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How To Get More Kills In Call of Duty: World War II Multiplayer

Updated on January 17, 2018
Syedtayyab profile image

Tayyab is a student by day and a gaming fanatic by night. He plans to provide the best possible tips and tricks to help fellow gamers.

The Call of Duty series is loved by millions until recently when the developers took the game into the future. But now, they have finally listened to the fans and given us the brand-new Call of Duty WWII. Most people are Call of Duty veterans and some join into the hype train. Whatever it is, everybody desires to get the most kills. The multiplayer is filled with noobs, decent players and try-hards, this guide will help in dominating all of these types of players. It will not be easy to become the best with just reading these strategies. It will take time, dedication and determination. Nothing comes easy in life. Perfection will only come through practice and hard work.

1. Use "Primed" Basic Training

Have you ever got into a gunfight with first shot and you still lost ? This happens due to the flinch system in Call of Duty. The irregular movement of the gun while aiming-down sights when you are shot by an enemy is flinch. So when you are flinching, your shots are not going on target, hence, you lose the gunfight. "Primed" basic training reduces the amount of flinch by more than half, allowing you to be more accurate and win more gunfights. The "Primed" basic training also provides an extra primary weapons attachment, so an extra primary weapons attachment is always helpful. Foregrip, Rapid Fire, Reflex/Red Dot sights, these attachments significantly help you improve your aim and time to kill so you can engage in multiple gunfights without a problem. This basic training makes your gunfights more consistent, so it is a must to try to get more kills.

2. Use The Infantry Division Class

This division class provides the following perks:

  1. Rifle Bayonet
  2. Additional Primary Attachment
  3. Extra Magazines
  4. Move Significantly Faster While Aiming-Down Sights

All of the perks provide with assistance for you win gunfights. The Rifle Bayonet gives that extra advantage at close quarters because you have that bayonet as a backup plan, like if you run out of bullets or you are reloading your gun, you can easily kill your enemy without much problem but you have to be close to the enemy.

Additional Primary Weapon Attachment is a very important perk. Attachments give you certain benefits like:

  • Fore Grip - less recoil meaning you stay on target.
  • Quickdraw - aim down sights faster meaning you get on target quicker
  • Advanced Rifling - increase the dropoff range of damage meaning you can kill faster at long ranges
  • Rapid Fire - increased fire rate meaning you kill faster
  • Optics - makes it easier for you to aim
  • Extended mags - more ammo in a clip meaning you can get into multiple gunfights without reloading

These were only some of the most important attachments in my opinion. The Infantry division class combined with the Primed basic training means you can have 4 attachments on youe primary. These attachments will give you a major advantage over your enemies. The mentioned attachments are recommended to use, however, this is only my opinion, you can always experiment and figure out what works best for you.

The Extra magazines give you more ammo from the start. Extra magazines are never bad, they will help you get the higher scorestreaks without having to pick up other people's weapons. Especially if you have rapid fire on, you will unload your bullest significantly fast so this will be very helpful at that time.

The second most important perk of this division is the "Move Faster while aiming down sights". What this does is that it allows you move quickly when you aiming down sights. It allows you to strafe during shooting, this will make it harder for your enemy to hit on target because you will be constantly moving. Sometimes, strafing also helps a lot in aiming on the enemy itself. At first, it will be hard to aim and walk but with practice, it will be muscle memory in a matter of time.

"Practice is the hardest part of learning, and training is the essence of transformation." - Ann Voskamp

3. Keep It Slow

This is a really basic and effective tip. When the game just came out, I was always rushing towards the enemy spawns, going into middle of the maps, trying to get into as many gunfights as possible but that never worked out how I thought it would. My Kill to Death ratio barely went positive. Rushing was effective in previous titles like Call of Duty Advanced Warfare or Black Ops 3 because you had that extra layer of movement. Those games were very fast paced, you could just boost out of a gunfight and be at the other corner of the map in no time. That is not possible now, you have to take your time and wait on the enemy

Sprinting around a corner is also a very nooby (beginner) mistake. You should always slow down when you are going around a corner so that you are able to react if there is an enemy there. I recommend that you should aiming down sights when going around a corner. The 4th perk of Infantry division class will be of help here.

4. Practice Your Aim With Bots

The best way to improve your aim and accuracy is to practice on bots. This technique by all the competitive Call of Duty players to master their aim. All you need to do is set up a private match with maximum bots on the lowest or medium difficulty. You need to increase the heslth to 150% - 200%. This forces you to stay on target longer, forcing you to master the moment of the right stick or mouse. So when you join an online match, people will seem to die fastee because you are used to more health plus you will be able to stay om target despite if the enemy is moving or not.

You should do this for atleast 5 mins a day before joining the first game of the day. This will make you familiar with the movement mechanics and recoil of the gun you use. Learning the recoil of the guns is also very important because if you can control it, you will melt the enemies. Especially with high fire rate guns, it wil be difficult but after you practice with it, you'll get used to it. The trick to high fire rate guns is to fire them in bursts. This will give you time to adjust the aim on to the enemy before you shoot again because if you keep spraying the bullets, the recoil will force the gun into the sky or off your target and soon you will be out of bullets, so conservation of bullets is paramount.

5. Invest in Gaming Peripherals

Gaming Headsets

The search and destroy game mode depends on every movement and action that a player takes. Hearing footsteps is a very big facto in Call of Duty, so a good gaming headset will come in handy. The ability to know and pin point the direction from which the enemy is coming from is crucial. There is a wide variety of gaming headets available in the market, from cheap to premium expensive headsets, everything is available.

(Optional) Kontrol Freeks

These are basically extension for your controller sticks. This increases the height of your stick, increasing the range of movement and control on the stick. Increased range means that you will be able to aim more accurately. These are quite cheap compared to headsets

Which Tip Did You Find The Most Helpful ?

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Primed Basic Training
Less flinch, additional attachment
Infantry Division Class
Additional attachment, Move faster when ADS
Play Slow
Increased K/D ratio
Practice with Bots
Increased accuracy
Gaming Peripherals
Increased K/D, Better accuracy


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    • Syedtayyab profile image

      Syed Tayyab Abbas 3 months ago from Lahore, Pakistan

      Thank you very much, feedback is always appreciated !

    • poppyr profile image

      Poppy 3 months ago from Tokyo, Japan

      Handy tips for when I buy this game! Thank you very much. You're obviously enjoying the game very much and quickly becoming a master at it.

    • profile image

      Jinn 3 months ago

      Lovely Article