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How-To Choose and buy the right gaming platform

Updated on July 6, 2016

Gaming Platforms

There are many different platforms out there where we, the gamers, can experience the best of gaming. Here is a question for you all, do you know how many different gaming platforms there are? Most people do not and most people haven't even heard of them all. Some of these include the basic ones we all know, like the Xbox, PlayStation, anything Nintendo and PC. But did you all know that there are over 100 different platforms out there? There are platforms like phones and other operating systems, Apple TV and devices alike, even kids gaming devices that they hold in their hands! So how do we, gamers and future gamers, decide what is best for us or even our kids or friends? The simple answer is we don't. We think we know which one(s) we want but what was your logic behind it and what made you decide to get that system over another? Here is my step-by-step on how to choose the best gaming platform for you and maybe even others! 1.The first step is to make sure you want to do some type of gaming. 2.The next step is to find out what type of games you are interested in! 3.The third step is to find out what your friends are playing on or if that matters or not. 4.The fourth step is to find out how much you want to spend. 5.The fifth step it to do some research and see what platforms are obsolete or old or if that matters. 6.The sixth and final step is to make that final decision and go buy something already! Well guys, there is my personal step-by-step instructions on how to choose and buy the right platform for you. Once you use this how-to enough, it will become almost second nature and easy because you know the answers to all the steps already and you just go buy! But for those people who are just getting into this awesome community, this will help you save time and money which is what makes this world go around! I would consider myself one of those guys that will buy anything if it is on sale so I have many platforms myself. But in all honesty everyone, people make their decision's on their own terms and since everyone is different, this may or may not help you. But if it does, I'm glad that I could save you some time and lots and lots of headaches! Thanks


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