sharpie.

6. After you have named, colored in, and places the amounts for your properties and the board is done, cut out even 2 by 2, square, cards out of card stock to make the property cards. Include the color of the space, the name of the space, price of the property, rent, how much rent is with each house, how much the property's rent is with a hotel, how much one house costs, and the mortgage. I looked up the original monopoly property cards and kept true to the colors of the monopoly board when I made mine, so I wouldn't confuse my spouse and myself. I used the original amounts for the property cards.

7. Done. You can laminate the cards if you want or use packaging tape and cut to size.


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