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How To Find Good Deals On PC Video Game Downloads Online

Updated on June 29, 2012

Best Bang Bang For Your Buck!

PC Downloads are the way of the future for PC gamers everywhere there is internet.

Unfortunately, I find far too many of my family's "older and wiser" PC gamers are not wise to this fact yet.

I hear instead "What, download games? Where?" and "How can they sell them that cheap?" and "What if my computer dies and I have to re-install?".

These questions are absolutely valid, but they are also proof of what is a generation gap between my 40+ something relatives and my late 20/early 30 something peers.

Wherever you fit in this spectrum of avid PC gamers - old or young - I have the down and dirty guide to the best places and ways to save hundreds of dollars on PC games.

If there was one benefit to playing PC games over console based games, it is this.

The PC gamers get all the best deals. Period - and here is where they do it!


#1 Choice

Without a question, Steam is my go-to guy for the absolute best deals in gaming on a PC.

Not only do they have daily deals (which are hit and miss at times), but Steam also usually has weekend deals on something actually pretty good. For example, this last weekend had L.A. Noire for a mere $4.99. Not too bad.

Steam also has full catalogs of games from publishers that it frequently discounts to less than $100 bucks for every game a particular publisher has ever made. We are talking hundreds and hundreds of dollars in savings.


Other things I LOVE about Steam is that there is online community for easy multiplayer interaction just like there is in console game systems like Xbox Live and Playstation's social gaming program.

Since Steam deals in PC games, there are few rules about using MODS and the critical mass of people making up the Steam community have some good ones for many games.

Forums for questions and answers from Steam members is available.

Like An App Store!

Buying from Steam is a lot like buying from an appstore on your phone because you will purchase a game, download the steam client to your PC, insert your Steam credentials, and wham bam! instant access to all of your games regardless of what device you are on - laptop, upstairs tower, downstairs tower, or wherever.

If you can put the Steam client (which I also like to think of as a portal) on the PC, then you have access to your games.

A few other gems about why Steam rocks:

  • Carries Demos of games just like any console gaming system would. Also gaming videos and the latest news are also some perks.
  • Has a mobile app - cannot play games on it yet, but I bet the future holds mobile games in it for Steam. You can, however, check the sales, view your account, chat with your buddies, and learn everything there is to know about any of the hundreds upon hundreds of games Steam carries.
  • Always has new games on their release day and sometimes adds in some special perks for ordering early.
  • Auto game updates
  • Many games available on a Mac as well as a PC (someday Linux....)
  • Downloadable Content (DLC) is readily available.
  • Carries both old and new games from the last 20 years - nostalgia here we come!

Amazon Downloads

Amazon's Game Downloads are the next best thing to Steam.

Amazon has a significantly smaller collection, but most of their inventory focuses on the last five years of games instead of the last twenty like Steam.

But WHO CARES about the size of the collection because we are after the DEALS!

Amazon Game Downloads feature a weekly special - this week, for example, is 80% off of the Dragon Age games bringing the "hefty" total to just $4.99. WOW!

If you hang around the Amazon Game Downloads long enough, you will notice that some of them are actually activated through Steam.

This means that Amazon will give you a key, and in Steam you will enter the key and voila, the game downloads and you can play it.

I find it useful when I notice that a game activates on Steam to check the current Steam price - almost always, the price at Steam is indeed its normal price and not the Amazon sale price.

Therefore, Amazon occasionally offers better deals that Steam on some products.

Get Hooked Up!

What are you waiting for!

Spread the word that Steam and Amazon Game Downloads will save the world thousands of dollars on gaming - or you could just take advanatage of it yourself.

I will not judge ;) .

Good luck and GO GO GO Get Hooked Up!


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    • danatheteacher profile image

      Dana Rock 5 years ago from Pacific Northwest

      @kschang, actually, this is a list in progress. I just wanted to get it published with my top two to start - Thanks for your suggestions.

    • kschang profile image

      kschang 5 years ago from San Francisco, CA, USA

      You left out quite a few!




      GreenMan Gaming

      Gamer's Gate


      And the best resource of all: