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How To Get Better at Apex Legends: Part 1

Updated on December 10, 2022
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Skyler is an avid gamer and streamer. Father, husband, outdoorsman, and apparently a semi-decent writer. X'D


Times Are Changing

There are a few key differences between playing standard Apex, and playing ranked. I will cover the differences in more detail in the article I write about ranked play. To start off, I will give a disclaimer. The "meta" in the game changes often. Most of the tips you get from this tutorial will stay relevant throughout the lifetime of the game. I will try to highlight some that could change, so keep that in mind that if you are reading this a few seasons from now, some tips may not be relevant.

The "meta" in the game changes often. Most of the tips you get from this tutorial will stay relevant throughout the lifetime of the game.

Standard Apex Legends Fundamentals

There is no one way to win a game of Apex Legends. There are too many variables out of our control. But, there are some key fundamentals that can make your gameplay more consistent, thus giving you more wins. The first fundamental we are going to talk about applies to the first thing you do when you start a new match. The drop is the most important thing you will do in the early game, because it can make or break your game in the first 30 seconds.

If you are like me, you like to hot-drop to test your skills. Although, this is a fun way to play, it is not the way to get kills or wins in the game. Some people like Shroud or BackoFFmyJanKz can pull this off, but if you haven't put the time or effort in to get to that point, you need to start off looting away from others. Who am I kidding, if we had skills like them, there would be no need for this article. (By the way, the JanKz link takes you to his YouTube channel. If you are still having questions about how to get better, I would highly recommend visiting. He has some really good knowledge about the game, and shares it willingly.)

Anyway, back to the drop. Try to watch other players as they dive. Pick the place with the smallest (none is better) amount of people, and drop as quick as you can. Once you get to the ground, the looting should be a lot less stressful. need to start off looting away from others.


How to Loot

The second fundamental we will cover is looting. While looting, pick up anything you can at the beginning. Obviously you would like to wait to pick up a gun that you're comfortable with, but if there are enemies nearby, something is better than nothing. Once you've found a shield, two weapons, and a few heals, the heavier looting can commence.

Here's where you can start looking for items that you prefer to play with. Use guns you're comfortable with. Even though some of the guns in Apex Legends may be OP(over powered), and others are not as good, comfort is better than missing shots with a weapon you aren't comfortable with. Keep in mind, this isn't an excuse to play the game with bad weapons forever. You should try to use the firing range to get better with all the weapons. But that will come after getting the fundamentals down.

Two tips come to mind regarding looting:

  • First, if you have a big enough backpack from the beginning, try to pick up as many throwables as possible. Grenades can create space from you and the enemies, they can assist a teammate, and they can help finish a kill. Get good with them, as they can almost become a third weapon in your arsenal for mid to late-game.
  • Second, also with a big backpack, if you cannot find your preferred weapons, pick up ammo and attachments that you can use if you find one. More than likely, you will find the gun by mid-game.

Once you are done with early-game looting, you need to be done looting except for ammo, better armor, or heals. If you are going to loot a box of a dead player, you need to prioritize those things. Two more tips make sense here:

  • First, heal before you loot. Third parties are always looking to capitalize while you're weak. Find a spot that's not in the open, heal, and reload your weapons before moving in to loot.
  • Second, if you have to loot from boxes, make it quick. If a third party hasn't already made it to you, THEY ARE COMING. Get your loot, and get out.

As far as late game looting is concerned, you should accept your fate with the weapons and attachments you have. The only things you should pick up are heals and throwables. During the later rounds, enemies are a lot closer together. This means if someone doesn't see you currently, they probably will soon. Nothing is worse than looting for heals, and having to use those heals because someone pinged you with a Longbow. Keep it quick.

Use guns you're comfortable with... ...comfort is better than missing shots with a weapon you aren't comfortable with.

Win Your Fights

Though there isn't one fundamental for winning fights, there are a few that can help. I will call it the third fundamental, but it encompasses others.

There are a few different ways to fight, but the one I have had the most luck with, is the "peak, shoot, hide" method. Obviously, if you have an enemy in your face, this method won't work. I'm talking about long to mid-range fights, like when a team is pushing you. In Apex Legends, you are lucky enough to have plenty of cover in most areas. Use the cover to your benefit. Do damage, then heal or hide. Simple as that. If you and your teammates break a shield, or get a knock on an opponent, then it's time to push, but I recommend pushing once you've done a significant amount of damage.

One thing to think about is that you can use grenades to keep enemies in their own domain. If a team is pushing you, one well placed grenade can make them turn around or slow down. Remember, it takes time for a grenade to go off, so lead your throw accordingly. Thermite and arc stars work best to keep enemies off of you.

Another way to win your fights is to get your opponent to empty a clip. Of course, this is easier said than done, but even a few shots missing from an R-99 clip can mean you don't die to their primary weapon. Try it out. In situations where you would normally jump off a roof and fight, try baiting your opponent into shooting a few shots before you go on the attack. In the worse case scenario, you will have an opponent who's panicking with half a clip. Best case, they start the reload animation. If they start this, it takes time to cancel it or swap to another weapon. This should give you plenty of time to knock them.

Also, if you are fighting mid-long range, and don't have a lot of heals, don't peak. The other team is okay wasting ammo to try and get you to use the rest of your heals. Be patient, stay covered, and only leave cover when you have to rotate. This way you don't have to fight in the end-game at less than full health.

...try baiting your opponent into shooting a few shots before you go on the attack.


Part 2

I, apparently, am long winded and don't know when to stop. Hubpages is already telling me this article is too long. I plan to write a part two, and will link the article in this area once I do. Please leave comments, as it helps me to know what works for my readers, and what doesn't. Also, if you would like to watch some awesome Apex Gameplay, visit my Mixer channel at I usually stream Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for most of the night. Thanks for reading, and have an awesome 2020!

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