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How To Get More Clicks on Pokefarm; Hatch Your Eggs Faster (In Less Time)

Updated on April 25, 2012

Help Hatching Eggs on

So you just made a pokefarm account and need help hatching your first egg, or you are looking for some advice on how to get some clicks on your eggs so you can hatch them faster. There are many ways of doing this but some work better than others.

Click other people's eggs: Simple idea, you want clicks so give others clicks. You can do this in many ways but remember not everyone clicks back and some only click back on one egg so don't click a thousand people thinking they will all click your entire available party.

Check the online list on the upper left corner under where your profile link is. It shows everyone who is online, if you have interacted or they interacted with you, what they are doing when you loaded the page, and is ordered by the more recently online first. You can click a little magnifying glass in the interaction column so those you have interacted with don't appear if you want. Just choose a person and click their party.

Go on Super lite version on the bottom of the page. There are tons of links down here but near the middle is super lite version of pokefarm designed for mass clicking. You can adjust how many rows of pokémon are shown, if it is white or black, who you click (ones interacted with you, ones you haven't interacted with, and when they were/are online). I like this because it is faster than the online list, but they could have logged off already and you won't know, so it is a little riskier than the online list.

Hit the random user button near the online list button. It gives you a random user, but isn't affected by online status so you could get someone who hasn't signed in for over four months, or someone who literally just signed in. Less reliable than the other two but if you are looking for interaction point for say an event, it is good for that I suppose.

Dream World: This may sound stupid but whenever I go to the dream world, because you refresh the page so often when battling other people click your party, and when you travel you click them back shortening your travel time in the process. Doesn't always work, but if you want to go the dream world you can have live update open in another tab and just check whenever you are traveling or just want to. I usually can hatch a couple eggs that were somewhat close to hatching just from doing 20 or so battles, but depending on the amount of people online you may get more or less.

Friends: Get some friends who play often and you know click back. It shows when they are offline or on, so you can click them when you see them go online and they should click you back. I tend to get a bit ruffled in my feathers when friends don't click back when they are online for a few hours after I click them, so I unfriend a lot of people (but I don't send requests so they wanted to be my friend from the beginning, no loss on my end). Unfriend as you wish, friend as you wish, PM them if you want just don't but them since some people (myself included) don't like getting PM's about random things. They can only cilck each pokémon once per day though so they shouldn't be your main source for clicks.

Pokewalker: Some people search users with pokewalkers on, and click them so they get an item out of it. You also get watts and items so it's a good idea to have it open when you plan on interacting with users anyway. You don't need to search for items or pokémon if you don't want to, just have it on and signed in remembering to click accept when other's connect to you. Want to see if someone you click has it on? Go to other pokémon and look on the right, it shows if the have it on and you can connect right from there.

This is only a short list of the many ways to get clicks, and I will add more as I discover ways that work for me. You may find that these work better for you or worse, it really depends on who you click or what time of day it is when you go online. Explore other options you could find a way that works better than all of these combined.


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      El Ray 5 years ago

      I had never heard of Pokefarm before reading this interesting article. Voted up!