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Where To Find Fun Things on the Internet

Updated on January 5, 2019
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If you are looking for entertaining things to do in the area in which you live, it is helpful to know where to find fun things online. It is not difficult if you know where to look and have an idea about what sort of things you are looking to do. In fact, the Internet has made it easier than ever to find enjoyable things to do, since you can quickly search a number of search engines that point you to websites that list fun things to do either online or in your local area. The nice thing about using the Internet is that it takes the guessing work out of finding fun things; just zero in on an idea and let the Internet show you the way.

Finding Fun Things On The Internet To Do Online

The Internet is loaded with fun things to do from online games to quizzes to virtual tours of the most spectacular vacation spots on Earth to things that are out of this world.

The following are some ideas regarding fun things on the Internet that can be done online:

  • Go to Google or Bing homepage, and search for Games. This brings you to a large listing of free online games that are available through these popular search engines. Just be careful to only play games from reputable sources (especially if you’re considering downloading a game), because online games are notorious for containing malware that can compromise your Internet security and damage your computer/.
  • Download Google Earth and explore the Earth from space. This can be a fun way to look at parts of the world you are both familiar with and unfamiliar with. Just type in a location, and Google Earth takes you there.
  • If travel is your sort of thing, spend some time on Trip Advisor or similar travel sites, and explore all the wonderful places that people have traveled to through their online pictures and stories.
  • Look up some of your favorite places or hobbies on YouTube, and enjoy the many amateur videos about a topic you are interested in.
  • Find a free online space simulator through a search engine, and start exploring outer space from your smartphone or computer.
  • Type in your name and regional location (state or province) in a search engine, and see how many people share your name in your area and what they do. The results may both surprise and entertain you.

The Internet Is A Great Resource For Finding Fun Outdoor Hikes

Columbia Trail - A Rail Trail Hike Located   Near High Bridge, New Jersey
Columbia Trail - A Rail Trail Hike Located Near High Bridge, New Jersey | Source

Finding Fun Things On The Internet To Do In Your Local Area

You can find fun things on the Internet in your local area to take a break from the virtual online world and do things with real people.

The following are some ideas regarding fun things on the Internet that can be done in your local area:

  • Visit your local community or library website for listings regarding fun local things happening in your area, including festivals, fairs, visiting speakers, and special events.
  • Search for hobbies that you are interested in and include your local area in the search query to see if there are any local hobby groups hosting events.
  • Check your local public natural resources conservation agency website for local hiking and outdoor events. Leave the smartphone in your car; enjoy being outdoors.
  • Search for local semi-professional sporting events in your area to see if they are hosting an event. This can be a fun way to see sports without paying an excessive amount of money for tickets.
  • Search for a local winegrowers association in your area to find nearby wineries that can be a fun place to spend an afternoon, especially when a festival is being hosted at a winery.
  • Go to one of the popular websites that arrange for local meets in your area. These meetups usually revolve around a theme, such as taking kids to a playground, going on a hike, or meeting up at a local fair.
  • Visit an events listing website that lists events in your area. These sites provide great exposure for fun and entertaining things available in your area.

In some cases events listings websites allow you to sign up for emails that provide ideas regarding fun things to do in your local area, based on your interests. For example, if you join a group, you will be sent emails each time the group plans a new Meetup.

Fun Local Sporting Events Can Be Found On The Internet

The Internet Can Be A Great Resource For Finding Fun Things To Do Outdoors, Such As A Local Minor League Baseball Game (Somerset Patriots, Bridgewater, NJ)
The Internet Can Be A Great Resource For Finding Fun Things To Do Outdoors, Such As A Local Minor League Baseball Game (Somerset Patriots, Bridgewater, NJ) | Source

Finding Fun Things On The Internet In Unexpected Places

Sometimes finding things to do on the Internet happens in unexpected places where you spend time on the Internet. For example, if you spend a lot of time on popular social networking sites, such as Facebook, you may unexpectedly come across entertaining events and activities to do in your area while networking with friends. The neat thing about finding things on the Internet through social networking is that since the information is pushed at you by social networking friends and networks, instead of being pulled by you via a search engine search or website visit, you may discover things to do that never occurred to you before, and spontaneously join in on the fun.

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